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Neha s


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Neha s

  1. 1. C.T POLYTECHNIC COLLEGE, SHAHPUR MST-I APPLIED CHEMISTRY –IITime: 2 hours Max marks: 45 SECTION- A 1 x 10= 10(I) Fill in the blanks: a) Baeyer’s process is used to purify …………. Bauxite b) The three important forms of ore ……., ……… and ………. c) Froth floatation process is used for concentration of ………… ore d) Solder is an alloy of ……….. And …………. e) Rusting of iron is ………… in saline water than in pure water(II) Multiple choice questions: (i) In an open hearth process for manufacture of steel, fuel used is (a) Producer gas (b) oil gas (c) water gas (d) coal (ii) Essential constituent of amalgam is: (a) Iron (b) aluminium (c) mercury (d) sodium (iii) Carbon content of wrought iron is : (a) 0.1-0.5 ℅ (b) 1.5-2.0 ℅ (c) 0.2 ℅ (d) 2-5 ℅ (iv) The metal/s present in non-ferrous alloys is: (a) Aluminium (b) Copper (c) Zinc (d) All of these (v) In impure metal, corrosion always takes place at: (a) cathodic part (b) anodic part (c) both anodic and cathodic part (iv) neither at anodic nor cathodic part SECTION- B 3 x 5 =15Attempt any five questions:Q1: Define the following terms: (a) Smelting (b) slag (c) CalcinationQ2: What is an alloy? Distinguish between Ferrous and Non-ferrous alloy?Q3: Explain the rusting of iron with the help of electrochemical theory?Q4: What do you understand by Composite Materials? Give two applications?Q5: What is Zone refining? Explain?Q6: Give composition and uses of: (a) Invar steel (b) Gun metal SECTION – C 10 x 2 = 20Attempt any two questions:Q1: (a) What are the usefulness of Ellingham Diagram for oxides? (b) Explain Serpeck’s process?Q2: What do you mean by Regenerative system of heat economy ? Explain themanufacture of steel by Open hearth process?Q3: Give a detailed account of chemical reactions at different zones in a blast furnace?