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Demerit point system


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Demerit point system

  1. 1. DEMERIT POINT SYSTEM • Demerit points will be awarded by the Discipline Committee for any offence committed • Demerit points awarded will be commensurate with the severity, frequency or manner in which the offence was committed • Every student will start the academic year with zero demerit points • Boys who accumulate 20 or more demerit points will be caned • Girls who accumulate 20 or more demerit points will be given CWO hours or suspended from school • Graduating students who accumulate 20 or more demerit points for the academic year will also not receive a Testimonial from the school • Students Conduct grade in the report book will be calculated according to the demerit points accumulated up to that point:- Demerit points 0 0-3 4-7 8-30 > 30 Conduct grade Excellent Very Good Fair Poor Good VIOLATIONS OF SCHOOL RULES & CONSEQUENCES THEIR CONSEQUENCES FOR OFFENCES IN THE RESPECTIVE CATEGORIES Any pupil who violates the school rules will face consequences that are commensurate with the Consequences for offences in Category A include severity, frequency and manner in which the warning, suspension from class, detention, offence was committed. demerit points, confiscation and corrective work orders. In addition, pupils may be required to TYPE OF OFFENCES make appropriate restitution. For attire offences, immediate corrective action will be taken by the • Category A Offences school to bring about compliance. These will • A1 - Late for class/lesson/school activity include cutting of hair, confiscation of • A2 - Improper attire/appearance/grooming unauthorised items or apparel. While undergoing • A3 - Littering/Spitting suspension or detention, students may be required • A4 - Bringing drinks/food out of designated areas to write reflections, essays or a letter of • A5 - Eating in classrooms undertaking promising not to commit the offence • A6 - Failure of perform classroom duties again and undergo in-house counselling by • A7 - Failure to return utensils in the canteen teachers. Repeat offenders may be issued with a formal warning letter and have their offences • A8 - Bringing Schedule A items upgraded to Category C. • A9 – Using/Taking out mobile phones outside canteen • A10 - Using school property/facilities without proper authorisation For Category B offences, the measures meted out are similar but more demerit points may be given • Category B Offences than those in Category A. In addition, parents may • B1 - Skipping school activities/lessons be called in to school to meet with teachers to • B2 – Late for school discuss the student’s behaviour and further • B3 –Misbehaving in class disciplinary actions or follow up. Students may • B4 – Disrupting class/activities also be referred for counselling or any other • B5 - Instigating others to commit offences appropriate programmes deemed fit by the school • B6 – Rude or disobedient to student leaders management. The school may partner with • B7 - Use of coarse, rude/abusive/vulgar language external agencies to organise intervention programmes which the students will be required • B8 - Failure to sing School Song and/or recite to participate in.
  2. 2. Student Creed • B9 – Lying • B10 – Mischief • B11 – Bringing Schedule B items For Category C offences, over and above the measures described in Category A and B, • Category C Offences Category C offences warrant additional demerit • C1 - Repeatedly flouting any school rule/rules points, caning and suspension from school. • C2 – Bringing Schedule C items Students who are suspended from school will not be allowed to re-sit any tests or exams missed as a • C3 – Threatening/Bullying others result of the suspension. Re-admission to school • C4 – Smoking/Possession of tobacco products after suspension will be based on the conditions • C5 – Consumption of alcohol/drugs/contraband set by the Discipline Committee and Principal. In substances addition, they may be put on probation, during • C6 – Disobedience/Defiance/Rudeness which they may be required to perform community services or responsibility tasks for a • C7 – Criminal use of force period of time. Offences that involve violation of • C8 – Causing hurt the law may be referred to the Police. Recalcitrant • C9 - Leaving school without permission offenders who do not respond positively to the • C10 – Truancy/Wilful absenteeism school’s intervention measures may be required to withdraw from school or face expulsion from • C11 - Forging of signature/document school. • C12 - Cheating • C13 – Affray/Fighting • C14 – Causing public nuisance • C15 - Vandalism • C15 – Theft/Misappropriation • C16 – Joining gangs • C17 – Getting tattoos • C18 – Contravening Singapore Law • C19 – Refusal to sing the National Anthem and/or to recite the Pledge • C20 – Conduct unbecoming of a Xinmin student The school reserves the right to suspend or expel any persistent or serious offender at any juncture. The school reserves the right to make any amendments to the rules above without prior notice. Please acknowledge that you are aware of the rules and regulations and code of conduct as described in this hand book by signing in the space below. _________________________ _____________ (Name and signature of student) Date _________________________ _____________ (Name and signature of parent) Date