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The presentation contains information about Sergey Brin, the founder of Google and the achievements of Google all over the world.

The presentation contains information about Sergey Brin, the founder of Google and the achievements of Google all over the world.



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Sergey brin Sergey brin Presentation Transcript

  • Prepared by: Rohit Dobaria
    • Sergey Brin is the cofounder of the Google search engine.
    • He and fellow Stanford University student Larry Page worked together on a project while doing a Masters in Computer Science.
    • The Pair left the studies to focus on developing the Google search engine.
    • They became two of the wealthiest young entrepreneurs in America.
    • Early Life and Education :
    • He was born on August 21 ,1973,Moscow,Soviet Union.
    • In 1979, at the age of six the family shifted to U.S.
    • Brin grew up fascinated by computers & had one from a very early age.
    • Received a Bachelors of Science at the University of Maryland with honors in Mathematics and Computer Science.
    • He then received a Masters degree in Computer Science at the Stanford University.
    • Search Engine Development:
    • During an orientation for students at Stanford, he met Larry Page.
    • Soon both became great friends.
    • He went on to work with a project to organize the Internet and Improve the way people search for information.
    • They succeeded in creating a superior Web Search Engine and worked more on the system.
    • After leaving studies in 1998 , Google Inc. was started.
    • Solicited funds from faculty members, family and friends to buy some servers and rent a garage.
    • Soon Google became the world’s no.1 search engine.
    • Brin’s approach to life was based on a vision summed up by Google’s motto “ of making all the world’s info. Universally accessible and useful.”
    • Google – A revolution:
    • The development of Google was nothing short of revolution.
    • With a click of mouse billions of pages of information is available.
    • It has employed the web search technology in other search services like- Image search, Google News, Google Product Search, Google maps etc.
    • Google has developed several desktop applications like –
      • Google Desktop
      • Picasa
      • Sketch Up
      • Google earth etc.
    • Also , a social networking website is developed by Google.
    • Gmail was launched on April 1, 2004 and was available for general public on Feb. 7, 2007.(At present more than 146 million users monthly.)
  • Market Share
    • Philanthropy:
    • Established in 2004.
    • Mission of the organization is to create awareness about:
      • Climate change
      • Global public health
      • Global poverty
    • First project- Hybrid electric vehicle that can attain 100 mph.
    • Awards & Recognition:
    • In 2003- honorary MBA from IE Business School.
    • In 2004- named “Person of the week” by ABC World News Tonight.
    • Jan 2005- nominated “Young Global Leader” by World Eco. Forum.
    • Feb 2009- Inducted into the National Academy of Engineering (U.S.).
    • Despite his success, he has fairly remained unknown to the public.
    • He is not known to live a lavish lifestyle, driving an inexpensive car and still renting a two-bedroom flat.