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Info  Session  P  Pov 09

Info Session P Pov 09



The Powerpoint we use at Information Sessions for the Master of Education in Teaching program at St. Ambrose University

The Powerpoint we use at Information Sessions for the Master of Education in Teaching program at St. Ambrose University



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  • National Board Certification is a symbol of professional teaching excellence. A certificate will attest that a teacher was judged by his or her peers as one who is accomplished, makes sound professional judgments about students' best interests and acts effectively on those judgments. Offered on a voluntary basis, National Board Certification complements -but does not replace- state licensing.
  • National Board Certification is offered in 24 different certificate areas across 7 developmental age groups, covering more than 95% of preK-12 education.
  • This map is a snap shot of the number of NBCTs in the states as of As of December 2009. There are also NBCTs in the Armed Forces and abroad.
  • National Board Certified Teachers (NBCTs) are leading the way to making teaching a profession that is dedicated to student learning and upholding high standards for professional performance. Through their expertise, NBCTs are making positive changes in their classrooms, school districts and education communities. Refer people to the website and their state pages to see what incentives exist for NBCT's. You can do this in advance for your particular audience to tailor a list of benefits and incentives specific to them. Research shows NBCTs are more proficient in evaluating student skills and delivering appropriate instruction. Research demonstrates that Bard Certified teachers have a greater impact on students’ academic performance. NBCT’s have opportunities to advance as master teachers, school leaders and mentors without leaving the classroom Many states and districts offer salary incentives for teachers who certify. Many states recognize National Board Certification as sufficient to be licensed to teach in their state. NBCTs can earn graduate credit for completing the certification process in many higher education programs.

Info  Session  P  Pov 09 Info Session P Pov 09 Presentation Transcript

    • The Master of Education
    • in Teaching Degree
    • at
  • Mission Statement
    • The Master of Education in Teaching Degree encourages teachers to grow as professionals, to remain life-long learners, and to enrich their own lives and the lives of their students and the community by increasing their knowledge and skills through reflective practice. The program fosters professional integrity and encourages the mutual respect of learning communities.”
  • Program Overview
    • Advance the knowledge and skills of classroom teachers with increased student achievement as the goal.
    • Help teachers grow as professionals ready to take on leadership roles from their classrooms.
  • A Graduate’s Perspective
    • “ My participation in this master’s program revolutionized my teaching. I have grown exponentially and continue to improve my craft. I recommend this master’s program to all teachers who have a strong desire for a degree that really does provide the structure and skills necessary to become a master teacher.”
  • Program Structure
    • Students work as a cohort with the degree designed to be completed in two years.
    • “ I have seen the value of being a part of a learning community...I have realized how beneficial it is to collaborate with other teachers...”
  • Program Structure...
    • With the exception of certain summer courses, classes are in the accelerated format of 8-week courses which meet one night per week. Most courses will be delivered online via Elluminate software .
    • “ Everything you learn you can apply in the short or long term.”
  • Program Structure...
    • Students develop a portfolio for submission to the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) for possible national certification.
    • Students may also elect to obtain an elementary reading endorsement as part of the degree.
    • “ A quality program that constantly challenges me.”
  • Courses in St. Ambrose University Master of Education in Teaching
    • Educ 601: Teaching in the 21st Century (2 cr)
    • Educ 602: Assessing Student Growth (3 cr)
    • Educ 603: School/Community Partnerships (2cr)
    • Educ 604: Content Teaching ( 3 cr)
    • Educ 605: Reflective Teaching ( 3 cr)
  • Other Course Work
    • EDUC 606: Writing for Teachers (5 cr)
    • EDUC 607: Ethics and Integrity in Teaching
    • (3 cr)
    • EDUC 611: Integrating Reading Into Content
    • (2 cr)
    • EDUC 710: Educational Research and Statistics
    • (3 cr)
  • Other Course Work
    • EDUC 715: Teaching Diverse Students
    • (3 cr)
    • EDAD 510: Visioning: The School as a Professional Learning Community (3 cr)
    • Elementary Reading Endorsement option
    • available
  • Ambrose Masters of Education in Teaching Testimonials
    • “ I have learned different components of assessment as a result of taking this course. I am more focused on student learning.”
    • “ Taking this coursework was the best decision I have ever made in my teaching career.”
  • What is National Board Certification ® ?
    • A symbol of teaching excellence
    • Developed by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS)
    • Measures knowledge and practices against high standards
    • Offered on a voluntary basis
    • Does not replace state licensing.
  • Who is eligible? Applicants must have:
    • A bachelor’s degree
    • A valid teaching license , or a license to practice as a school counselor
    • Three years’ experience as a preK-12 classroom teacher or school counselor
  • Certificate Areas
    • Art
    • Career and Technical Education
    • English as a New Language
    • English/Language Arts
    • Exceptional Needs Specialist
    • Generalists
    • Early Childhood
    • Middle Childhood
    • Library Media
    • Social Studies-History
    • Physical Education
    • School Counseling
    • World Languages Other than English; French and Spanish
    • Literacy: Reading-Language Arts
    • Mathematics
    • Music
    • Science
  • National Board Certified Teachers (NBCTs) by State As of 2009 Total NBCT’s: 82,000+ WA 3964 OR 234 CA 4,581 AK 112 HI 241 NM 482 CO 478 WY 253 MT 84 UT 181 AZ 678 NV 445 ID 362 KS 325 NE 77 SD 72 ND 31 LA 1,532 AR 1,397 OK 2,599 MO 598 IA 646 MN 337 TX 538 OH 3,194 KY 1,829 TN 405 AL 1,781 MI 319 IN 144 MS 3,103 IL 3,923 WI 676 WV 493 VA 1,992 NC 15,695 SC 7,293 GA 2,577 FL 13,281 DC 61 VT 120 NH 19 ME 179 NY 999 PA 639 MD 1,669 DE 435 NJ 200 CT 135 RI 383 MA 500
  • Why National Board Certification?
    • Strengthens teaching practice
    • Improves student learning
    • Advances career
    • Increases financial opportunities
    • Contributes to re-certification requirements
    • Provides recognition as an accomplished teacher
    • Meets the NCLB definition for ‘highly qualified teachers’ – in most states
  • National Board Certification is based on Five Core Propositions
    • Teachers are committed to students and their learning.
    • Teachers know the subjects they teach and how to teach those subjects to students.
    • Teachers are responsible for managing and monitoring student learning.
    • Teachers think systematically about their practice and learn from experience.
    • Teachers are members of learning communities.
  • National Board Certification
    • It is not about...
      • Writing a paper
      • Answering questions about your teaching
      • “ Jumping through hoops”
    • It is about...
      • Helping you become more reflective
      • Encouraging you to become more purposeful in your teaching
      • Developing your professionalism
  • The National Board Process
    • A portfolio of classroom practice containing four written entries (two on class videos, one on student work and one on community partnerships)
    • Six thirty minute assessments of content knowledge administered at a regional computer-based testing center
    The assessment process takes 1-3 years consisting of two components :
    • Entry 1 : Describe , analyze and reflect on:
        • student work showing growth
        • professional practice
        • classroom interactions
    • Entries 2 & 3 : Describe , analyze
    • and reflect on video of
    • classroom instruction
    • Entry 4 : Document accomplishments with students’ families and communities
    Portfolio Entries
    • Responding to six prompts, allowing 30 minutes for each typed response
    • Demonstrating content knowledge associated with the certificate field and developmental age
    Assessment Center Exercises Measure Content Knowledge Candidates complete an appointment at a computer testing center
  • Cost of National Board Certification
    • $2500 assessment fee, $65 processing fee
    • ( $500 one-time nonrefundable fee)
    • Scholarships available
    • Most states offer financial incentives
    • Renew certificate after 10 years.
    • “ National Board Certification is a rigorous, challenging process that causes teachers to analyze their work and reflect on their teaching practices. Simply going through this process helps teachers improve their skills and gives them a new insight on their profession. NEA applauds the thousands of teachers who successfully attained National Board Certification and cheers on those educators continuing to seek this professional credential.”
    • Reg Weaver, former NEA President
  • A Graduate’s Perspective
    • “ I really feel like I grew professionally going through this program as opposed to some of my peers who get a master’s degree just to get through the motions and get the pay raise.”
    • “ The program was challenging but rewarding as well. It helped me become a more reflective teacher open to new challenges and programs implemented in my district.”
  • More Information about NBPTS?
    • Toll-free phone number:
    • 800-22TEACH
    • Visit NBPTS Web site for information OR to apply:
    • www.nbpts.org
    • Access the following online at no charge:
    • Standards for each certificate
    • Portfolio entry instructions
    • Scoring Guides and retired prompts
    • Online assessment center prep
    • Assessment center information
    • Quality . . .
    • Practical . . .
    • Reduced tuition for teachers
  • Master of Education in Teaching Maggie Woods (NBCT) Director
  • Questions?
    • Contact :
    • Maggie Woods, NBCT
    • Director, Masters of Education in Teaching
    • 563-388-7653
    • Email:
    • [email_address]