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Shankaraiah N:Project Doc

  1. 1. PROJECT PROPOSAL FOR ESTABLISHMENT OF 40 SOWS PIGGERY UNIT INTRODUCTION Piggery is one of the most profitable enterprise in animal husbandry. It produces profit two times of the investment. Now a day’s market is open for pork, it is one of the non vegetarian sources of food. The Indian piggery enterprise is contributing significantly to the country's economy, besides improving the health standard by increasing the nutrition value of the food. The value of output from piggery enterprise increased to Rs.50,051 million in 1994-95 from Rs.27,508 million in 2002 and is expected to reach the level of Rs. 85,000 million by the year 2010 A.D. MARKET It has domestic as well as international market; it is more preferred food by the western country. It is sold in packets by canning process in retailed shops, big markets, food bazaars, and also export. REQUIREMENTS Land, labour, capital, piggery shed, water facilities, feed etc. TECHNICAL ASPECTS 1. Trained personnel 2. Medical assistance PROJECT DETAILS: • purpose of the project : Breeding • Number of animals : 40 sows and 4 Boars • Total cost : 16.58 lakhs • Location : Abbenahalli , Malur • Area of land : 4 Acres
  2. 2. • Water facility : Bore well yielding 500 gallons is available in farm INVESTMENT: 1. Pig stays area : 11875 sq km 2. cost of construction : 84 Rs/ sq feet 3. i) Total space required : 8000 sq feet ii) Cost of Construction : Rs 25 /sq feet 4. i) open yard : 600 sq feet ii) Cost of construction : Rs 25 /Sq feet iii) Open yard flooring is done wit Rough stone slabs 5. Over head tank for drinking water and cleaning cost of construction of this tank Rs.25000 6. Septic tank: Area : 3000 cubic feet Total cost : 180500 Rs 7. Equipments Weighing scale, buckets etc: 10,000rs Life span of the weighing scale and buckets is 6 years 8. Cost of sows and boars: a. Rs. 2000/ sow b. Rs. 2500/ boar 9. Feed cost up to 19 months is capitalized: Total feed cost is 2, 05,404 10. Medicine cost up to 19 months is capitalized: Total cost Rs 17,173 11. Wages for 19 months is capitalized: Total cost Rs 20500 12. Insurance at 5 % of adult animal Capitalized till 19 months : Rs 18000 13. Veterinary charges up to 19 months at: Rs 500/ month is Rs 8000 capitalized 14. Transportation and other Miscellaneous cost capitalized up to 19 months.Rs.6000/month
  3. 3. Net Present Worth = Present worth of benefit- Present worth of cost = 25.71-14.31 = 11.4 Present worth of benefit B: C Ratio= ------------------------------ = 25.71/ 14.31=1.79 Present worth of cost OTHER INFORMATION a) Backward linkages: All the inputs are available close to the project site especially in the city located at about 20 km from the site b) Forward linkages: there is a good market for pork at reasonable price. c) Breed: York shire breed is available in and around Bangalore d) Workers, skilled and semi skilled, required materials, concentrate feed, hotel waste are all available regularly and easily e) There is a good transportation facility f) Feed requirement: An adult pig consumes 3 kg of feed/ day and the feed is given in the form of 30% concentrate feed and 70% hotel waste. Hotel waste contains 70% moisture and hence 3 kg of feed includes 2 kg of hotel waste and 1 kg of concentrate. g) The weight of the piglet sold after 9 months is 100 Kgs. The rate of piglet Rs 20/kg h) Replacement of the pigs in 8th year involves replacement cost. i) Subsidy of 35% is available CONCLUSION: The project generates enough cash flows and loans can be repaid with in 8 years. The investor is left with enough surplus after meeting the repayment commitments. The life span of the project is 15 years. By: SHANKARAIAH, N Jr.Msc. Agril.Extn. PAK-9120 UAS, GKVK, Bangalore-65