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Newsletter, The Amaatra Academy - August 2013
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Newsletter, The Amaatra Academy - August 2013


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Newsletter, The Amaatra Academy - August 2013

Newsletter, The Amaatra Academy - August 2013

Published in: Education

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  • 1. Copyright © The Amaatra Academy 2013 NEWSLETTER August 2013
  • 2. Copyright © The Amaatra Academy 2013 Dear Parents, Last month I was a attended the eIndia conference as a speaker talking about how the teachers in today’s schools need have professional development for greater teaching effectiveness leading to better student learning outcomes. I did give them an example of all the initiatives The Amaatra Academy has put in place to ensure there is professional development mapped for our teachers to groom them into take greater responsibility. Being a panelist, I was also interviewed on several of my views on education and industry knowledge gap. One question in the interview was extremely interesting which is when they asked me why the PES group who cater to undergraduate and post graduate education start a K-12 school. Well the idea was fairly simple. The PES group is rated as the number 1 engineering college in Karnataka and we get students who join our various branches who are among the top 1000 ranks in the common entrance test. As we saw the students who have been joining our institution over the years, we found a pattern where a good majority of the students could not cope with the structure of the syllabus or would not get the concepts as they were used to the rote method of learning or were coaching either in schools/colleges or tuitions on how to crack the entrance exam and boards. We felt this was leading to creating a set of students who were not well rounded and were struggling through their undergraduate study. Hence the group came upon an idea; to set up a K-12 school which would be a feeder school to the students we would like to admit into our undergraduate and postgraduate institutions. Hence The Amaatra Academy was formed. As being a part of The Amaatra Academy, you must have realized that through various programs, teaching pedagogy and methods that we focus on getting your child to understand the concepts and also show them how they can be implemented. This instils a love for learning and makes them lifelong learners. We know that just making them understand concepts are not enough, we get them to understand how they need to apply that to a board and competitive exam scenarios. Our students also get coached for all the leading competitive exams like – Olympiads, NTSE exams, ASSET etc. All of this preparation is to ensure that when your child gets into the under graduate program of his/her choice he/she will be able to understand the concepts better leading to better technologists/ doctors/scientists and become well-rounded, thus becoming successful in the chosen area. We look to see each one of our students featured in the honor roll of leading universities or working in exciting start-ups contributing to creating unique products or developing new IP or researching on the next block buster drug or designing next generation of building or discovering next path breaking surgery methods. We look to create individuals who are on their path of success through our programs. Please read this newsletter for more on the programs we have designed to take our students on this path of success. Incase of any questions or clarifications, please feel free to get in touch with me. Prof Shivanan da R Koteshwar Director, The Amaatra Academy Editorial from the Director’s desk
  • 3. Copyright © The Amaatra Academy 2013 Every Saturday all our students in grades 6th to 12th have super Saturday programs. The value added program includes – • Math days where our students will have fun with mathematics and enjoy a day of camaraderie with university mathematics professors – our PES faculty • Chemistry days where our students have 101 classes on chemistry to understanding complex chemistry for higher grades where they are taught through experiments to make them understand how chemistry plays a role in everyday life • “Meet a personality series” in school , where we have authors or other personality who have been successful to meet with our students to share their journey and what lessons they have learnt on their journey • Science Olympiad coaching: All students in grades 6th to 9th participate in this coaching weekly and will trained for NSO, NCO, IMO and IEO. We are investing 70 hours per grade for Olympiad coaching. The school has procured the necessary reference material and books. The coaching will be undertaken by experts • Class 11 students have booster basic programs scheduled where they learn the concepts necessary to crack the IITJEE or NEET exams Super Saturday Programs Leading researchers in the area of student psychology have established a "significant" link between mental health and academic outcomes. Research shows that well-nourished, active students have better concentration, school attendance and test scores. Regular exercise can help mitigate the effects of stress and anxiety, and more widely, exercise can be used by all as a preventative means of ensuring a balanced mental wellbeing. At The Amaatra Academy, we are working towards an awards scheme through which we can ensure we are able to tackle the issue of stress levels our students’ experience. From this year, as a part of the credit courses we offer, we have a 2 star award program designed for the children where each student needs to participate in a minimum of 1 sport in school. This will ensure 30mins of moderate activity for 5 days a week. As a part of the credit course, we will initiate a project for our students on led how to improve their health and learn about a healthy lifestyle. The program will also have a community element, where the students will be encouraged to “Walk across the community” – explore the neighborhood on foot to incorporate fitness in their regime. Along with this, we ensure all our students compulsorily attend yoga classes scheduled daily. Our staff at The Amaatra Academy are also doing their bit for this cause. The teachers are signing up for a Million Step Challenge, a project that encourages teachers to take an average of 10,000 steps per day on most days. This will ensure that the teachers will be role models to the students to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Healthy body and healthy mind
  • 4. Copyright © The Amaatra Academy 2013 As communicated to you earlier, we have banned cell phones on our school campus as we are seeing many instances of pupils’ texting when they should be working; Also using social networking sites when they should be studying. Looking at these scenarios plus post our discussions with you in our PTA meeting, the school management has decided to ban students carrying any cell phone to the school campus. Please note, that if we see a student carrying them in school, we will confiscate them. If the mobile phone is confiscated, parents have to come and sign for them. We hope you will all welcome and accept the policy as it will help create a better learning environment Ban cell phone on campus Amaatra “Go Green” drive, an initiative supported by Schneider Electrical
  • 5. Copyright © The Amaatra Academy 2013 We organized “meet a personality series in school”. As a first part to this series, we invited Mr. Sudipto Das, Author of bestseller “The ekkos clan” to interact with students from class 8th to 11th. Mr Sudipto Das is an engineering professional (B.Tech. IIT, Kharagpur) lives in Bangalore with his family and has over 17 years experience in various aspects of chip-implementation. He is currently VP Engineering, Design Services Group at Mirafra Technologies. History, culture, language, writing and music are of special interest to him. The Ekkos Clan is his debut book. To know more about the author and the book at Sudipto Das, donated 5 copies of his book to our library. Thank you Sudipto! We wish you all the very best and looking forward for your second book!. Meet a Personality Series Please feel free to revert to me or staff at The Amaatra Academy in case of any clarifications or to understand the progress we are making on the topics discussed.