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Nmg Ppt Media Kit 2009 updated2

  1. 1. NASHVILLE MEDIA GROUP 2009 MEDIA GUIDE Marketing Strategies and Internet Products Targeting Today’s Consumer
  2. 2. NASHVILLE Media Group OUR OBJECTIVE Nashville Media Group assists small to mid-sized businesses in the Nashville and surrounding areas in attracting customers using our proven advertising tools and strategies. Committed to Delivering Value to Consumers while Contributing to our Customer’s Success About Nashville Media Group • Nashville Media Group is an affiliate of Best City Dining and City Rewards Networks • Our Networks include over 75 cities in the U.S. •Our Network attracts over 5 million monthly visitors • Our Network Demographics 85% have at least a 4-year degree Average Household Income of $90,000 55% Women and 45% Men  Most consumers frequent our site twice a week
  3. 3. NASHVILLE OUR INTERNET PRODUCTS Media Group CITY REWARDS NETWORK AND BEST CITY DINING Incentive Websites Video Incorporation   Local Dining Guides Website Design and Hosting   Email Campaigns  Did you Know? • 2 out of 3 people are currently internet users • The Internet will influence nearly half of total retail sales in 2010 • Internet-based coupon usage grew 111% in 2002, and another 365% in 2003 • 36% of online consumers download coupons at least monthly** • Online Coupon users “make more money, shop online more and talk about new products with peers more than offline coupon users do”.** • As much as 52% of customers go online before buying offline (Yahoo/OMD, 2006) • 57.1% of shoppers 18 or older say the Internet is their main source of information pre- purchase. (Burst Media, April, 2006)
  4. 4. NASHVILLE FOUR OUT OF FIVE NASHVILLIANS ARE ONLINE. WILL Media Group THEY BE ABLE TO FIND YOUR BUSINESS? Incentive Websites Nashville Media Group offers a mix on Through our Best Nashville Dining (www.bestnashvilledining.com) online tools and advertising expertise to And Nashville Rewards (www.nashvillerewards.com) websites, bring customers and businesses together. we link Nashvillians with local businesses and restaurants. Entice Because we are a Nashville company we new customers or bring back old clients by offering easy-to-find understand the requirements of reaching downloadable coupons and important details about your local consumers. Establishment. Advertising Strategy and Planning We collaborate with our team to create a comprehensive advertising plan that identifies your target consumer and outlines effective options for reaching your target demographics. Planning Market Analysis and Customer Profiling We provide analysis of key marketing factors including competition, market position, company strengths and weaknesses as well as current market opportunities and threats. Web Design We can create custom logos, websites and marketing collateral Strategy Execution for use in your marketing and advertising campaigns. Video Marketing We can produce and market your business through video advertising via the internet. Much like a TV commercial the impact of video is much higher than that of static print ads. We can increase your exposure by adding video to your overall marketing plan.
  5. 5. What You Get With Nashville Media Group With Nashville Media Group your company can receive exposure in multiple places which means you can reach a wider variety of consumers. You get 5 main opportunities to put your message in front of 1000’s of viewers, All for NO out of pocket cost. SMS marketing Dining Certificate Rewards Site Email Marketing Guide Delivery Your Message Our newest feature allows you to promote discount gift certificates designed Our online restaurant The rewards site is Through our management to drive more customers guide allows you to central location where system, you can build a through your doors. And list all relevant you can promote database of customers who since these “gifts” are We constantly promote information incentives for your want to receive offers from designed to cover your your business with our pertaining to your store in order to drive you via SMS or Text costs and still bring cash extensive database of restaurant including traffic. Control every Message. Use this in the door, you come out potential customers looking menus, specials aspect of your offers information to send ahead! for great offers from coupons, photos, and track your results valuable marketing businesses just like yours. and any promotions so you have a better messages directly to Advertise special you may have. idea of your ROI. customers cell phones or PDA’s. Create loyalty promotions, new menus, and more. programs OR just Exclusive offers!
  6. 6. NASHVILLE Best Nashville Dining: Home Page View Media Group www.bestnashvilledining.com Site Search Rewards Link Search by Zip Link to Nashville code, city, Rewards site category Top Category Lists the most frequently Reservations visited Links restaurant Link to types OpenTable.com and specific restaurants that are Latest affiliated with Open Reviews Table Lists the latest restaurant reviews Sponsor Listing Restaurant listings rotate every time the page is viewed
  7. 7. NASHVILLE Best Nashville Dining Sponsor Listing View Media Group www.bestnashvilledining.com Restaurant Information Restaurant Links to Viewable Description menu, online Custom Text coupons, forward describing store info to cell restaurant using phone or email SEO tools Picture Display Publish up to four pictures of Location Map cuisines or the Map link and restaurant driving directions to your store Comment Box Positive comments left will be posted. Negative comments are emailed to store mgmt.
  8. 8. NASHVILLE Media Group Nashville Rewards: Home Page www.nashvillerewards.com Nashville Mobile Rewards Coupon Consumers can Categories receive coupons Lists the delivered to a cell products and phone or PDA services by category and National Savings even Get Savings from subcategory to national retail find specific websites offers and areas Subscribe to Sponsor Newsletter Listings Consumers can Sponsor Listings receive regular rotate each time emails with the page is information about visited current coupons and specials Five Newest Most Popular Coupons Advertisers The most recent List the most coupons added frequently visited to the site establishments.
  9. 9. NASHVILLE Nashville Rewards: Listing and Coupon View Media Group www.nashvillerewards.com Coupon Coupon Wallet Options Displays the Print the number of coupon, Email it coupons saved by to a friend, add the visitor for easy it to your wallet, access or send it to your cell phone Banner Ad Space or PDA Get 4x more exposure with banner ad advertising that appears in every category. Links to your website or your coupon offers Company information links Get maps and driving directions or visit the business’ website with one click
  10. 10. OPT-IN SMS MARKETING Cell phones and PDA are everywhere. There are more cell phones in the U.S. than Televisions and Computers. Are you utilizing this incredible opportunity to reach people? We offer you a text message marketing program with every subscription. With this account, you can (with our help) build a database of users who opt-in to receive offers from you. With this database you can now market specials and products up to 4 times per month directly to the customers cell phone. And since text messages are 95% Friend of read, you are sure to get your friend message noticed. And through Friend of viral marketing, your customers consumer Friend of can forward your message on Consumer friend instantly reaching more and more w/your people message Friend of Friend of And it’s included at no consumer friend additional charges!
  11. 11. NASHVILLE Cost Media Group Here’s the best part! There is no additional out of pocket costs. For all of our services and our marketing efforts to drive customers to you, we require trade value of gift certificates which we promote for you. These gift certificates require a minimum purchase amount greater than the value of the gift certificate, therefore, bringing cash AND customers in the door. For Example: We distribute 50 gift certificates each month in the amount of $25. Each GC is good toward the purchase of $40. Tack on automatic 18% gratuity and taxes and you’ve brought $27 in the OR door (if they spend the bare minimum). This covers the cost of your gift certificates, This also covers the cost of all the other services you Utilize our Gift Certificate receive with Nashville Media Group! delivery service yourself and it only cost you a percentage of the sales.
  12. 12. NASHVILLE Media Group HOW DOES NASHVILLE MEDIA GROUP COMPARE TO OTHER LOCAL ADVERTISING OPTIONS Yellow Pages Coupons Draw Motivated Customers We offer a wide range of features that are not available in static directory listings. You can add details to your 75% of the 24-44 age group uses coupons listing including menus, service offerings, logos, for purchases pictures and downloadable coupons redeemable at your business. 84% of surveyed internet users with household incomes over $75,000 use online coupons for purchases CitySearch Unlike Citysearch, our goal is to bring customers to your 61% of coupon users said that coupons business by providing valuable incentives. We do not influence them to try new products or conduct editorial reviews or allow our site visitors to services post negative comments. Neighborhood Mailers By advertising your specials on the internet, shoppers don’t need to keep track of cumbersome mailers. They simply go to one our websites and print the coupons they need.
  13. 13. NASHVILLE Media Group NASHVILLE MEDIA GROUP ADVERTISING PROGRAMS BOAST THE MOST COMPETITIVE COST PER CUSTOMER Advertising Cost per Customer $70.00 $60.00 $50.00 $40.00 $30.00 $20.00 $10.00 $- Nash Rew Direct Radio TV Mail Our Average cost per customer is less than $1 versus Direct Mail which often is $8 or higher per redemption
  14. 14. NASHVILLE Media Group Nashville Media Group advertises on all major paid search engines to maximize your exposure
  15. 15. NASHVILLE Monitoring the results of your campaigns are the key Media Group to successful advertising campaign We want you to get the maximum return on your advertising investment. Our account management team monitors your account monthly and provides you with advice and suggestions on how to improve your campaign results.
  16. 16. LET US SHOW YOU HOW OUR PROGRAM CAN WORK FOR YOU! Contact Us Today Nashville Media Group Phone: 615-477-7526 Fax: 866-629-4163 Email: info@nashvillemediagroup.com