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Design decisions


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Design Decisions of project BuurtArt

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Design decisions

  1. 1. Design Decisions BuurtArtTechnologyDesign Decision Arguments ConsequencesFor this project pupils use a Modern lesson materials, Dependent on schools whotablet (e.g. Ipad) connects to technologies pupils are open for use of Ipad in play with, fun, possibility to go their lessons out of the class, upcoming Take into account the amount of Ipad-classes and the limitations of the Ipads consequent need for material available in schools (only (theory and interview teacher), WIFI, no GPS) priority of designers to learn about during this course (group discussion).Step 1: pupils use their tablet to For the next step they have to Pupils have to go out of themake a photo, search the import information in an app, so class with a tablet. This caninternet and type text it is practical to have the content be done during class, with on the tablet. Using other devices the teacher, of after class, and sending them to tablet is without a teacher. complicated (experimenting).Step 2: pupils use the app Easy app, with possibility to The possibilities of the appSikkens Color Concepts for import photos and text, and add are limited, so pupils couldmaking a moodboard. colors. Not possible to sketch, but get frustrated that they can’t that is not desirable in this step, make a moodboard exactly for that would look too much like the way they like. step 3 (experimenting, peer students evaluation)Step 3: the apps Sketchbook, These 3 apps are ease to use Different apps will be usedProcreate and 123Sculpt are without instruction, and photos for the artwork: teacherpresented, but pupils are can be saved to the photo library cannot know all the apps soallowed to choose another app on the tablet (experimenting). is perhaps not able to solvefor making their artwork Autonomy is possible for pupils problems. here. (group discussion)Step 4: the app Aurasma is Layar has more possibilities, like Only one file can be linked tochosen, and not Layar, for connecting multiple files to the a scanned objectpublicating the artwork scanned object, but creating the layar is nog supported for Ipad (interview Layar and helpdesk); Aurasma is easier to use (experimenting)InterfaceDesign Decision Arguments ConsequencesSquare of four blocks (instead of Concise with the environment Limited space for pop-uprow of four blocks) (tablets) in which the interface is windows used (professional experience of one of the designers). The
  2. 2. amount of four steps is chosen because this fits well, and because this keeps the project accessible.Colors Colors contrast with the background to make them more visible (C.R.A.P. model). All other designers liked the colors and the pictures, and our teacher called it “very neat”.Icons (images) on the buttons Nice and a clear link to the Find another way to makeinstead of numbers activity (group discussion). One the order of steps clear image was replaced for a more matching picture after discussion.Semi-transparent appearance of From the interface it was not Pupils cannot see what thefuture steps with a lock image obvious that there is an order of next steps are, so theon top of them. steps (pupil evaluation). This complete project must be method is widely used in games presented in an introduction. (eg Angry birds). The lock icon was placed to reinforce the belief of inaccessibility.Pop-up screens for the main Original four blocks stay visible; Pop up screen must fit in thesteps easy way to know where you are four blocks, so not very big. and go back (designer’s experience)Displaying a small icon in the Visual recognition of the step Title is not aligned withpop-up menu (C.R.A.P. model, interview pupil) subtitlesAccordion menu for the Segmentation of content, less Limited space for contentsubsteps scrolling for usersDisplaying an “x” instead of a Familiarity of interface items “” in the popup menu recognition of its’ functionPlacing the apps used in a step Less searching for users to find No links to apps in-textbelow the content relevant icon. Proximity of similar content (C.R.A.P. model)GoalsDesign Decision Arguments ConsequencesThe main goal is citizenship Preference of designers, hint of a Use the instructional modeldevelopment: developing the publisher that this kind of for attitude learninginvolvement of pupils in the own material is desired (localenvironment authorities ask for it).TaskDesign Decision Arguments ConsequencesStep 1: pupils have to deliver a Community art is a trend in art Pupils have to go out of thephoto of the location and the that is about using the story of a classroom with a tablet;story of the location in own community as the basis for art in pupils must have time towords. a neighbourhood (peer student) gather information; pupils must be guided by searching
  3. 3. info (theory)Step 1: The gathering of Teachers do not have go out of Pupils need time betweeninformation on the location is class with the pupils during step 1 and step 2; pupilshomework for the pupils after school time. gather info themselves, solesson 1. the pupil content must describe well what infoStep 2: pupils make a A common way to express a Pupils have to learn what amoodboard to translate the mood, often used in fashion moodboard is and how tomood of the location before designing (idea of a make one designer)Step 3: pupils make a digital Possibility to project the artwork Pupils have to learn how toartwork for the location they on the location (searching the make a digital artwork; pupilschoose internet for applications of who like traditional art like augmented reality, interview clay and prefer to make a Layar) real artworkStep 4: Publication can be done Teachers might not want to leave More than one optioninside school or outside school the class (eg for insurance displayed in teacher/student reasons) (interview teacher). For guide more ambitious teachers the option should be present (group discussion).Step 4: the artwork will be Aurasma can only link one file to For the presentation thepresented. In this presentation a scanned object. This decision pupil is needed, the artworkthe pupils scan each other’s was made to make the precedent doesn’t explain itself.artworks, show their steps more visible in the artworkmoodboards, and tell the story (group discussion).of their locationEvery step can be done in 1 The task and goals are suitable Filming an interview will belesson, but also in a project of for a project of several weeks: omitted, because this takes aseveral weeks citizenship goal. But it is also lot of time and drifts away suitable for normal art lessons, from the goals because it is linked to community art (peer students, group discussion)Instructional supportDesign Decision Arguments ConsequencesApps step 2 and 3 are not Pupils can find out themselves Pupils have to solveexplained in the instruction how apps work, often even problems with the app better than their teachers themselves or with peers. (interview teacher, own experience, test with 7 year old)The teacher has a significant role To make sure teachers are A clear teacher manualin the project involved in the project (tip from should be written; she teacher who works on an Ipad learning result depends project) largely on the teacher.Examples of artworks and Making sure students understand Risk that pupils copymoodboards are shown in the what they have to do. An examples. More contentpupils content. example is more clear than a leads to the necessity of description (theory). scrolling.The story of the location is Chunking the task, helping the Suitable to pupils of 12-15
  4. 4. scaffolded by questions with fill- pupils to deepen their research years old, perhaps to childishin blocks (tip publisher). for elder/smarter kids.The task of making an artwork is Chunking the task and structure Content has to be logicallydivided into four steps with makes it easier and support divided into four stepssubsteps. learning (theory)A consequent structure within This supports pupils in executing Rewriting the texteach step is applied. a task (instruction theory, peer students, teacher evaluation).Teacher ManualDesign Decision Arguments ConsequencesThe teacher manual is presented Have teachers get used to the Could be a barrier fornot on paper, but on the tablet. interface pupils use (idea of teachers who are digital designer). ignorant.Description of the content of the The role of the teacher is Teachers must read theproject, the goals and the significant, so a clear and manual and prepare thesupport that they have to give complete manual is important lessons.per step. (group discussion).Description of lesson structure Instructional support to support Teacher participates in eachbased on Smith & Ragan learning (theory, peer students) lesson, no possibility independent lessonsEvaluationDesign Decision Arguments ConsequencesDesigners compare their design Evaluate the theoretical quality of Decide which principles havewith a checklist of design the design to be met in our project.principles from theoryTeacher manual: expert Two teachers and a publisher External validity strong,appraisal of two teachers and a available. Publisher is expert in because different viewspublisher text editing; teachers have experience of teaching practice. Evaluation of relevance and consistency (theory)Walkthrough with two pupils Two pupils available. Walk Pupils have to visualize the through each step to discover steps and be critical where text or steps are unclear, or can be improved (theory, group discussion)Test (try-out) with a nine year Find out whether information is External validity weakold, observed by a designer complete. See results. because of age differenceDesign processDesign Decision Arguments ConsequencesWe use a systematic design The topic is unfamiliar to us so we Relatively short time for theapproach with a relative long wanted to explore the actual designing activity.period of investigating the possibilities. All team memberspossibilities and discussing our prefer to think before they actideas (instead of rapid (personality trait)prototyping).
  5. 5. One member of our design team Making use of the strength of Extra work and sometimes ahas a specific role of designer of team members. The other team poor overview of what has tothe interface. The other team work alternatively on all tasks to be done (but a design thatmembers don’t have specific prevent from too much everybody is committed to);roles. divergence. briefing two times a week (class and skype), frequent email contact.We don’t follow a specific Not a traditional instruction, but Need to rethink several timestheory, but combine design support in the instruction is whether the design can beprinciples that we think are needed because of the age of the improved by using otherappropriate pupils (group discussion, theory, design principles. interview teacher)The prototype is programmed Adequate possibilities. For testing on the Ipad thewith HTML. Lack of experience with Flash html content has to be (and Adobe AIR) hosted on a server. Internet connection required for evaluation on Ipad.