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Smart Button Build Loyal Relationships


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Smart Button Loyalty/CRM Platform - Building Loyal Relationships

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Smart Button Build Loyal Relationships

  1. 1. Build Loyalty in Customer Relationships Smart Marketing and Customer Management Smart Button is changing the rules of the game for web-based, on-demand loyalty solutions. With more than 45 clients utilizing ‣ Differentiate groups and propose value-added offers, loyalty our loyalty solution at hundreds of facilities worldwide, the Smart rewards, promotions and communications relevant to your Button Loyalty Platform delivers high value capabilities to customers' lifestyles and interests companies and organizations that engage in rewarding and retaining their customers and ‣ Interactive features keep your patrons engaged: web site portal, patrons. survey questions, feedback mechanism, trivia questions, We focus exclusively on a message boards, rewards store, and kiosks for above average loyalty platform that delivers target marketing great technology which enables our clients to ‣ Email tools with bulk email capabilities acquire, retain and increase their membership and ‣ Built-in email templates or design your own revenue. ‣ Add a survey question in seconds and view results in real-time Smart Button has been helping organizations achieve ‣ Identify and understand your customer with loyalty solution tools their business goals by creating a revolutionary rewards network that give you the ability to capture information that provides that in turn helps with customer acquisition, customer retention valuable insight into your members' interests, demographics and increased profits. and transaction history Since its inception in 1994, Smart Button has quickly become an ‣ Measure, analyze and improve efforts – provide detailed industry leader in the development and implementation of analytics enabling you to measure promotions, identify trends affordable loyalty marketing solutions and rewards programs for and make group comparisons clients in the sports, entertainment, leisure, gaming and retail industries. ‣ CRM Plus – Capture demographic and transaction-based DIY Loyalty behavior across multiple touch points. Track customer transaction behavior and use information collected to generate Smart Button provides you with everything needed to get your targeted communications, offers and incentives loyalty program up and running with ease. We supply you with the tools necessary to maintain your customer rewards program and ‣ Engage sponsors and foster sponsor relationships - Share develop it even further. costs, add even more value to your program Got an existing program? Work with another provider? Take a look ‣ Smart Button's clients see results daily: at what Smart Button has to offer. It's a DIY loyalty marketing • Increase customer acquisition application that is easy to maintain and manage on your own. • Increase customer spending • Increase customer satisfaction We've selected a few of our most requested features to • Stimulate customer reactivation demonstrate the simplicity of Smart Button's application. • Maintain customer retention • Increase customer referrals ‣ Set up a promotion in 30 seconds or less • Increase frequency of spend ‣ Launch an email in less than 2 minutes • Increase customer lifetime value ‣ Set up a new reward in 30 seconds ‣ Set up an email campaign in 2 minutes (or less) ‣ View analytics within seconds Running Title or Section Title
  2. 2. The Smart Button Difference - Turn Customers into Revenue Why We Are Different Smart Button is an on-demand, web-based loyalty platform that provides the technology required for implementing and managing a successful loyalty and rewards program without any additional staff or hardware. Our technology, marketing and solutions driven platform provides a quot;best of classquot; loyalty platform to produce desired results such as customer acquisition, customer retention and customer reactivation. Smart Button delivers the most robust, cost effective loyalty marketing platform on the market. Built to be infinitely scalable and client (or partner) directed, the Smart Button Loyalty Platform currently supports millions of patrons at hundreds of companies. Credit Card Analytics Transactions (Visa, Mastercard) Family and Survey Friends Responses Admission Clubs and (Ticketmaster, Descriptors Paciolan) Your View of Your Customer Retail Concessions Purchases Promotions Web Site and Customer Touch Points - Portal Incentives The quot;Stickyquot; Factor Kiosk Host Station Rewards Direct Mail and Privileges Rewards Email Store