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Lihy    ict lesson template
Lihy    ict lesson template
Lihy    ict lesson template
Lihy    ict lesson template
Lihy    ict lesson template
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Lihy ict lesson template


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  • 1. XMSS LESSON PLAN TEMPLATE: Using ICT in Teaching and Learning SUBJECT AREA: GRADE LEVEL: 1NA CHINESE Name of Teacher:李红艳 LESSON TITLE:<成语大王> TIME ALLOTTED: 55 分钟 LESSON DESCRIPTION: (Write a concise description of what occurs in this lesson. 一、 引起学生对中华成语的学习兴趣。 二、 让学生了解个别成语的寓意,帮组学生树立正确的人生观价值观,培养良好品格。 三、 帮助学生掌握各别成语的用法 CLASSROOM LAYOUT AND GROUPING OF STUDENTS: (Where will the learning take place? How will the room be organized with the computers? How will the students be grouped (class group, individuals, pairs, small groups, etc…) INSTRUCTIONAL OBJECTIVES: (Identification of the specific learning outcomes expected to happen based on Competency Standards.) a b c d Creativity & Innovation □ □ □ Communication & Collaboration □ □ □ Research and Fluency □ □ □ Critical Thinking, Problem Solving and Decision Making □ □ □ Digital Citizenship □ □ □ Technology Operations and Concepts □ □ □
  • 2. XMSS LESSON PLAN TEMPLATE: Using ICT in Teaching and Learning MATERIALS, RESOURCES AND TECHNOLOGY: 1. Materials and Resources for this Lesson (special devices) Technology Components for this Lesson 录音机 2. Web Site for this Lesson 3. Computer Software for this Lesson STUDENT’S PRESENT LEVEL OF PERFORMANCE AND KNOWLEDGE: ( Do the students have the adequate knowledge to complete the lesson successfully? What pre-requisite skills must the students have to complete the lesson content? Include technology skills.) 中一年级同学身上还存在小学生某些特点,对新事物和一些有趣的现象会有强烈的好奇心。所 以,针对这一班的基础水平和心理特点,华文教学的目标是培养他们对华文的学习兴趣,教会他们 学习华文的基本方法,培养他们的自学能力。 中一学生在小学阶段已经接触过部分成语,成语学习并不系统,同时也缺乏自主学习的能力。
  • 3. XMSS LESSON PLAN TEMPLATE: Using ICT in Teaching and Learning INSTRUCTIONAL PROCEDURES: 1. Motivation: Explain the importance of the lesson to motivate the student. Relate lesson to previous lesson or real-life situation. 老师向同学发问:“各位同学在学习华语的时候,经常会遇到一些很特别的词,这些词形式固定, 不能随意分开组合,这些词有时会告诉我们一个故事,有时教会我们一个深刻的道理。那么大家 一起回答,这些词,就是我们通常所说的什么呢?” 全班同学一起回答“成语”二字,然后带入本课文“成语大王” 2.Activities: (The sequential activities to happen in this lesson. It describes the teaching method to employ in learning the lesson.) 1 播放课文录音,请同学们,听录音,给生字词注音。 2 全班同学男女生分成两组,分角色朗读课文。 3 请同学找出课文中出现的成语,并对其归类 a 历史典故 :大公无私 一败涂地 (历史故事,真有其人其事) b 民间传说: 熟能生巧 班门弄斧 梁上君子 自相矛盾(不一定能找到资料记载,主要是 在普通 百姓中流传,用其中 的道理教育后代子孙) c 寓言故事:守株待兔 杯弓蛇影 掩耳盗铃 (虚假的故事,但是其中蕴含深刻的道理) 4 在线观看播放 成语动画 ,然后请同学复述个别成语内容及其体现的道理,找出相对应的成语。 3.Closure:
  • 4. XMSS LESSON PLAN TEMPLATE: Using ICT in Teaching and Learning Summary of the lesson and future lesson. 课文本身负载重要的教学目的,所以课堂形式必须新颖,课堂内容必须活泼,吸引学生的注 意力。如果成语故事仅仅是靠老师单纯的讲解,会让学生感觉枯燥无味,很难长时间集中注 意力,所以我采用动画教学法。 每一个教学设计的落实效果一定要进行检验。《成语大王》的教学不仅仅 是让学生了解更多地 中华文化,建立良好的品格,同时他们还应该掌握成语的 用法,打下坚实的华文基础。所以, 学完成语,每位同学会拿到一份成语填 空。根据成语的故事和寓意,设计好的情景,学生学 会辨别,选择恰当的成语填空。学生记下自己的错误选项,课后进行复习。 SUPPLEMENTAL ACTIVITIES: 1. Additional activities to expand the lesson 2. Remediation activities for the student needing more instruction and practices 3. Assignments 师生讨论 学习成语的意义 学习成语的方法 ASSESSMENT AND EVALUATION: How will you measure the student’s success? Formally or informally? Formal evaluation of student work requires that a grade is taken while informal might be monitoring of work, or class discussion. This section should contain a description of the assessment process, the criteria for achievement, and performance levels. The criteria should directly align to objectives and instruction. Describe your plan for providing feedback to your students. 同学们口头复述成语的内容和课堂检测,能很好的检测学生对课堂知识的掌握程度。
  • 5. XMSS LESSON PLAN TEMPLATE: Using ICT in Teaching and Learning STUDENT PRODUCTS: What artifact(s) or products will result from the lesson? (such as a report, newsletter, diagram, slideshow, drawing, etc.) 完成课堂检测