Rail Directions Workshop: Transport NSW


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The Deputy Director General (Transport Projects) of Transport for NSW gave this presentation at our 2012 Rail Logistics Workshop.

The information was correct at March 19, 2012.

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  • Good evening. I am very pleased to have been invited to speak to you this evening. I’d like to thank the RTAA and PWI and congratulate you on your work to promote continuous improvement across the rail industry. The administration of transport in NSW is undergoing a period of significant change. This change is driven by a desire to achieve better transport outcomes for the NSW community. For the Transport industry this translates to a massive investment in transport infrastructure and a focus on returning quality transport services to NSW.This evening I’d like to bring you up to date on our progress to improve the NSW transport network and step through some of the projects in planning and delivery through byTransport Projects Division of Transport for NSW
  • The Government has developed clear goals for NSW through the publication of the State Plan, NSW 2021.This is a 10 year plan to rebuild the economy, return quality services, renovate infrastructure, strengthen our local environment and communities and restore accountability to Government.Work to deliver the plan has now begun.Renovating infrastructure is central to the Government’s plan. Infrastructure underpins improvements in many services, such as roads, rail, hospitals, schools and utilities.The right infrastructure, in the right places, not only boosts productivity and competitiveness in our economy - it makes a difference to people’s quality of life.
  • 32 GoalsGoals 7 – 10 are about returning quality services in Transport (reduced travel times, growing patronage, improving the customer experience and improving road safety)Goal 19 of the plan outlines the targets for investment in critical infrastructure.Quality infrastructure will provide more liveable neighbourhoods and remove barriers to more affordable housing. Government is developing a 20 year State Infrastructure Strategy with funded five year plans, to make sure infrastructure is planned and delivered according to strategic economic and community needs.A clear long-term infrastructure strategy will improve NSW’s productivity and competitiveness, deliver sustainable growth and support employment, by matching infrastructure with development to attract people, jobs and investment.Infrastructure NSW has been established to provide independent expert advice, and ensure projects are strategically planned, coordinated and properly managed.Infrastructure NSW will strongly encourage the involvement of the private sector to further boost infrastructure activity, and ensure infrastructure is delivered on time and on budget, free from political interference.
  • Over the four years to 2015, the NSW Government will undertake a record infrastructure investment program of $62.6 billion. Transport will take the lion’s share with more than $23 billion invested in Transport infrastructure
  • $13.1 billion on transport and roads in this financial year, including $7.7 billion on operating and expanding public transport services Some of the significant investment areas include ….
  • Transport for NSW is managed by the Director-General, Les Wielinga, under the direction of the Minister for Transport and the Minister for Roads and Ports.There are six core divisions, focused ensuring that transport planning, policy, investment, procurement, development and delivery of infrastructure are driven by customer needs.This structure enables the transport agencies to focus on delivering frontline services to customers.Together our new organisation, along with other transport agencies and operators, will work in partnership to create streamlined and integrated solutions for all transport customers.
  • The leadership team is focused on customer service and integration across all transport modesdefining what the system has to deliver from a customer perspectivedeveloping and designing the right solutions to meet customer needsand cost effectively procuring the services, systems and infrastructure to meet customer needs
  • NSW has commenced the process of developing a Long Term Transport Master Plan to address the key transport challenges facing the State over the next 25 years.Some of the challenges to be addressed include:Population growth - The population of NSW grew to 7.287 million at the end of March 2011 and is projected to grow by around 2 million people over the next 20 years.Household growth - NSW is predicted to experience a growth in the number households from 2.8 million in 2011 to 3.7 million by 2031.Employment growth - There were 3,601,600 employed persons in NSW in September 2011. NSW will have to generate many new jobs to the meet the demands of a growing population.Extensive consultation with key stakeholders from industry, Government, business and the community is being carried out across the state to better understand the challenges for transport planning, identify transport needs and collaboratively develop a comprehensive plan for all modes of transport in Australia’s global city, Sydney, and regional NSW.The Draft Plan will be produced in June with the final Plan completed in November.
  • Transport Projects Division brings together project development, delivery and strategic procurement expertise from across the transport agencies.We are Transport for NSW expert developer and deliverer of major infrastructure and fleet asset projects.We provide:‘best in class’ procurement capability for major transport assets and infrastructureproject development and delivery expertisea ‘centre of excellence’ for expert services that support projects.Our services include environmental, urban design, heritage, sustainability, property, quality management, safety management, commercial support, project management and project communications.We are focused ensuring major projects are delivered on time and on budgetWe are focused on achieving better transport outcomes for NSW.We are committed to working with industry to meet our objectives.
  • current program consists of 4 projectsAt Hexham, there is limited ability to pass trains and to stage trains, waiting for passage into Sydney. The solution is a passing loop.The Hexham project is on the ARTC network, and this project is being delivered and managed by ARTC. The project is already in delivery through an existing ARTC alliance, so I won’t be discussing this project further in today’s briefing.At North strathfield, we have an “intersection” where freight trains are required to wait for a suitable opportunity to cross operating tracks, causing delay to passenger services. The solution is the provision of a freight underpassNorth of Epping there is a steep incline for approximately 6 km, causing freight trains to travel more slowly than passenger trains. The solution is a passing lane up the hillAt Gosford there is conflict between stopping passenger trains and freight trains sharing the same tracks, and no where to hold trains, waiting for passage through to Sydney. Ths solution is a loop in both directionsThe total program budget is $1.1b across the 4 projects.
  • The Program has evolved over time.Originally just Commuter Car Parks. The program then expended to the Commuter Car Park and Interchange Program.The over arching program is now called the Transport Access ProgramFocused on improving links across transport services for more convenient commuting
  • 6 sub-programsWith projects across the breadth of sydney
  • Wynyard Station (and its precinct) has been operating since 1932 with minor upgrades onlyKent Street Tunnel is extremely crowded and does not meet current day expectationsPlanned developments (east and west of Wynyard, but particularly Barangaroo) will put further strain on the Wynyard precinct and the Kent Street Tunnel Wynyard Walk will provide a pedestrian link connecting Wynyard Station to Barangaroo and the western CBD corridor
  • Existing constraints:Step grades up Margaret StAt grade signalised road crossingsQueuing at crossings in peak periods
  • The best public transport services for passengers within the CBD and University corridorsTimeframe Tenders / process
  • Rail Directions Workshop: Transport NSW

    1. 1. IMPROVING TRANSPORT FOR NSW Chris Lock Deputy Director General Transport Projects
    2. 2. 5 Strategies 1. Rebuild the Economy 2. Return Quality Services 3. Renovate Infrastructure 4. Strengthen our Local Environment and Communities 5. Restore Accountability to Government
    3. 3. GOAL 19 - Invest incritical infrastructureTargets 1. Increase expenditure on critical NSW infrastructure 2. Improve the quality of urban and rural State roads 3. Enhance rail freight movement
    4. 4. 2011- 2015 Budget$62.6 billion infrastructure investment Other 14.1% Transport 37.9% Health 6.8% $23.7 billionEducation3.5% Electricity Housing 26.9% 3.3% Water 7.5%
    5. 5. Transport 2011- 2012$292 million South West Rail Link$264 million North West Rail Link$198 million Rail Clearways Program$152 million Rollingstock (buy and upgrade)$103 million Sydney Light Rail Extension$140 million Transport Access Program $51 million Wynyard Walk$170 million Transport Access Program
    6. 6. Our purposeOur purpose is to shape,build and manage anintegrated, customer-focused transport systemthat connects people withplaces and producers withmarkets, making New SouthWales a better place to liveand do business.
    7. 7. Partnership Public Transport AgenciesTransport for NSW operates State Transit Authority RailCorpwithin a network of business- Roads and Maritime Servicescritical alliances in providing Transport Ports Corporation for NSWservices, both transport and Privateother, to deliver results for its Executive and Transport Core Divisions Agenciescustomers and the Private Bus Operators Private Ferry Operatorscommunity Other ServiceTransport for NSW and its Providersnetwork of service providerscan be considered anextended enterprise
    8. 8. Transport Minister for Transport Advisory Board Minister for Roads & Ports Les Wielinga Director General CORE DIVISIONS SUPPORT Finance and Customer Experience Planning & Programs Transport Projects Revenue Freight & Regional HR and Business Policy & Regulation Transport Services Services Development Corporate ServicesPORT CORPORATIONS PRIVATE OPERATORS AND AGENCIES Roads & Maritime Sydney Ports Corporation Sydney Ferries Services Newcastle Bus operators RailCorp Port Corporation Port Kembla Light Rail STA Port Corporation Transport Management Centre
    9. 9. TfNSW Leadership Team Les Wielinga Tony Braxton-Smith Carolyn McNally Chris Lock Director General DDG DDG DDGTransport for NSW Customer Experience Planning & Programs Transport Projects Arthur Diakos Rachel Johnson Tim Reardon Fergus Gammie DDG DDG DDG DDG Chief Financial Freight & Regional Policy & Regulation Transport Services Officer Development
    10. 10. Priorities (next 18 months)1. Fully establish Transport for NSW and progress reform2. Substantially progress transport corporate and shared services reform3. North West Rail, South West Rail Link, Light Rail and major public transport infrastructure4. Pacific highway and major road infrastructure5. Franchise Sydney Ferries6. New bus contracts7. Revenue Strategy8. Reprioritise and restructure works program to address Government commitments9. Keeping the focus on delivery in a rapidly changing environment10. Planning for the future
    11. 11. NSW Long Term Transport Master Plan
    12. 12. Transport Projects DivisionStrategic Procurement Project Development Program Support Project Delivery
    13. 13. Transport Projects DivisionTPD Purpose TPD VisionTPD is the deliverer Working in partnershipof choice for transport to deliver innovativeinfrastructure and and sustainablestrategic assets transport networks that make NSW a great place to live and work
    14. 14. Transport Projects Division Minister of TransportMinister for Roads & Ports DDG Transport Projects Project Project Trains, Buses Director General Development Delivery And Ferries Transport for NSW Division PD PD PD PD PD PD PD PD PD Planning and Environmental Employees (and sole traders) Services Safety and Quality Employees (and sole traders) Engineering Services Professional services contractors Commercial Construction contractors Project Communications Project Property Specialist resources Services Program Management Office
    15. 15. Transport Projects Division Priorities (next 18 months)• Maintain focus on delivery of current programs• Support RailCorp reform• Establishment of Design Authority• Establishment of Trains, Buses and Ferries branch• Inform and deliver key reform programs including transfer of Waratah project and Corporate Shared Services• Optimise our customers’ experience in relation to development, design and delivery of infrastructure and strategic assets
    16. 16. Transport Projects Division Challenges• Driving, testing and demonstrating value for money• Standardisation and simplification of specifications/design• People and culture• Developing industry engagement and confidence in TfNSW
    17. 17. Transport Projects Division Projects VEHICLES, VESSELS & DEVELOPMENT DELIVERY ROLLING STOCK• Casino to Murwillumbah • Auburn Stabling • Waratahs• CBD Rail Capacity – • Northern Sydney Freight • Future fleet Efficiency, Expansion Corridor• Redfern Station Precinct • Rail Clearways Program Feasibility Strategy • South West Rail Link• Riverstone Rail Level • Transport Access Program Crossing Project • Wynyard Walk• Sydney Light Rail – • Wynyard Station Strategic Plan • Sydney Light Rail – Inner• Wynyard Master Plan West Extension• Rolling Stock Fleet – • Asset Divestment Program growth, replacement
    18. 18. Transport Projects DivisionNorthern Sydney Freight Corridor
    19. 19. NORTHERN SYDNEY FREIGHT CORRIDOR HEXHAM FREIGHT LOOPProgram GOSFORD PASSING LOOPS• $25 million Hexham Passing Loop (ARTC)• $120 million Gosford Passing Loops• $520 million Epping to EPPING TO THORNLEIGH THIRD TRACK Thornleigh Third Track• $435 million North Strathfield Rail NORTH STRATHFIELD RAIL Underpass UNDERPASS
    20. 20. NORTH STRATHFIELD RAIL UNDERPASS 2.4km new trackProcurement Release Award Upgrade aerial concourse andprogram date date 4 new lifts at 1st 2nd stationDetailed quarter quarterDesign 2012 2012 Concord West Station 1st 4thAlliance quarter quarter 850m trackContract 2012 2012 upgrade 2nd 3rdSignalling quarter quarterDesign 2012 2012 North Strathfield Station New railEarly Works underpass 3rd 4thContract quarter quarter New track(Construct 2012 2012 connects toOnly) existing down relief goods loop
    21. 21. Track Thornleigh replacement Station 6km new Upgrade track pedestrianProcurement Release Award footbridge, new liftprogram date date Pennant Hills 2nd 2nd StationIndependent Beecroft quarter quarter StationEstimator Additional 2012 2012 third track 2nd 2ndFinancial quarter quarter CheltenhamAuditor Station 2012 2012 2nd 3rdSignalling quarter quarter Station upgrade – newDesign 2012 2012 pedestrian footbridge,Detailed 2nd 3rd stairs and 3 new liftsDesign quarter quarterContract 2012 2012 New bridge 2nd 1st over M2Alliance quarter quarterContract Epping 2012 2013 Station
    22. 22. Narara Station 4.6km new trackProcurement Release Awardprogram date date New rail 2nd 3rd bridges at creekSignalling crossing quarter quarterDesign 2012 2012Design and 2nd 2ndConstruct quarter quarterContract ROI 2012 2012 New passingDesign and 2nd 4th loopsConstruct quarter quarter TrackTender 2012 2012 upgrade Track removal Gosford Station
    23. 23. Transport Projects DivisionTransport Access Program
    24. 24. Program scopeEasy AccessStation UpgradeInterchange ProgramPark and Travel Safety FundWharf UpgradesOther station upgrades(delivered by RailCorp)
    25. 25. Program schedule2008 to 2011 Commuter Car Park Program 22 car parks completed2012 to 2013 Commuter Car Park and Interchange Program 9 interchanges and 4 car parks Transport Access Program 9 current EA/Station upgrade projects2012 to 2017 23 new EA/Station upgrade projects 19 new ramps 15 new interchanges 2 new car parks 1 new Security Training Facility at St James
    26. 26. Transport Projects DivisionWynyard Walk
    27. 27. Scope
    28. 28. Wynyard Walk long-section Sussex No.1 Margaret Clarence Hotel St Basement Street portal Bridge and Western Westpac TransportShelley Street Distributer Plaza House Sussex Kent Margaret Clarence Street Street Street Street Works at and above grade Works below grade
    29. 29. ProgramStage of delivery DateShortlisted applicants announced December 2011Issue main works D&C tender to short January 2012listed applicantsAward main works D&C Contract July 2012Road and footpath work to commence May 2012Main works construction commence October 2012 Third quarterWynyard Walk operational 2015
    30. 30. Transport Projects DivisionSydney Light Rail
    31. 31. B CBD CorridorLight Rail A L UniversityStrategic Plan D of NSW K Corridor• CBD Corridor E I• University of Sydney J Corridor• University of NSW University O of Sydney Corridor Corridor M N
    32. 32. Partnering to deliver OutcomeProductA proposed Product Delivers Outcome(s) A set of transportsolution related benefitsintended to that addressesdeliver an an identifiedOutcome Project business needMay involve Delivers Output Delivered bya number a Productof Projectsthat deliver Outputspecific Project Delivers Output The works orOutputs services that result from a specified Project Project Delivers Output When delivered the Outputs will produce the specified outcome
    33. 33. Questions