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Texas s ta r chart presentation Texas s ta r chart presentation Presentation Transcript

  • Texas STaR Chart
    Sarah Wheeler EDLD 5352 Spring 2011
  • Introduction
    Key areas
    2006-2010 Results for Kahn Elementary
    Campus Goals
  • The Texas STaR Chart is a tool used to assess school campuses progression in technological ability.
    The chart measures four school components and designates four specific classifications.
    Based on the Texas long range plan for technology.
  • The chart measures four school components:
    Teaching and learning
    Educator preparation and development
    Leadership, administration, and instructional support
    Infrastructure and technology
    STaR Chart Key Areas
  • Teachers utilize technology within the classroom to engage students and aid in the learning process.
    Teaching and Learning
  • Teachers take part in professional development training sessions to gain knowledge on how to implement technology in the classroom.
    Educator Preparation and Development
  • Leadership constructs a technology plan for the campus that seeks progression towards the Texas long range plan and provides opportunities for students and teachers to utilize technology.
    Leadership, Administration, and Instructional Support
  • The school is well equipped with technology and is easily accessible for each student.
    Infrastructure for Technology
  • The chart assigns four classification:
    Early Tech
    Developing Tech
    Advanced Tech
    Target Tech
    STaR Chart Classification
  • Uses little to no technology when teaching.
    Teacher centered learning.
    Technology skills are slim.
    Not apart of a technology plan.
    Computer to student ratio is extremely low.
    Early Tech
  • The teacher directs the learning.
    Students work independently when using technology.
    Only use technology for non-teaching tasks.
    There is a plan for technology but is not being fully utilized.
    There is a small rise in ratio of computer per student.
    Developing Tech
  • The teacher acts as a facilitator.
    Students work alongside their peers.
    Technology is integrated into the lesson.
    The technology plan is utilized.
    Student to computer ratio is high.
    Advanced Tech
  • The teacher facilitates, mentors, and learns alongside the students.
    Technology is a part of all activities and lessons.
    Every student has access to a computer.
    Target Tech
  • Star Chart Results 2006-2010
  • Based on the results for 2009-2010
    Third Monday Technology training in the computer lab offered to all staff members.
    District SMART board training offered twice a semester.
    TAG training once a month using technology as well as creating artifacts with technology.
    Database lessons once every six weeks for students in the library.
    Computer classes for students.
    Campus Technology Plan
  • The STaR Chart helps measure technology readiness.
    There are four key areas and classifications that you know where you stand.
    Results will help the campus and individuals to come up with a staff development plan to help boost technology skills.
    Based on the Texas long range plan for technology.