1st semester chemistry stream (2013-June) Question Papers


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1st semester chemistry stream (2013-June) Question Papers

  1. 1. USN t0cIIBt2l22 (04 Marks) (D) Li-Mno, (D) Ni- MH First/Second Semester B.E. Degree Examination, June / July 2013 g E {}e Y 0.) Yi id'=^ 5do.j qE z.z U< --.1 ..i z E 2 a. Choose the correct answer : i) Which of the fbllowing is a reserve battery (A) Zn - Air battery (B) Ni - MH battery (C) Zn- Ag2O ii) Which of the following is used in cellular phones (A) Zn MnO2 (B) Zn- atr (C) Pb - acid b. c. d. Engineering Ghemistry Time: 3 hrs. Max. Marks:100 Notetl. Answer FIVE full questions choosing at least fu,oflom each part, 2. Answer all objective type questions only in OMR sheet page 5 of the Answer Booklet. 3. Answers to objective otpe questions on sheels other than OMR will not be valued. PART. A a. Choose the correct answer : (04 lvlarks) i) The driving force for a red - ox reaction in a galvanic cell is due to (A) AG : -rEF (B) AG : nEF (C) AG = $ (D) None of these ii) The standard reduction potential ofZn and, Fe are -0.76V and -0.44V respectively. The emf of cell formed by combining the above two electrodes will have (A) 0.32v (B) -0.32v (C) -1.2v (D) 1.2v iii) When the concentration of chloride ion is silver - silver chloride electrode increases, the reduction potential ofthe electorde (A) increases (B) decreases (C) does not alter (D) None ofthese iv,1 Calomel is the commercial name of (A) Mercuric chloride (B) Mercurous chloride (C) Mercuric sulphate (D) Mercurous sulphate b. Define single electrode potential. Derive Nerst's equation for single electrode potential. (06 Marks) c. Describe the construction and working ofcalomel electrode. Write its advantages. (06 Marks) d. The emf of the cell Cu/CuSo4 (0.01M) 11 CuSo+ (x M) / Cu is 0.0295V ar 250C. Find the value of x. (04 Marks) iii) The fuel cells are more superior than the conventional batteries because (A) They are light in weight (B) They are not eco friendly (C) They produce direct current at low cost (D) They are easily fabricated iv) n Zn Air battery, the cathode of the cell is (A) Graphite (B) Air / C (C) Zn/Ak (D) Air/KoH (06 Marks)Describe the construction and working of lead - acid battery. What are fuel cells? Describe the construction and working of a CH:OH - Oz fuel cell. (06 Marks) Explain the following battery characteristics i) Energy efficiency ii) Cycle life. (04 Marks) I of4
  2. 2. a. Choose the correct answer : i) Insoluble corrosion product formed during corrosion process leads (A) To prevent further corrosion (B) Has no effect on conosion (C) To enhance further corrosion (D) None ofthese ii) At high hydrogen over voltage, the rate ofcorrosion (A) Increases (B) Decreases (C) Increases initially and then decreases (D) Remains the same. iii) Whiqh of the following factors accounts for lower corrosion rate (A) 'Large anodic area and small cathodic area (B) Small anodic area and large cathodic area (C) High temperature (D) Hieh humidity iv) Caustic embrittlerii6nt is a classic example of (A) Differential aerifion corrosion (B) (C) Differential metalcorrosion (D) (A) Oxidising agent (C) Anode Stress corrosion None ofthese (B) Reducing agent (D) Electrical energy t0cIIBtzl22 (04 Marks) (06 Marks) (04 Marks) (06 Marks) b. What is corrosion? Explain the electrochemical theory of corrosion with respect to fuon. (06 Marks) c. Explain the tlpe of corrosion occurriliin the following cases. i) Presence of small dust particles o.niron surface for a long time. ii) Copper nut is contact with iron bolt. (06 Marks) d. What is anodizing? Explain the anodizing of iUuminium. (04 Marks) a. Choose the correct anslveq::: (04 Marks) i) The experimentally. determined discharge potential of an electrode is 2.57V and its theoretical disctiarge potential is 1.53V, then over voltage is (A) 3.345y.i .' (B) - 1.04V (C) 4.10V (D) 1.04v ii) Electroless plating process is possible only on (A) Catalytically active surface (B) Inactive surface {C) Any surface (D) None ofthese iii) Which of the following is essential in electroless plating iv) Driving force in electroless plating process is (A) Power supply (B) Oxidising agent (C) Auto catal).tic red-ox reaction (D) None of these b. Explain the following factors influencing the rate ofelectro deposit. i) Current density ii) Wetting agent iii) pH c. Discuss the process ofelectroless plating ofcopper. d. Explain the terms : i) Decomposition potential ii) Over voltage. 2of4
  3. 3. t0clJr,t2t22 PART_B a. Choose the correct answer : (04 Mars) i) Zone refining technique for purification of solar grade silicon is based on (A) Henry's law (B) Newton's law (C) Partition law (D) Phase rule Which of the following is not a secondary fuel? (D) Nalu-iz.l€as(A) Coal gas (B) Water gas (C) Producer gas Methyl tertiary butyl ether is added to the gasoline to (A) Increase the octane number (B) Minimizing knockihg (C) Increase the efficiency ofIC engine (D) All the above iv) Catalysts used in catalJtic converters are .-,r:, (A) Pi, Pd and Rh (Ei) Ni, Co and Cr (C) A/zOr.a@SiOz (D) Zeolite b. What is knocking in lC engines? Explain its mechanism with chemical reaction. Mention jts ill effects. (06 Marks) i) iil) c. d. What is meant by cracking? Describe the bed catalytic cracking process. (06 Marks) (04 Marks)Calculate the calorific value of a sample of coal ftom the following data: Mass olcoal -095s""-b Mass of water in coppei,cAlorimeter : 20009 Water equivalent of calorimeter = 7009 Rise in temporature = 2.8oC SP. heat of water = 4.187 HlkgpC a. Choose the correct.answers : (04 Marks) i) In flame photoinetry, the emitted radiation lies in (A) IR range (B) uv range (C) Visible .unry',., , (D) None of these ..:. ii) In the. estimation of FAS by potentiometry the indicator electi6cli-used is (A) Silver-silver chloride electrode (B) Platinum electrod€ ..'.,- (C) Calomel electrode (D) Glass electrode iii) Lambert's law states that intensity of monochromatic light decrease exponeiitially with (A ) Concentration (B) Path length (C) Time (D) Density iv) Gibb's phase rule is applicable to b. State the phase rule and explain the terms involved with examples. d. Write brief note on conduct metric titrations. (A) Heterogeneous systems (C) Homogeneous systems (B) Heterogeneous systems is equilibrium (D) Att of these (06 Marks) (06 Marks) (04 Marks) 3of4
  4. 4. t0cIIEtz/22 7 a. Choose the correct answers : (04 Marks) i) Natural rubber is the polymerized form of (A) Chloroprene (B) Isoprene (C) Propene (D) Stltene .. . ii) A polymer of high optical clarity used in preparation of lenses is .t'' (A) Teflon (B) Phenol formaldehyde (C) Neoprene (D) PMMA iif)r J{Ihich one among is a conducting polymer '(Al,anitine (B) Pyrrole (C) Polyacetylene (D) Acetylene iv) Veryhi!! molecular weight polymers will have, (e) lornQr-.. (B) High Te (C) Moderate Tg (D) No Tg b. What are polymeri.{ir..iscuss the fiee railical mechanism of polymerization of ethylene. c. Give the synthesis and an application of, i) Butyl rubber ii) PMMA. [3:ffi:[] d. Describe the synthesis and applications of Kevlar fibre. (04 Marks) .,;':.. a. Choose the correct answers ' :,. .. (04 Marks) i) Secondary treatment of sewage islarrie! out to reduce, (A) Organic load (B) Inorganiiilbad (C) Destroy microorganisms (D) None of these ii) Complexing agent for sp--e-4r.ometric analysii.of nitrates is, (A) SPADNS (B)Ammonia (C) Phenol Sulphonic acid (D) Phenol disulphonic acid ,.i iii) The method used;for desalination ofwater is, (A) Zeolitep-ocess (B) Lime-soda process (C) Ion-efelitinge process (D) Reverse oimosis process iv) Thp..lnticator used for the estimation of total hardness of a gii,en water sample by EDTA method. -... (A) Starch (B) Eriochrome black-T (C) Fenoin (D) Methyle orange b. What is desalination? Explain the desalination of water by electrodialysis (06 Marks) c. Explain the argentometric method of determination of chloride in water. Write the reactions involved. d. Explain the terms: i) BOD (06 Marks) (04 Marks)ii) coD. 4of4
  5. 5. usN I 1OMATl1 c. d. 3a. b. c. d. o. a 'a ?--. .!& !E a: o-aCJtr 2a AE 5.6 }U :s5 .:i o- [i ET o< o z a o. E Time: 3 hrs. 4 cy 2"-r cos(nnl2-zx) oy z"*r cos(nnl2-2x) (06 Marks) (06 Marks) (04 Mark) (04 Marks) . (06 Mark) three dimensional Cartesian coordinates to (06 Mark) ii) If F=3x2i-xyj+(a-3)xzk is Solenoidal then aisequal to A)0 iii) lf F=(x+y+1)i+.j-(x+y)k then F.curlF is-. e) O B) x+y iu) The scale factors for cylindrical coordinate system (p, {, z) are given by.'l A) (p, l, l) B) (1, p, 1) c) (1, l, p) Choose your answers for the following : i) If i=xi+yj+zk ttren div R Prove that curlA = g rad(divA) - V2A . Find the constants a, b, c such that the vector A)0 B)3 C) -3 D) none ofthese (06 Marks)b. c. First/Second Semester B.E. Degree Examination. June/July 2013 Engineering Mathematics - I Max. Marksil00 Notet I. Answer any FII/E full queslions, choosing at least tteolrom eacl, parl 2. Aneeer all objective type queslions only on OMR sheel page S ofthe answer booklet. 3. Arr$tef lo objectire Upe quesliorrs oh sheels other lhan OMR toill ,iol be talued PART _ A a. Choose vour answers fbr the followins : r) lt ) : J- then yn rs e1 (3log s)'e5. ny (s log:)" e5" ii) If y = s652 x then yn is e1 2"*r cos(nnl2+2x) s1 2'-rcos(nnl2+2x) iii) The Lagrange's mean value theorem 1b. the firnction f(x) = g* il the inteNal [0, l] is A) C:0.5413 B)C= 2.3 C) 0.3 D) None ofthesc iu) Expansionof log(l+e")inporversofxis_. A)log2-x/2+x2/8+xa llg2+- B)log2+x/2+x2l8 - xn ltg2+- c)log2+x/2+x2l8 +xn 1192+- pJ roez-I-}1-,I1* -'28t92 1',. tryr;,+y-],i,=2xprorethat(x2-l)yD+2+(2n+l)xy,,+r +(n2-m2 1y,, =0. (06 Marks) c. Verily the Rolle'sthcorem lbr the tunctions: l (r) = ?'(sin r - cos x) in (rrl4,57rl4). (06 Marks) d. By using Maclaarin's theorem expand log sec x up to the term containing x6, (04 Mark) a. Choose your ansrvers lor the lbllouing : (04 Mark) i) The indeterminate tbrm of 1i6 u'd;, at 1ogy^) at log(/b) c) I D) -lx+0 X ' ii) The angle between the radius vector and the tangent-for the curves r = a(l - cos0) is L) 0t2 B) -0 l2 C) 1rl2+0 D n/2-0/2. iii) The polar lbrm oia curve is A) r = f(e) e) 0 = f(y) C) r = f(x) D) None ofthese i!) Therateatwhichthccurveisbendingcalled_,A)Radiusofcurvaturel B)Curvature: C) Circle ofcurvaturei D) Evaluale. ,l f'aluate ;;61 s'n t l . .01 Find the angles ofintersection ofthe f-ollor ing pairs ofcurves. r = aO(t+ 0): r=a/(l+e2). Find the radius ofcurvature at (3al.2, 3a12) on xr +yr =3axy. Choose your answers for the following : i) II' u = x' I )' rhen (i"u) (Cxf,) is equal to A)2 B)0 C) 2x D 2y ii) If z= f(x, y) where x = u-vand y= uv then (u+v)(62l6x)is A) u(Azlev-v?zlAi B)u(62l6r)+v(dzl6v) q Azleu+Azttu D1 dzldu-dztdv iii) If x : r cos 0, y: r sin O then [6(r,0)]/[d(x, y)] is A) r B) th C) .1 D) -l iv) In errors and approximations ax /x. fo/y, 6flf are called A) relative error B) percentage error C) error in x, y and f D)-none ofthese lf x'yt "' =c.showthat A'.z-l 6x4, = -[xlogex] r,whenx=y=2. Obtain the Jacobian of 6(x. y, z)/flr. 0. $) lbr change of coordinate liom spherical polar coordinates. In estimating the cost ofa pile ol bricks measured as 2mx l5mx 1.2m. the tape is stretched +l7o beyond the standard l€ngth. If the count is 450 bricks to I cu.cm and bricks cost of 530 per 1000, tind the approximate error in the cost. (04 Mark) F- (r -) +az)i .(bx I 2) -z)j , (x r cy r 2z)k is imotational. (06 Marks). Derive an expression lor V .A in orthogonal curvilinear coordinates. Deduce V . A is rectangular coordinates. 1.,t2 (04 n{arks) (04 Marks) c) (s tog 3f " e5' or(stog3)"e-" (04 Mark) D)2 B) -2 C) 2 D)3 C) x+y+z D) x y
  6. 6. 5a. .c. d. 6a. b. c. d. 7a. c. d. 8a. PART - B Choose your answers for the following : i.1 The valueof"J"-.,r, is A) le J- -' ii) An integrating factor for ydx - xdy = 0 is A) /y B) y/x C) l(xy) iii) The differential equation satisrying the relation x : A cos (mt o.) is A)(dvdo= I -t' B) (d'?x/de) - d2x C) (d']x/df) = m2x iv) The orthogonal tnljectories ofthe system given by r = a0 is IOMATI I (0,1Mark) D) -llu D) 18/35 l l , Solve (l-y2)-(x-e'd )Jdy dx=0. Prove that the system ofparabola f = 4a (x + a) is selforthogonal. Choose your answers for the following : find the inverse tran sform ati on s. TR o ,l Diagonalizethematri*. n_l-o z 01. l, 4 r] Reduce the quadratic form, xf +Zxl-lxl -rr,riitJii, into sum ofsquares. 2 ot2 A) AX : l.x B) i,(A-x)=0 C) xA- A1. = o D) la-rrlx=o iu) Two square maffices Aand B are similar if, A) A=B; B)B:P-rAP; C)A'=B';D) A-r =B- Show that the transformation, yt=2x1-2x2-x1, y, =-4xr +5x2 +3xt, yl -xt -x2 -x., is, regular and (06 M{rks) (06 Mirks) (01 Marks) (01 iUarks) D) cos (y/x) : c D) l/(x':+f ) D) (dx/dt) : -m:x D)12:1"-e' (06 Mark) (06 Marks) (04 Mar|(s) (01 lt{ arks) (06 Marks) (06 Nlarks) (04 Marks) A)r2: keo B)r=keo c)l e-8'=p Solve (x cos(y / x) + ysin(y/ x))y - (ysin(y/ x) - x cos(y/ x)) x (dy / dx) = 0. B) - l/e C) l/a tt2 ii) The valueofthe integral fsinTxdxis A) 35/16 B)16/35 C)-16135 ) 0 iii) The volume generated by revolving the cardioid r = a(1 + cos 0) about the initial line is A) (3ra2)/8 B)(37ra3)/8 C)(2ra'1) 19 D)None iv) The area ofthe loop ofthe curve r = a sin 30 is _ A) a'?l12 ; B) nll2: C) na'?ll2 ; D) None r/l b. By app lying d i fferentia I underlhe integral sign evaluate 'ilo8l I+),srn)rro^. ;srnY Evaluale of fsin n dx where n is any integer. J findthe leng:h ofthe arch ofthe cycloid x=a(0-sin0); y:a (1 - cos0); 0<0 (2r. Choose your answers for the following : i) The goneral solution ofthe differential equation (dy/dx)=(y/x)+tan(y/x) is A) sin (y/x) : c B) sin (y/x) : cx C) cos (y/x) : cx [] -r 2l i) Find the rank of I '. .' ^1, A} 3 B) 2 C) 4 D) I -,'-| l-l I 2l ii) The exact solution of the system of equation lOx + y + z : 12. x + 10y + z = 12, x + y + l0z = 12 by inspection is equal to A) (1, l, l) ; B) (1, l, 1) ; C) Cl, -1, -l) ; D) None iiD If the given system of lillear equations in 'n' variables is consistent then the number of linearly independent solution is given by A)n ; B)n-l ; C)r n ; D)n r iv) The trivial solution for the given system ofequations 9x-y+42=0,4x 2y+32=0,5x+y 6z:0is A) (1,2, 0) B) (0,4, l) c) (0,0, 0) ?],1, ,r;9, Using elementary hansformation reduce each offollowing matrices to the normal arr, | ] ,, , , | ,* ,,.*r l, ,,r] Test for consistency and solve the system. 2x + y + z=10,3x +2y +32-18, x + 4y +gz=16. (06 Mark) Appii Gauss-Jordan method to solve the system of equations, 2x+5y+72=52, 2x+y-z=0, )+y+z=9 (04 Mirks) Choose your answers for the following : (04 Mark) i) A square matrix A is called orthogonal if, A) A=42 B)A=A-r C) AA-r =l D)None iD The eigen values ofthe matrix. I u, -,t t,l ,r" A) 2. 3. 8 B) 2,3,9 C) 2,2, 8 D) None | , -, , iii) The eigen vector X ofthe matrix A corresponding to eigen value 1" and satisry lhe equation,
  7. 7. t B .f I L l= L- C o 1 USN 1occPt3t23 First/Second Semester B.E. Degree Examination, June/July 2013 Gomputer Goncepts and C Programming Time:3 hrs. Max. Marks:100 Note: 1. Answer any FIVE full questions, choosing at least tteo from each parl 2. Answer all objective type questions only in OMR sheet page 5 of the answer booklet 3, Answer lo objective gpe questions on sheets other thsn OMR will not be valued. E ;h .= il 0tr .96 -ir'i^ a3_ (Ji. E= ()< -i ..i z E PART _ A 1 a. Choose the correct answers fbr the following : i) The term dots per inch (dpi) relers to printer's A) resolution B) speed C) output is used to identily produc{ and provide information such as price.ii) B) Ba.r code reader D) Light sensitive detector B) High level language D) Machine level language (04 Marks) D) colours (06 Marks) (04 Marks) (04 Marks) (06lVlarks) b. c. d. A) Price check C) Numeric digit iii) is not a computer language. A) Assembly language C) Natural language Convert the following: i) (10101), :( ?)ro:( ?)ro iu) Which operating system first appeared with IBM PC? A) Windows B) Linux C) Mac OS D) DOS What is information processing cycle? Explain four steps with flow chart. (04 Marks) With a neat diagram, explain lunctions of each units of basic model of computer. (06 Marks) a. Choose the correct answers for the following : D _ is two or more LAN's connected together across large geographical area. A) GAN B) LAN C) WAN D) MLAN ii) Temporary storage in main memory is called as A) Buffer C) Tirtary memory B) Secondary memory D) None ofthese iiD Which of the following unit represents largest amount of data? A) Kilobfe B) Terablte C) Gigable D) Megable iv) Identif-rcation number of every computer connected to internet is _. A) Sub net mask B) Gate way Explain basic components ofa network. C) MAC address D) IP address b. c. d. 3a. Define operating system. Discuss functions of operating system. Choose the correct answers for the following : i) The number 0987 is _ integer. iD What kind of language is C? A) Machine language C) Assembly language Explain working ofhard disk with a neat diagram. Give advantages and disadvantages. A) octal B) decimal (06 Marks) (04 Marks) C) hexadecimal D) invalid B) Procedural language D) Object oriented language 1 of3
  8. 8. 3 a. iir) The result after evaluating the expression 112 * 4 is A) 0.2s B)2 Q)0 iv) What is the output if following program executed? main ( ) { print("%d", 'A'); ) A) 6s B)A c) "A" b.. Explain software development and life cycle. c.'- What are identifiers? Discuss the rules to be followed while exampies. data types. 4 a. Choose the coffect answers for the following : i) An operator which acts on two operands to produce result is A) ternary B) binary C) unary ii) The modulus operator (%) can be used only for _ values. d. Explain format specifiers used in scanf( ) function to read unt, float, char, double and longint A) floating C) both integer and floating iiil In C, TRUE is represented by B) integer D) all data type C) non-zero D) 1 iii) i%: t/3 10ccP13i23 D) 0.12s D) ElTor (04 Marks) naming ideirtifiers. Give (06 Marks) (06 Marks) (04 Marks) operator. D) complex +i give flow (06 Marks) (10 Marks) (04 Marks) D) char D) actual D) blank space (.b) b. A) true B) zero iv) Which of the following is not valid assignment statement? A)i+j=23 B)j-23 C)j+:23 D)j=23 Write C program to swap values of twci integers without using third variable and chan lor the same. Find the result of each of the following expressions with i: 4, j:2,k: 6, a- 2. i) kx:i+j iv) m-i+(i :2+k) ii) j:i/:k v, a= i*(11 =W2) PART - B 5 a. Choose the-correct answers for the following : i) In c, .default return type of function is A) void B) int Parameters used in function call are A) formal B) local Every C program must have A) user defined function C) main function ii) iii) b. c. d. C) float parameters. C) dummy B) standard function D) library function ir) Arguments of a function are separated with A)comma(,) B) semicolon(;) C) colon(: ) Write C program to print n fibbonacci numbers using function. (08 Marks) Differentiate call by value and call by address parameter passing mechanisms. (04 Marks) Explain the scope of local and global variables with simple example. (04 Marks) 6 a. Choose the correct answers for the following : i) break statement can be used in -. A) if B) if - else 2 of3 C) nested if D) while (04 Marks)
  9. 9. 6 a. ii) Which of the following is not comparator operator in C? A)< B)> c): iii) What is the output if following loop is executed? lbr (i : 1; i < 5; i++); printf ("VTU"); A) syntax error C) VTUVTUVTUVTU A)1 C) depends in size of array B) VTU D) VTUVTUVTUVTUVTU B)0 D) not fixed and assigned at run-time. 10ccP13/23 D) !- D) none ofthese i+ ',.i ir) while (0) {printf ("CCP")}, how many times this loop will execute? A)0 B)1 C1 error D) infinite times b. Write C program to find roots of quadratic equation. Consider all possible cases of roots. (06 Marks) c. Write C program to evaluate tbllowing expression: 7 a. Choose the corect answers for the following : i) The subscript of hrst item olan array in C is always _. (04 Marks) (04 Marks) 2tt answer - l+x*I-+I-., x +........ using function. (06 Marks) 2t 3t. 4l " d. Dilferentiate pre-test and post-test loops. Illustrate your answer with a suitable example. ii) ln a rariable length string. the string ends with delimiter. A) n B) o c) I iii) Which of the fbllowing is correct declaration of anay in C? A) int marks [3 + a]; C) int marks [2 2]; iv) ASCII stands for B) float marks [5.5]; D) int marks [5]; A) American Standard Code for International Information B) American Standard Company for International Integration C)American Standard Code lor lnternational lntegration D) American Standard Code for Information Interchange. b. 8a. Write C program to search an element from unsorted list using binary search. (12 Marks) What is the difl'erence between a character and a string containing a single character? B) accurate C) complete Single sequential llow ofcontrol within a program is A) thread B) instruction C) program D) none ofthese POSIX stands for A) Preliminary Operating System Integration for extended system-- B) Portable Operating System Interface for Unix C) Preliminary Operating System lnte.Ace ior Un;* .-. ,, , r D)Por1ableoperatingSystemIntegrationforUnix. ir) A) Application Programming Interface B) Application C) Application Processing Interface D)Application Explain motivating lactors for parallelism. ,, ": .. -r' , What are Open MP directives which help in synchronization o;f task? Explain. ii; l':$r' * * * x )F ,F]. 3of3 :' Choose the correct answers for the following : i) Parallel computing is A) serial execution of instructions. (04 Marks) (04 Marks) D) sequential Information (06 Marks) (04 Marks) (06 Marks) ii) iiD b. c. d.
  10. 10. USN (GorroxnoaLLBR IGHES) IOCEDl4 Max. Marks: 100 First Semester B.E. Degree Examination, January 2013 GOUPUTER AIDED E1{GI1{EERI]{G DRAWING Time: 3 Hours Nole: I . Answer three full questions 3. Drow to octuol scole 2. Use A4 sheets supplied 4. Missing doto moy be ossumed 1. a. A point is 30 mm in front of VP 20 mm above HP & 25 mm in front i behind / from LPP. Draw its Projections and name the side view. (10 Marks) b. A line AB has its end A 20 mm above the HP and 30 mm in front of the VP. The other end B is 60 mm above the HP and 45mm in front of VP. The distance between end projectors is 70 mm. draw its projections. Determine the true length and apparent inclinations. (20 Marks) A rectangular plate of negligible thickness of size 35x20mm has one of its shorter edges in VP with that edge inclined at 40o to HP. Draw the top view if its front view is a square of side 20mm. (30 Marks) A pentagonal pyramid 25 mm sides of base and 50 mm axis length rests on HP on one of its slant edges. Draw the projections of the pyramid when the axis is inclined to VP at 45o. (40 Marks) A square pyramid of side of base 45mm, altitude 70mm is resting with its base on HP with two sides of the base parallel to VP. The pyramid is cut bf a section plane which is perpendicular to the VP and inclined at 40' to the HP. The cutting plane bisects the axis of the pyramid. Obtain the development of the lateral surfaces the truncated pyramid. (30 Marks) A cone base diameter 45mm and height 65mm is placed centrally on the top face of a pentagonal prism side-4smm and height 35mm. Draw the isometric projection of the combination. (30 Marks) or 1 or 3 /sq EI zl
  11. 11. I]SN 1OELNI5/25 First/Second Semester B.E. Degree Examination, June/July 2013 Basic Electronics Time: 3 hrs. Max. Marks:100 Note: 1. Answer any FIVE full questions, choosing at least two from each part, 2. Answer all objective Q)pe questions only on OMR sheet page 5 of the answer booklet. 3. Answer to objective type questions on sheets other than OMR will not be ,'t lued. PART - A o. e 'a '7+ t. nd) ag oi A,i ^t cco !J= oi :N z E a o. E I a. Choose the correct answers for the following : i) When lbrward - biased, a diode A) blocks current B) conducts cunent C) has a high resistance D) drops a large voltage ii) The knee voltage ofa Silicon diode is A) 0.3 V B) 0.s v c) 0.7 v D) None of these iii) The ripple factor ofhalfwave rectifier is about _ A) 40.6 B) 0.46 C) r.21 D) 81.2 iv) The rms value of a load current ir case of a full wave rectifier is A) ,I B)]' C) g 2 2 ^12 b. Deduce the following for HWR i) I,,". iD Id" (04 Marks) c. With a neat circuit diagram, gxplain the working principles of full wave bridge rectifier. (06 Marks) D)-lI1 1l (04 Marks) : 0.48 and (06 Marks) (04 Marks) d. Draw the circuit of full wave rectifier and show that the ripple factor efficiency - 8lo o. 2 a. Choose the correct answers for the following : i) The current relationship between two current gain in a transistor is A) B - , 0 l-0 c) B=l o I+(x ii) The 0a. ofa transistor is its A) current gain C) power gain iii) In a transistor the curent conduction is due to B) p=i+ D) s=0+lp B) voltage gain D) internal resistance carries. minority None ofthese A) majority C) both (A) and (B) iv) In a transistor circuit, A) Ie:lc B)lr>lc B) D) C)IE<IC D) Ir << Ic b. Draw input and output characteristics ofan NPN transistor in common base configuration and explain. (08 Marks) c. Calculate the value oflc , Is and pa" for a transistor with cr: 0.99 and Ie: 110 pA. (04 Marks) (04 Marks)d. Obtain the relation between 'cr6"' and'p6"' 1 of3
  12. 12. 3 a. Choose the correct answers for the following : i) The intersection ofa dc load time and the output characteristics ola transistor is called A) Q - point C) Operating point ii) For an emitter follower, the voltage gain is A) unity C) less than unity A) fixed C) voltage divider iv) In self bias or emitter bias circuit ' A) inductor C) resistor B) Quiescent point D) All of these B) greater than unity D)zerc B) collector to base D) None of these is connected between emitter and ground B) capacitor D) transformer 10ELN15/25 (04 Marks) (04 Marks) D) Four point D) conducting D) None olthese D) UJT, characteristics and explain (10 Marks) as a relaxation (06 Marks) iii)The best biasing stability is achieved by using _ biasing circuit. b. Explain the concepts ofbase bias techniques using NPN transistor. (10 Marks) c. Calculate the Q - point values for the circuit of collector to base circuit. Given RB : 100 KCr, Rc = 10 KO, Vcc: 12 V and 0a": 100. (06 Marks) 4 a. Choose the correct answers for the following : i) A SCR has A) one A) negative iii) The FET is a A) current number of layers B) two C) three ii) The minimum point in VI characteristic of UJT is known as B) valley C) latching controlled devise B) voltage C) power iv) The relaxation oscillator uses A) MOSFET B)SCR C)BJT b. Draw two transistor equivalerrt circuit of SCR. Also plot V - I various regions of operatiqns. c. Explain with suitable diagram and waveforms, how UJT can be used oscillator. 5a. PART_B Choose the correct answers for the following : i) Oscillator uses _ tlpe offeedback A) positive B) negative C) both ii) A phase shift oscillator has A) tluee RC circuits B) tkee LC circuits C) a T - type circuit iii) The frequency of Hartley oscillator is f: _ (04 Marks) D) None of these D)antypecircuit D)l2rl C c) -+2 nr/C c. d. 2r^lLC B)l 27rJRC iv) The upper and lower critical frequencies are sometimes called the A) power frequencies C) 6 dB points B) half power frequencies D) None ofthese Explain with a neat diagram, the working of single stage RC coupled amplifiers with its frequency response. (08 Marks) Give any four advantages ofnegative feedback in amplifier. (04 Marks) In a colpitts oscillator, if the desired ffequency is 800 KHz, determine the values ol L and C"q if C; : Cz : 10 picofarad. (04 Marks) 2 of 3
  13. 13. 6a. d. Give any four applications of CRO. 7 a. Choose the correct answers for the following : A) transmitter C) none ofthe above - ,.- iii) The 2's complement of 1010 gives : A) 1111 B) 0110 A) NOT Choose the correct answers for the following : i1 The CMRR is given by - A) A,a x A" B) &/ Ad C) Ad /A" ii) The gain of the inverting amplifier using Rr: 10 KO and Rr = A)-10 B) -11 c) 10 C) negative lKQis D) l':. B) receiver D) between transmitter and receiver. c) 0010 10ELN15/25 (04 Marks) D) 20 log A" /Aa D) 0101 (04 Marks) 11 iii) The gain of the voltage follower is _ A) zero B) infinite D) unity iv) The screen of CRT is coated with A) chromium B) phosphor C) carbon D) germanium b. Calculate the output voltage of a three input summing amplifier : Given Rr = 200 Ka, Rz:250 KQ, R: : 500 KO and &: 1 MO, Vr = 2V, Yz:2Y and Vr = 1 V. (06 Marks) c. Show, how an op amp can be used as an integrator. Derive an expression for output voltage. (06 Marks) (04 Marks) (04 Marks) D) None oftheseA) lower than B) higher than C).gqual to ii) The modulation is done in i) The modulating frequency is carrier frequency b. c. d. iv) In binary numbers, shifting the binary point one place to right A) divides by 2 B) decreases by 10 C) increases by 10 D) multiplies by 2 With suitable block diagranr, explain the function of superheterodyne receiver. (08 Marks) Convert (ABCD)r6: ( )r:( h:( )ro:( )eco (04 Marks) Subtract : (28)ro - ( 19)ro using both 1's complement and 2's complement methods. (04 Marks) 8 a. Choose the coftect answers for the following : i) When demorganis theorem apptied to iA + B), we get A) A+B B)AB C)A ii) Y-AB+BA is a Boolean expression for A) EX-OR c) Ex-NoR iii) The example for universal gate is B) NOR iv) The expression for half adder cany'C'with inputs'A'and'B' A) A+B B) AB C)AB b. i) Realize the NAND gate using minimum number of NOR gates ii) Simplify M =XYZ+XYZ+ z<y and realize using of NOR gates. D)B B) EX _NAND D) none ofthese c) oR D) AND is given by D) none ofthese (08 Marks) c. Realize a full adder using two half adders and an OR gate with truth table. .,,,,,.. .--;,, _(Q.8. Marks) ,,,/l'| '< 'j6-' 3 of3
  14. 14. USN 06ELN15/25 u Fig.Q3(c) B) feedback resistor C) base resistor D) none ofthese independent of temperature variation or variation in transistor E I -^t .9. "ob '.o ,,: E= z o E Basic Electronics Time: 3 hrs- Max. Marks:100 Note: 1. Answer any FIW full queslions, choosing at least two from each part. 2. Answer all objective type questions only in OMR sheet page 5 of the answer booklet. 3. Answer to objective 4)pe questions on sheels other than OMR will not be valued PART _ A I a. Choose the corect answers for the following : (01 Mark) i) Forward cut-in voltage ofSilicon diode is A) 0.3 V B) 0.2 V c) 0.6 v D) 0.8 V ii) A Zener diode can be used as A) regulator B) rectifier C) amplifier D) oscillator iii) The ripple factor of half wave rectifier is _. A) 0.48 B) 0,64 C) 0.81 D) l.2l iv) A semiconductor has _ temperature coefficient ofresistance. A) positive B) negative C) neutral D) none ofthese (0,1Markr) (06 Mark) Load current 11 : 20 mA; (06 Mark) (01Nlark) D) four D) zero D) none ofthese DC input voltage V; : 20 V ; DC output voltage V" : l0 V; A) not biased B) revetse biased C) forward biased iv) Common collector arrangement can be used for _ application. A) high liequency B; audio frequency C) irnpedance matching D) none ofthese b. Explain the input, output and curent gain characteristics of common base configuration and also explain the concept of punch through. (08 Mark) c. Define Q-point and DC load line. For the circuit sho4'n in Fig.Q2(c), draw DC loadline and Mark Q-point. Assume p : 100, neglect VsE. (08 Mark) First/Second Semester B.E. Degree Examination, June/July 2013 b. Explain the V-l characteristics ofa Silicon diode. c. Explain the circuit of full wave rectifier and show that ripple factor is 0.48. d. Design a Zener diode voltage regulator to meet the following specifications: Minimum Zener current l,n,i": l0mA; Maximum Zener cunent 1,,"* = l00mA 2 a. Choose the correct answers for the following: i) A transistor has PNjunctions. A)one B)tuo C) three ii) The value of'cr' is equal to A). 1 B) > I C) I iii) ln the active region ofCE amplifier th6base emitterjunction is V". : j o1/ ^ - V..= ,.4 Y ?, :5rr lSaKtL )9.1 3 a. Choose the correct answers for the following : . - i.. (04 Marks) i) The most commonly used transistor configuration is circuit. A) CB B) CC C) CE ,.D) BC Fig.Q2(c) ii) The best method oftransistor bras rs A) selfbias iii) Stabilization means making parameters. A) knee point b. c- B) operating point C) threshold point D) none ofthese iv) tfthe operating point changes it results in A) thennal runway B) unfaithful amplification C) faithful amplification D) punch through State the need for biasing and explain different t)?es ofbiasing with relevant diagrams and equations.(08 Mark) Determine Is, Vs. V6 and V6E for the circuit shown in Fig.Q3(c). and assume Vee = 0.7 V. 1of2 (08 Mark) .
  15. 15. 4a. d. 8a. A) 360" B) e0" B) increases A) (324)8 ii) UJT has junctions. A) one B) two C) three D) four iii) The anode ofthe SCR is always maintained at potential with respect to cathode. Choose the correct answers for the following : i) FET is controlled device. A) current A) zero B) negative C) positive iv) JFET is transistor. A) bipolar B) unipolar C) tripolar Explain the basic principle ofoperation of SCR taking ofthe two transistor analogy. Explain UJT as relaation oscillator. Explain the drain and transfer characteristics ofn-channel JFET. PART _ B Choose the correct answers for the lollowing : .i) The input and output voltages ofsingle stage CE transistor amplifier are 06ELN15/25 (04 MArk) B) voltage C) bandwidth D) power D) none ofthese D) none ofthese (04 Mark) (0t Mark) (08 Marks) (0{ Mark) c) r 80" out ofphase. D) 4s" b. c. d. b. c. d. ii) .The negative voltage leedback - the gain of an amplifier. A) decreases C) remains same as D) none iii) ln phase shift oscillator, generally _ RC stages are used. A) one B) two C) three D) four C) both +ve and -ve D) none ofthese iv) Oscillator employs _ feedback. A) negative B) positive Explain two stage RC coupled amplifier with i1s iiequency response. (08 Marks) Derive an equation for inpu! and output impedance ofvoltage series negative feedback amplifier. (06 }turks) In RC phase sh ift oscillator R = 5 kQ and C : 0. I trtF. Calculate frequency of oscillation. (02 Marks) Choose the correct answers lor the follor.ring ; i) The CMRR of an ideal OP-AMP is A) finite B) infinite C) zero ii) Slew rate of an OPAMP is given by dV B) ______rr . dI. iii) An ideal OP-AMP charactqistics do not change with A) pressure B) power C) liequency iii) (283)ro:(?)8 c) 8l.l B) (64)10 C) (90)ro B) (433)8 C) (4s6)s D) temperature (0:t Markr) (06 Markt) (06 Marks) (0,, Mark) D) 95.s D) (53)ro D) (402)8 (02 Marks) (06 'lark!) (04 Marks) C) A D)A+B D)A D) A+ D D) NOR gate (01 Mark!) D) none ofthese dI D) ------L clV (0,1 Mark) (06 Marks) (06 Mflrks) dI o, ;, dV c) ------g dr b. c. d. b. c. iv) The heart ofCRO is A) CRT B) electron gun C) deflecting plates D) screen List the ideal characteristics ofan OP-AMP. Draw the circuit ofOPAMP as summff and derive an expression for output voltage. Explain the block diagram ofCRO. Choose the corect answers for the following : i) lfm = l, the sidebands carry % ofAM wave power. B) 46.6A) 33.3 ii) (1l0l0l), = ( ? ),0 A) (34),0 iv) 2's complement ofbinary number 101I is-. A) ll00 Bl 0l0l C)0110 Dll0l0 Derive an expression for the instantaneous value ofan AM signal in terms ofcarrier and sjdeband frequencies. (08 Mark) A l5 kHz audio signal is used to frequency modulate a 100 MHz carrier causing a carier deviation of75 kHz. Determine modulation index. i) Convert ( 1024.625)10 = ( ? )z ii) Convert (ABCD) 16 = ( ? ).:( ? )t iii) Subtract (l I l0l)2 tom ( I l0l0), using 2's complement method. Choose the correct answers for the following : i) Absorption property states that A + AB = B) B+AA) A+B ii) ldempotent property states that A.A A) A B) I iii) AB+ABC+ABD:_. A)ABC B)A+B C) iv) The output is high, when all the inputs are high, such gate is called A) NOT gate _ _B) AND gate Prove that ABC + ABC + ABC = AB + AC . C) NAND gate Realize full adder circuit using logic gates and write its truth table. Simplif the following expression and implement using NAND gates only. A=(A+(BCXA+B+axA +B) c)0 AB b. c. d. 2 of 2
  16. 16. USN 10cIV18/28 Question Paper Version : C First/Second Semester B.E Degree Examination, January 2013 Environmental Studies (coMMoN TO ALL BRANCHES) lMax. Marks: 50 INSTRUCTIONS TO THE CANDIDATES Time: 2 hrs.l 1. ) J. Answer all the fifty questions, each question carries ONE mark. Use only Black ball point pen for writing / darkening the circles. For each'question, after selecting your answer, Oarken .J]1-9.;aPpropriate circle correspondirig to the same question number on the OMR sheet. Darkening lwo circles lor the same Question makes the answer invalid. Damaging/overwritinSr using whiteners on ',the OMR sheets are strictly prohibited. 4. 5. EIA is abbreviated form for . ,, a) Energy impact assessment .. .. b) Ecological impact assessment c) Environmental impact assessment . '- d) Emission impact assessment. The central pollution control board was established under the provision of a) Environment (protection) Act 1986 b) Air (prevention and control) Act 1981 c) Water (prevention and control ofpollution) Act 1974 d) None of these ,-. . 3. Which of the following statement is not true about animal husbandry? a) It is a part ofagricultural activity b) It is breeding, feeding and management of animals c) It is live stock production d) It is protective of wild life. The distance upto which exclusive economic zone ofa country extends beyond its baseline is 1. , 4. 5. 6. a) 12 nautical miles c) 200 nautical miles The fossil fuel which thermal power is a) Coal b) 24 nautical miles d) 100 nautical miles Earth day is held on every year a; June 5rr' b1 November 23'd cause maximum environmental pollution due to its use in generation of b) oir c) Natural gas d) None ofthese c) April 22'd .,' .' d) January 26th l.i ".1'':" -cl -
  17. 17. 10. lt. 12. 7. The word ecology is proposed by 10crv18/28 c) Charles sourth wick d) Charles Altona) Ernt Hoekel b) Helena curtis 8. The liquid wastes from baths and kitchens are called a) Sullage b) Domestic sewage c) Storm water d) Run off The effect ofacid rain a) Reduces soil fertility c) Causing respiratory problems [4tich state is having women literacy in India? a) Karnataka b) Punjab c) Rajasthan d) Kerala The Nuclear reactor (unit-3) in Japan that exploded on 12th March released - a) Oxygen b) Hydrogen c) Methane d) Argon Water borne dise$e can spread rapidly due to a) Proper sanitation - rb) Improper sanitation c) Improve sanitation d) None ofthese 13. Wet deposition is a measure of a) Acid Rain c) PAN d)lS,usnended Oarticulate matter Water logging is a phenomena o f . a) Excessive irrigation ofcrop lands for griiwth ofcrops b) Decrease in soil strength c) Soil roots become saturated due to overirrigation d) All ofthese Environmental (protection) act was"enacted in the year a) 1986 b) 1974 '- c) 1992 d) 1984 16. Dental caries in children may be caused due to water supplies dehcient in a) Calcium b) Flouride c) Iron . d) None ofthese 17. In Foodchain humans are a) Primary consumers c) Primary and.secondary consumers 18. The couqfy which has the largest number ofchild labours in the world is a) India ' b) Increases atmospheric temperature d) Skin cancer b) Autdmobile combustion source b) Secondary d) Producers d) Pakistan b) Ecological balance d) None ofthese 14. 15. b) Bangladesh c) China 19. The perfect equilibrium existing in the biosphere between the various organisms is known as a) Environment balance c) Ecological cycle 20. The solid wastes materials from offices. residence areas are called a) Garbage b) Rubbish c) Waste c) Spanish 2I. The word environment is derived from. d) None ofthese d) Englisha) Greek b) French -c2-
  18. 18. 10crv18/28 22. DDT (dichloro diphenyl Trichloro Ethane) was discovered by a) Paul Mueller b) Ernt Hoeckel c) Charles Alton d) Chamokite 23. A Pesticide/insecticide which has repofied to cause physical deformities and disease in infants in Karnataka and Kerala states recentlv is a) Endosulfan b) DDT c) Amitraz d) None of these 24. TheBhopal tragedy occurred at union carbide on December 2nd 1984 due to leakage of a) Methyl isocyanate b) Iodine- i31 c)Cesium- 137 d) None ofthese 25. Environmental protection is the responsibility of_ a) Govemment of India b) NGO's c) Individual d) None of these 26. Extensive planting oftrees to increase cover is called a) Afforestation b) Agro-forestition c) Deforestation d) Social forestry 27. Most stable eco system is a) Forest b) Desert c) Ocean d) Mountains 28. What is the pH range of drinking water? a) 6to 9 b) 6.5 to 8.5 c) 6 to 8.5 d) 6.5 to 7.5 29. A food web consists of a) A pofiion ofa food chain b) An organism position in lbod chain c) Interlocking offood chain dlA set ofsimilar consumer 30. Which of the following is terrestrial eibsystem? a) Forest b) Grass land ...- c) Desert d) All of these 3l . World ozone day is celebrated on a) September 5th b) October 15th c):ssptember 16th d) September 1 1th 32. Definition olnoise is a) Loud sound b) unwanted sound c) constant sound d) sound of high liequency 33. Which of the following is not a renewable source of energy? a) Fossil fuels b) Solar energy c) Tidal wave energy - d) Wind energy 34. Which of the following is not a green house gas? a) Oxygen b) Carbon-di-oxide c) Chlorofluro carbon d) Methane 35. Objective of environmental studies is to a) Raise consciousness about environmental conditions. b) Create environmental ethics the faster awareness about the ecological inter dependence of economic, social and political factors in a human community and the environment. c) Teach environmentally appropriate behaviour. d) All of these 36. A serious health hazard disease known as 'Blue Baby Syndrome' is caused when the titrate level in the ground water exceeds c) 250 mgll d) None of thesea) 25 mgll b) 2.5 me/l -c3-
  19. 19. 37. What is the maximum allowable concentration of fluorides in drinking water? a) l.0mgll b) 1.25 msll c) 1.50 mg// d) Eutrophication is a _ a) An improved quality of water b) A process in carbon cycle c) The result accumulation ofplant nutrients in water bodies d) Water purification techniques 10cIVl8/28 1.75 mgll 38. 39. 40. 47. Typhoid, cholera are examples of a) Vival infection b) Bacterial infection World's environment day is held on a) June 51h ' u) Nore-b"tF a) Non a) Disease control c) Employment generation c) Protozoan infection d) None ofthese c) April 22"d d) January 26th b) Biodegradable organic matter d) None ofthese . - -rl'-- c) I )"' November b) Population growth rate control d) None ofthese b) Work, Job and Skills d) All of these organic matter c) Both a and b .-, 42. World's AIDS day is celebrated on a) 1't December b; 2"d'Qetober 43. d) 1 lth December EIA is related to " . a) Resource conservation ' b) Effrcient equipment c) Waste minimization , d) All of these Water contaminated with cadmium oan i'duse.'' disease like a) Itai Itai b) Minamata c ) Ouch ouch d) Both a and c fIN general assembly proclairnsil.the universal declaration ofhuman rights in Paris on a) 16th May 1994 .' b) 10th December 1948 c) 15th November 1980. d) 1 1th December 1949 c) 0.4 billion cubic kilometer which causes maximum environmentai pollution c) Industrialisation d) Mining b) 2.6 billion cubic kilometer d) None o f these :The major objectives of family welfare programmes in India is 44. 45- Electromagnetic radiation energy is an energy in the form of a) Light b) Wave c) Heat Economic security is measured on the basis of a) Income c) Labour market and employment -c4- The human activitiiainong the following, having regional.2md llobal impact is - ^ ^ ---:^--r.---l- . - L rr-L^-:^^.:^- a) Agricultwe.: - b) Urbanisation 50. d) All of these