Deals Stores for the Holidays 2012


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November and December are two months of major spending, particularly with a 15% increase in online revenue from 2010 to 2011. In fact, there were 10 days during this period last year when more than $1 billion was spent on online purchases.

How are you going to capitalize on this spending frenzy? Deal stores are the perfect way to cash in on the action, allowing you to target key advertisers and drive a burst of revenue growth.

Last year, the Quad-City Times generated over $140,000 in gross revenue from two holiday stores – a Cyber Monday store in November and a Stocking Stuffer store in December. Tim d’Avis and Keely Byars from the Quad-City Times joined us to share some tips and tricks for capitalizing on the season of spending.

To learn more, watch the webinar recording or read our top takeaways from the presentation:

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  • Deals Stores for the Holidays 2012

    1. 1. Deals Stores for the Holidays September 2012D R I V I N G R E V E N U E | B U I L D I N G D A T A B A S E | G R O W I N G A U D I E N C E #secondstreet
    2. 2. How to Interact with Us Twitter Hashtag: #secondstreet Note: We are recording thiswebinar and you will receive anemail with links to the recording and the slide deck. GoToWebinar™ Questions Panel #secondstreet
    3. 3. Who We Are Increase ROI, Build & Engage Audience #secondstreet
    4. 4. Deadline Deals A truly white label deals provider To date, Deadline Deals has executed • More than 3,500,000 gift cards sold • On more than 425 local media sites • More than 1,000,000 consumers have purchased deals through our partner’s sites #secondstreet
    5. 5. Speakers Matt Chaney Julie Foley Tim D’Avis Keely ByarsDir. of Affiliate Success Dir. of Affiliate Success Director of Digital Media General Manager – - Deadline Deals - UPICKEM Lee Enterprises & Quad-Cities Times Quad-Cities Times #secondstreet
    6. 6. Agenda• Why Holiday Stores?• Using Contests to Build Email Databases• Holiday & Deals – a Blueprint for Success• New Tools & Features• Wrap-up & QA #secondstreet
    7. 7. WHY HOLIDAY STORES?D R I V I N G R E V E N U E | B U I L D I N G D A T A B A S E | G R O W I N G A U D I E N C E #secondstreet
    8. 8. Online Holiday Spending • Online spending surpassed $37 billion in 2011 – up 15% • Increased online spending driven by lower prices and discounts • 10 days of over $1 billion dollar spending in 2011 – only one in 2010 • Mondays are key spending days throughout December#secondstreet
    9. 9. Weekly Holiday Spending#secondstreet
    10. 10. Deal Stores: A Year-Long StrategyMonth Category/Season/HolidayJanuary New Years ResolutionsFebruary Valentine’s DayMarch Spring BreakApril GolfMay Mother’s DayJune Dad’s & GradsJuly Summer Fun/AdventuresAugust Back to SchoolSeptember College Week/FallOctober HalloweenNovember Cyber Monday WeekDecember Gift Guide/NYE #secondstreet
    11. 11. Why Deal Stores 1. Expand deal offerings 2. Package similar advertisers 3. Run multiple deals from same advertiser 4. Deals that are too small to stand on their own can complement each other with a unified theme 5. Secure difficult advertisers 6. Reach niche audience / additional audience 7. Diversifies your marketing 8. Grows list 9. Reason to send additional email blast to your list 10. Increase sales#secondstreet
    12. 12. Stores – Revenue Impact Chain-Wide Cyber Monday Store Single Site “Best Of” Store November 2011 February 2012$90,000 $12,000 $11,000 $78,000$80,000$70,000 $10,000$60,000 $8,000$50,000$40,000 $6,000$30,000 $22,000 $4,000$20,000$10,000 $2,000 $1,200 $0 Average Week Cyber Monday Store $- Week Average Week "Best Of" Store Week #secondstreet
    13. 13. Quad-City Times• Located in Davenport, IA• DMA: 99• Circulation: 64K Sunday• Deals Database: 33K• Contest Database: 76K• Nov. to Dec. 2011 – 22 contests run during period – ALL had opt-ins for deals – 270% deal revenue growth over prior year #secondstreet
    14. 14. Deal Revenue from Email 66%#secondstreet
    15. 15. CONTESTSD R I V I N G R E V E N U E | B U I L D I N G D A T A B A S E | G R O W I N G A U D I E N C E #secondstreet
    16. 16. Why Contests?• Build Audience, Page Views and Brand Awareness• Generate Sponsorship & Ad Revenues• Build User Database for Email Marketing• Grow your Facebook Likes• Allows for you to build contests for advertisers• Lead generation for advertisers #secondstreet
    17. 17. Building your List “If you haven’t been running contests consistently (to build your email list), you should.” - Tim D’Avis#secondstreet
    18. 18. Best Practices• Set Goals for growth • Create a contest calendar• Add your deals opt-in to every contest• Always have a good prize • Secure prize partners• Make registration easy• Optimize for mobile, tablet and Facebook• Send emails to your existing contest database• Promote using your other media channels • Print • Niche Publications • On-air • Online • Email • Social #secondstreet
    19. 19. Case Study: Building Your List Using Contests Quad-City Times Davenport, IASales • Kickoff and Timing • Goals for team • Revenue • # of submissions • # of opt-ins • Target accounts #secondstreet
    20. 20. Case Study Building Your List Using ContestsPromotions• Ad Mix • Email Blast – 80k subscribers • Expanding pencil ad • ROS ad • Placement on contest page • Facebook #secondstreet
    21. 21. Case Study Building Your List Using ContestsExecution• Number of contests• Contest mix (sweeps & engagement)• Contest length• Revenue• Email growth #secondstreet
    22. 22. Turnkey Holiday Contest• Two holiday sweepstakes contest templates that can be locally branded and run on your site• The only entries that show up are ones from your market• Play Anywhere • Contest is accessible on your website, Facebook, mobile and tablet #secondstreet
    23. 23. Turnkey Holiday Contest• Prizes • Local prizes can be added • This is not a National contest. There are no national prizes• Winners • Randomly chosen from all sweepstakes entries #secondstreet
    24. 24. Turnkey Holiday Contest• Adding the contest to your site: • Turnkey Contest • Login to Admin Tool • Fill out request form • Custom Contest • Login to Admin Tool • Create your own contest • Photo • Essay • Video • Sweepstakes #secondstreet
    25. 25. Turnkey Holiday Contest• Resources – Two branded Holiday contest designs – Sales Kit • Contest overview • Print & web promo ads • Advertisers to consider • Sales PPT – User Manual & FAQs #secondstreet
    26. 26. DEALSD R I V I N G R E V E N U E | B U I L D I N G D A T A B A S E | G R O W I N G A U D I E N C E #secondstreet
    27. 27. SELLING DEAL STORESD R I V I N G R E V E N U E | B U I L D I N G D A T A B A S E | G R O W I N G A U D I E N C E #secondstreet
    28. 28. Cyber Monday: Sales Targets• Selling Timeframe: October to mid-November• Sales Targets: Deals to prepare and enjoy the holidays; general gifts• Schedule: Launch on Cyber Monday• Categories: – Restaurants – Entertainment & winter festivals – Health & Beauty – Lodging/Hotels – Photography services – Holiday cookies, candy, Edible Arrangements, Honey Baked Ham #secondstreet
    29. 29. Cyber Monday: Sales Background• Who Sold It? – Entire sales staff – 2 new business development reps with focus on deals• When did you sell it? – Mid-October (but earlier this year)• What was the deadline to sell it? – Sales team had two weeks to close – Then opened up for deals specialists• What were the goals? – Deals Goal: 30 offers – Revenue Goal: 50% increase over last year #secondstreet
    30. 30. Holiday Sales Contest • 300 target accounts • Set a timeframe to close deals • Chance to win $500#secondstreet
    31. 31. Sales: Commission Plan • Commission plan encouraged dual selling • Regular Deal: 7% • Regular Deal & Store Deal: 10% • Same plan used throughout the year#secondstreet
    32. 32. Cyber Monday Sales Pitch• Pitch – Run a second deal, be apart of the promotion – value $40K – Allowed capped deals (250) – opened up to smaller businesses, more advertisers• This year pitching both stores together #secondstreet
    33. 33. Holiday Sales Targets – “Stocking Stuffers”• Selling Timeframe: October to early December• Sales Targets: Last-minute deals; successful Cyber Monday deals• Run Dates: early December to 25th• Categories: – Restaurants – Health and Beauty – Retail Gift Cards (min. restrictions) – Gift Baskets, Wine of the Month – Photo services – Annual Passes to Museums #secondstreet
    34. 34. PROMOTING DEAL STORESD R I V I N G R E V E N U E | B U I L D I N G D A T A B A S E | G R O W I N G A U D I E N C E #secondstreet
    35. 35. Cyber Monday Promotions: Print Ads• Teaser ads at launch - including double-truck on Sunday prior• “Last Chance” ads ran a few days before store ended #secondstreet
    36. 36. Cyber Monday Promotions: Online#secondstreet
    37. 37. Cyber Monday Promotions: Email#secondstreet
    38. 38. Stocking Stuffers: Promotion• Highlighted deal type and offer• Included merchant name and logo #secondstreet
    39. 39. Other Holiday Store Examples#secondstreet
    40. 40. DEAL STORE RESULTSD R I V I N G R E V E N U E | B U I L D I N G D A T A B A S E | G R O W I N G A U D I E N C E #secondstreet
    41. 41. Cyber Monday: Deal Mix Services Travel 5% 1% Retail 30% Dining 45% Health and Recreation Beauty 1% Food 14% 4%#secondstreet
    42. 42. Cyber Monday Results $148,455 • Launched Cyber Monday: 11/28-12/4 (Mon-Sun) • 42 Deals $86,140 $85,467 • 8,474 Vouchers Sold • $85,467 in Gross Revenue • Store revenue - 58% of total 2011 Average Total November Only Cyber MondayMonthly Revenue Revenue Revenue #secondstreet
    43. 43. Stocking Stuffers: Deal Mix Retail Travel 6% 18% Recreation 14% Dining Health and 50% Beauty 12%#secondstreet
    44. 44. Stocking Stuffers Results $183,399 • Ran 12/19 – 12/25 • Monday to Sunday • 28 deals • 4,858 vouchers sold $86,140 • $55,662 Gross $55,662 Revenue • Store Revenue - 30% of total2011 Average Monthly Total November Only Stocking Stuffer Revenue Revenue Revenue #secondstreet
    45. 45. TOOLS FOR SUCCESSD R I V I N G R E V E N U E | B U I L D I N G D A T A B A S E | G R O W I N G A U D I E N C E #secondstreet
    46. 46. Turnkey Holiday Store• Two themes – Cyber Monday – Holiday Shopping• For your sales team: – Prepared presentation deck – One-sheeter sales piece• For your site: – Site banners – Display Ads – Custom eMail Builder #secondstreet
    47. 47. Deal Gifting#secondstreet
    48. 48. WRAP-UP & Q/AD R I V I N G R E V E N U E | B U I L D I N G D A T A B A S E | G R O W I N G A U D I E N C E #secondstreet
    49. 49. Contest Takeaways1. Run at least one contest to build your email list 1. Have a prize that is timely and relevant to your brand and target audience2. Plan to run your contest before your holiday deal store launches (October/November)3. Discuss a sponsored or internal list builder approach to contesting4. Add an opt-in for your deals program to every contest you run5. Promote using all channels6. Keep it simple #secondstreet
    50. 50. Key Dates for 2012• Cyber Monday, Nov. 26th – 69 Days Away• Christmas Day – Tuesday – 98 Days Away #secondstreet
    51. 51. Takeaways for Deal Stores1. Start early and plan ahead2. Pitch multiple deals to your advertisers3. Get in the holiday spirit & refresh your site & email with holiday flair4. Strive to have a good mix of deals5. Bundle in bonus promotion in your media to secure bigger merchants6. Run a holiday sales contests7. Use “stores” to expand & diversify your deal lineup – now and throughout the year#secondstreet
    52. 52. Questions? Matt Chaney Julie Foley Tim D’Avis Keely ByarsDir. of Affiliate Success Dir. of Affiliate Success Director of Digital Media General Manager – - Deadline Deals - UPICKEM Lee Enterprises & Quad-Cities Times Quad-Cities Times #secondstreet