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Partnering for a Better Summer


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Presented at the 2013 NPEA conference by: Urban Teacher Center, Higher Achievement Baltimore

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Partnering for a Better Summer

  1. 1. Partnering for a Better Summer National Partnership for Educational Access Annual Conference 2013 April 11, 2013Presenters: Cornelia Calliste & Katryna Andrusik, PhD
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  4. 4. Who We Are: Higher AchievementHigher Achievement is a nonprofit organization that provides anintensive afterschool and summer academic program for middle schoolyouth in underserved communitiesHigher Achievement services scholars from 5th through 8th gradespending 650 hours a year learning an advanced curriculum that isaligned to state standards.
  5. 5. Who We Are: Higher Achievement•Afterschool Academy includes core subjects, such as literature andmathematics, as well as seminars, artistic electives, field trips, andopportunities to engage in community service.•Summer Academy includes coursework inliterature, science, mathematics, social studies, and electives, as wellas a three-day trip to a college. Small classes and mentoring sessionsencourage intellectual curiosity and teach both basic skills and criticalthinking.•The program culminates with high school placementservices, which help scholars advance to top academic high schools.In addition to helping scholars identify schools that fit theirneeds, Higher Achievement helps them prepare for placementtests, practice interview skills, complete applications, and identifyresources for financial assistance.
  6. 6. Who We Are: Urban Teacher CenterUrban Teacher Center (UTC) prepares new teachersthrough an alternative certification route in Baltimore andD.C.We are unique:•Full residency year (Summer-Summer)•Full immersion in a host classroom combined with 4-5 courses per semester with clinical expectations•Dual Master of Education from Lesley University•Certification after 2 years, dependent on student progress
  7. 7. Who We Are: Urban Teacher CenterOverall, UTC has over 85 teachers in Baltimore and D.C.Public and Charter schools in Pre-K through 9th gradeclassroomsOf 86 UTC residents who entered the program in Summer2012: •40 were placed with HA •2 did not continue into the fall •4 additional residents have since left the program •71 still in classrooms
  8. 8. Why Work Together?• Vetted support staff provided to Higher Achievement• Learning opportunities provided for residents at UTC• Students are provided with leadership models• Non-profits can learn from and with like-minded partners
  9. 9. What Works Well?CommunicationPreparationFlexibilityRecognition of Mutual Benefice
  10. 10. Mutually BeneficialUTC gains:•Real classrooms in which residents can perform clinicalassignments and work directly with children•Opportunities to observe residents as they encounter thestresses of first year teaching (social, emotional, academicskills)•Feedback from an organization with dedicated staff whoknow urban children well
  11. 11. Mutually BeneficialHigher Achievement gains:•Life learner partnerships, building rapport with students throughmentoring•A small teacher student ratio: classes of no more than 15 middleschool students for six weeks•Prepared teachers: Most teachers have 2-3 classes and 1-2 subjects
  12. 12. Mutually BeneficialUTC and Higher Achievement gain:•Regular classroom observations and feedback to improve teaching.The opportunity to have ongoing conversations about improvingstudent learning experiences.•Multiple opportunities to observe peer teachers and build teachingskills.The opportunity to learn from colleagues in real time and to buildprofessional learning communities.
  13. 13. Mutually BeneficialThe students gain:•Opportunities to build relationships with multiple role models• A culture in which success and achievement are expected, prized andvalued•The chance to minimize, or even reverse, the trend of summerlearning loss•Academic, social, and leadership focused instruction from teachersand staff who care deeply about their opportunities for success
  14. 14. Mutually BeneficialHigher Achievement’s partnership with UTC dramaticallyimproves the achievement of our scholars. On average, scholarswho complete the program:•increase at least one grade point in their average•graduate middle school with a B average•show improved attendance, life and social skills
  15. 15. OutcomesThe program’s proven model provides a rigorous year-round learningenvironment, caring role models, and a culture of highexpectations, resulting in college-bound scholars with thecharacter, confidence, and skills to succeed.On average, 95 percent of scholars who complete HigherAchievement advance to top academic high school programs and 93percent advance to college
  16. 16. From UTC Residents:“Higher Achievement provided me with excellentexperiences for the fall.”“Higher Achievement was a great place to hone my skillsas an urban teacher!”“Higher Achievement Staff was extremely supportive.They constantly offered feedback and advice and werealways wiling to see what could be done about anyissues that arose.”
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