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Digital Strategy


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---- Digital Strategy is playing an ever greater role in Business. E-Business is a part of Digital Strategy and this brochure describes Lars Hilse's one of a kind E-Business Sales Funnel Theory.

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Digital Strategy

  1. 1. Understanding:E-Business Sales FunnelTM Theory
  2. 2. I Don’t Respect Your Status Quo...and neither should you, because as a successful marketer you are very knowledgable. Introducing The E-Business Sales Funnel TM In the Real World, Advanced Sales Process Engineering has been around for a very long time and it massively increases the Sales and Marketing Efficiency of any Organization utilizing itYou know that the dynamic internet has a global audience of close to 2 billion users, of which correctly. But until today, it entirely neglects the Internet as a Sales and Marketing Channel.800 million are on Facebook alone. You also know what share of this constantly growing num-ber of internet users and potential customers visit your boutique on the internet. While The E-Business Sales FunnelTM closely resembles the structure of conventional Sales Process Engineering, it is mastered to perfectly fulfill the unique requirements of the DigitalBut as a successful marketer you are also very desperate. Economy.You are desperate to constantly innovate, you are desperate to achieve your targets. Most of all, It considers all aspects of Successful Sales Process Engineering from Marketing, over Sales, tohowever, you are desperate to maximize the Return of Investment of your Campaigns. building and maintaining Sustainable and Profitable Customer Relationships. And of course it beautifully integrates seamlessly into your existing workflow. Here’s to Your Success on the Internet Marketplace! Lars Hilse - Founder / CEO Web Strategy & E-Business Development Consultants Creating the Leaders of the Digital Economy Creating the Leaders of the Digital Economy WWW.LARSHILSE.COM WWW.LARSHILSE.COM
  3. 3. Marketing Marketing... Your Successful Internet consists of a set of diversified & rich yet exceptionally targeted campaigns utilizing - Search Engine Optimization to make your prospects aware of you - Search Engine Marketing/Banner Advertisements (Paid Inclusion) to be visible to other relevant prospects on third party but contextually relevant searches - Social Media Marketing on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. to increase your brand- awareness among like-minded groups of prospects Your Marketing in the - White Paper Marketing to gain access to subject relevant prospects al World uses Billboards - Corporate Reputation Management to be aware of shortcomings or worse Re - and many others all individually composed to ensure breathtaking Return-of-Investments.Creating the Leaders of the Digital Economy Creating the Leaders of the Digital Economy WWW.LARSHILSE.COM WWW.LARSHILSE.COM
  4. 4. Your Point of Sale in the Real Sales Online Boutique... World Showcases your Products and employs a Skilled Salesforce Your Profitable is open 24/7 and allows us to showcase your products in similar, breathtaking ways, for in- stance through pristine and high-resolution 360° angle shots, revealing every fantastic detail. As demonstrated on the ever popular home-shopping TV channels, we can yet enhance the amazing shopping experience for your online visitors by adding video presentations, in which talented sales people and models vividly convey the unique touch & feel, aroma & texture, even give detailed demonstrations of functions and features. Delivering these videos through popular portals may also increase our visibility; YouTube is Google’s runner up, serving 2 billion+ videos per day, possibly increasing product-awareness. Your Skilled Salesforce is now called Proactive Website Visitor Engagement. To drastically Boost your Online-Sales, we can have your website automatically pin-point likely prospects. Through Proactive Website Visitor Engagement Tools we then send a chat-request on the pros- pect’s screen, allowing your salesforce to directly engage, offer assistance and close the deal.Creating the Leaders of the Digital Economy Creating the Leaders of the Digital Economy WWW.LARSHILSE.COM WWW.LARSHILSE.COM
  5. 5. Your Customer Relationships in the Real World rely on Loyalty Programs Customer Care Your Sustainable Web-Retail Customers... require at least the same amount of attention; but at a fraction of the cost. Customer Relationship Management is probably one of the most neglected things in todays E-Business Landscape, giving us fantastic opportunities to attain and manifest an amazing head-start on your competition. Our primary focus is to collect tremendously detailed information about your customers. Their birthdays, anniversary dates, product or service preferences and interests will allow us to create amazingly successful and exceptionally targeted campaigns running on autopilot. Their purchase-history is where we begin and the birthdays of their children will allow us to start working on the next generation of customers. Further, we will reduce your Customer Service costs by planning and implementing highly efficient Customer-Self-Service or Operator-Assisted-Customer-Self-Service Solutions.Creating the Leaders of the Digital Economy Creating the Leaders of the Digital Economy WWW.LARSHILSE.COM WWW.LARSHILSE.COM
  6. 6. Your Success in the Real World is fueled by Innovation and Strategy Success Is Near Your Individual E-Business Strategy... is so much more than social media marketing, contrary to the out-of-the-box products dozens of companies and consultants are trying to convince you of... It is the magnificently unique and detailed analysis of your current situation, resembling the foundation of our cooperation. It is the harmonic symbiosis we create between your existing business processes and the new ones we closely evaluate, define and implement. It is the amazing flexibility we integrate, allowing you to adjust the processes at any time. Only the one of a kind strategy we establish will allow you to have the profound impact in your market segment, giving you the competitive edge for years to come.Creating the Leaders of the Digital Economy Creating the Leaders of the Digital Economy WWW.LARSHILSE.COM WWW.LARSHILSE.COM
  7. 7. Contact UsIsNowAway... Your Actions in the Real World are Always In Time Your Web-Action-Plan One Call and you’re in good company as many of the Fortune 500’s and even more small and medium sized companies worldwide benefit from the concepts we publish. While some of our clients encounter increased Email Opening-Rates from 22% to 74%, others report their Online Point-Of-Sale delivering a staggering 100%+ more revenue. One thing they all have in common: my ideas helped them experience E-Business in a breath- taking new way, and they all significantly manifested their position in the Digital Economy. When shall I help you?Creating the Leaders of the Digital Economy Creating the Leaders of the Digital Economy WWW.LARSHILSE.COM WWW.LARSHILSE.COM
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