Interview and explanation governors (english)


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Interview and explanation governors (english)

  1. 1. Interview governors pension fundsJustification of the interview:Method: semi-structured interview with 4 governors, topic list, convenience samplingGoals: The goals of our interview are similar to those of the questionnaire, only will we go more indepth.As guide for the interviews we will use the topic of compliance, as found in the literature. We willpresent the same list as used in the web questionnaire and ask the governors to fill it in first. Then wewill interrogate more profound the topics they find very relevant. The goals is to find out why theyfind a topic necessary for professionalization, and what the essence of the topic is. It can also yieldsome inspiration for the content of the intervention. An example of questions that follow on thetopic Rules and Regulations: What are important rules? How do you learn about new rules and regulations? How important are rules concerning compliance for you? What are tough rules? How do governors feel about this topic? What influences compliant behavior? Do you experience dilemma’s in practice? What are barriers for compliant behavior?The second part of the interview concerns the intervention. The six possible ingredients for anintervention that are also used in the web questionnaire, will also guide this part of the interviews.Here to we will question more profound the ingredients that are most preferred. The goal of this is tounderstand why they prefer an ingredient. Is that personal preference or is that related tocharacteristics of pension funds? The ingredients: Feedback of a professional Live meetings Group learning Interaction Time and place independency Digital learning materialsAn example is time and place independency. This is regarded an important advantage of e-learning.When the interviewee has a strong preference fort his, than we will question deeper about e-learning: You indicated that you have a strong preference for time and place independency. Do you prefer e-learning then? What are your former experiences with e-learning?
  2. 2. Another example is Live meetings. From literature we’ve learned that social contact is important forlearning and opinion forming. The optimal form for social contact is live contact. In the interview wewill then interrogate more profound what they find prerequisites for such a meeting: e.g how muchtime are you prepared to spend? What kind of preparation? Etc.Finally we will add some open questions, so that the interviewed governor will be invited to bring innew insights. What learning method do you consider usefull, succesfull, pleasant? (also ask for informal learning like discussion, forum etc.) When would you decide to appreciate and follow a professionllisation activity aimed at improving compliance and integrity?