Copyright © The Amaatra Academy 2013NEWSLETTERJan 2013
Copyright © The Amaatra Academy 2013Welcome to our first PTAnewsletter. We had a fruitful meetingwith the parents of the s...
Copyright © The Amaatra Academy 2013RoboticsClubatTheAmaatraAcademyA Robotics club was formed by the class 8 students atth...
Copyright © The Amaatra Academy 2013Parents The Amaatra Academy next stepsIs there a shift in focus:From college preparato...
Copyright © The Amaatra Academy 2013Low interaction levelsbetween The AmaatraAcademy and other schoolsin BangaloreManageme...
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Newsletter, The Amaatra Academy - January 2013


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Newsletter, The Amaatra Academy - January 2013

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Newsletter, The Amaatra Academy - January 2013

  1. 1. Copyright © The Amaatra Academy 2013NEWSLETTERJan 2013
  2. 2. Copyright © The Amaatra Academy 2013Welcome to our first PTAnewsletter. We had a fruitful meetingwith the parents of the students inclass 8. Thanks to you once again formaking time, coming to school andparticipating actively. We are lookingto create a larger PTA committee toimplement some of the best practices/suggestions and look forward to youractive participation.The purpose of this newsletter istwofold: firstly we would like to usethis newsletter to keep parentsinformed about events, progress ofyour ward and other issues relating tothe school. Secondly we hope thatparents will contribute to thisnewsletter by speaking about theirexperience of having their children as apart of The Amaatra Academy.The management is extremelyhappy to hear from you that you arehappy with the school and will ensureto continue with the activities, whichhas made a positive impact on yourchild. Some of the practices employedby us lauded by school have been –easy access to school management,individual attention to each student,development of life skills, stimulativeatmosphere for learning and studentslearning new concepts that is apartfrom the text books.-Shivananda KoteshwarDirector, The Amaatra AcademyEditorial from the Director’s deskThe purpose of this newsletter is two-fold:Keep you, the parents informed about eventsand progress; Secondly, we hope you willcontribute to this newsletter
  3. 3. Copyright © The Amaatra Academy 2013RoboticsClubatTheAmaatraAcademyA Robotics club was formed by the class 8 students atthe Amaatra Academy. Using a Brain in a Box (BiBox) kitfrom EVOBI Robotics. BiBox is a next generation easy-to-use programmable electronic device. Using BiBox studentscan give intelligence to their robots/toys, automate theirhouse and do other interesting stuffs.In the club the students built a car using the BiBox kit.The car was built on very few parts and using someelementary programming techniques the students were ableto design a car. Students enjoyed the class immensely andwere also exposed to concepts such as sensors, motors,LEDs, etc.Apart from the learning basics of robotics andprogramming the students were divided into three groups(ATOM, TEK and ELECTRO) which got them to work as ateam to build out the car. Each of the teams demoed theircar and also were asked to give a short write-up on theproject.Some feedback we have received from the students on theclass fared…The class was really educational and fun – SamyuktaWe were taught basics of robotics and the class wasamazing – VigneshThe class helped show our creativity in the field of roboticsdespite not knowing the basics before – AbhiramiIn the first class we were taught basic programs and thevarious components in the BiBox kit which made usappreciate the robotics area more– DitoujasThe robotics class has helped me apply what I have studiedat class to the outside world – AshritaIt is a wonderful thing to to bring to school as the joy ofmaking your own bot and succeeding brings a lot of joyand pride – VaibhavIt’s a great experience learning robotics and also helpeddevelop teamspirit and help us work as a group - NidhiThe class was exciting as none of us had done this beforeand we used various techniques to see what will finallywork – AnushaThe class allows us to step out of the box and thinkdifferrent and be innovative ...Shriya
  4. 4. Copyright © The Amaatra Academy 2013Parents The Amaatra Academy next stepsIs there a shift in focus:From college preparatoryconcept, as you are startingclasses from 6th standardthis yearDefinitely not! As a part of the college preparatory philosophy we are targeting Lifeskills, concept understanding and internalization and competitive spirit building. In the6th and 7th classes, we will focus on Life Skills which includes values, communicationskills and other 21st century learning skills as per our co-Scholastic framework. Parentsare welcome to meet the school director and get more details about this framework andour methodologyHow can we space theclasses, to get students abreak between classesA dynamic timetable is going to be created based on learning objectives for bothscholastic and co-scholastic subjects. This will be implemented next year.Currently the class is structured as – First 5 minutes is a quick brush up of the conceptslearnt in previous class, next 25 minutes is when the new topic is taught and the last 10minutes is reserved for revision and assessment of that periodNo set books aligned tocurriculum is prescribed,hence at times it is difficultto track the progress madein classWe are trying to offer the best from all the boards keeping in mind the framework ofCBSE. NCERT books are recommended but we do refer all the best books available plusbest of the world material from web for teaching and learning different concepts.We have well stocked library with all prescribed reference books and also has the bestbooks in different concepts. We encourage our students to refer different books availableHaving a practice sheet orquestion bank will helpstudents fare betterMarks sometimes can be a misleading indicator of understanding of the child. We haveadopted a continuous and comprehensive evaluation (CCE) model that gives us aframework to assess and evaluate the child with various metrics. In the spirit of CCE,we do not subscribe to the Q&A method or blue book approach of assessing a child or toscore marksHow does relative rankingof performance of childhelp to assess the actualpotential of the studentThis is just one of the metric the school tracks for the parent to help plot their childagainst the other students in the corresponding age/group. The focus is not on creatinga class comparative metric but also will provide with time age comparative metric. Allthese will help you, as a parent and us to evaluate the child and address the gaps if anyAdditional computer labclasses to be madeavailableThe school is currently following the CBSE framework for computer classes. To ensurethat we increase the lab hours we are in the process of creating a computer club. Apartfrom the club, we plan to partner with a company incubated in IIT Mumbai who bringsthe best integrated curriculum with learning/teaching methodologies in computerprogramming and language skills.Perception of lack ofcompetitive spirit amongstudents owing to lack ofstrength in numbersFocus on competition and enhancing competitive spirit is in our DNA. There areeffective processes and methodologies adopted to address this effectively. The number ofstudents in a class is not a worrying factor.Greater interactionbetween students andteachers creating a strongbondWe want to increate an open environment where a child freely communicates withteacher and expresses his/her views openly. There is no stone unturned, in efforts madeto strengthen the bond between school authority, teachers and students. If you feel thereis scope to improve, please provide us with suggestion, we will try our best to fill thegaps.The Way Forward(Topics captured during the PTA meet)
  5. 5. Copyright © The Amaatra Academy 2013Low interaction levelsbetween The AmaatraAcademy and other schoolsin BangaloreManagement is fully supportive of engaging with other schools in various activities. Incoming months, we have a plan underway, with activities, which involves other schoolsand the local community. We also look to increase our participation in events/festsorganised by other schools to have them participate in ours.Increase in time allottedfor physical training classWe are presently following the board-required timetable which gives very limited timeweekly for games period. We do understand the importance and impact of physicalactivity on the child and currently working towards integrating 30min games periodper day for the lower grades with some innovative changes in timetable from next year.Approach road to theschoolWe have filed a PIL and legally fighting it out in court to get back the public road accessto school. In the meantime, as stop gap we have made proper arrangement with theneighbouring landlord for the access and also will commit to make the temporaryapproach road motorable.Transport facilities to bebetteredWith planned increase in headcount of students in school, we plan to procure 2 morebuses to our existing transport fleet. The school will work towards to ensuring that thetransport to school is hassle-free and better the experience for the students. If you wouldlike to voice your concern or provide feedback, please feel free to contact the schooldirectorTransparentcommunication processwith the parentsWe have created formal and informal channels for parents to interact with schoolauthorities. We have planned 2 PTA meetings per year for parents to come and meetwith the staff at school. Apart from this parents/ guardians are welcome to meetdirector or principal anytime with prior appointment.Apart from the face to face meetings, we will also be writing to the parents everyfortnight about the latest developments/happenings at school. Specific inputs aboutyour child will be sent individually to maintain privacyPlease feel free to get in touch with me or staff at The Amaatra Academy in case of any clarifications orto understand the progress we are making on the topics discussed.