Categorical One Page Summary


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We empower editors, grow audiences, increase efficiencies and enable revenue generation

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Categorical One Page Summary

  1. 1. “What Categorical delivers is really simple, but really important: 1. Grow audience - 2. Increase efficiency - 3. Generate revenue.” Bob Benz, President of Content, Hanley Wood Media We empower editors, grow audiences, increase efficiencies and enable revenue generationCustomer problem: Publishers, associations, and other content providers want to grow their audience value; thelarger the audience the more content they can publish and generate additional advertising and subscription revenue.Creating profitable new publications and newsletters requires a significant investment of time and people which isrisky.Target Customer: Our target customers consist of niche and general publishers and associations. We focus oncustomers that have a recognizable brand, already publish content to the web and via newsletters and haveadvertising inventory. These customers have editors or content managers who are subject matter experts, who knowtheir audience and who would like to reduce the time they spend on their current production process. They also haveideas about how they would like to increase advertising revenue but often lack the resources to do so.Product: Our software makes curating and publishing content simple: choose – click – edit – publish. Our technologyis characterized by the ease with which is allows for the finding, management and deployment of content within anenterprise setting. We deliver current relevant content to our customers in a dashboard. Editors choose articles ofinterest and with a click of a button either edit or publish the content. Content discovered by editors while surfing theweb can be included in the editorial workflow with a click via our universal browser bookmarklet. Content can bepublished to both web sites and newsletters with equal ease. Newsletters are emailed in the customers’ templatewith their design and their ad inventory. Competitor products are typically complicated to use, lack the algorithms werely on to consistently improve the relevancy of the gathered content, are difficult to customize, and expensive.Compelling Model: • Scalable, web-based model. • Limited technology risk, platform has been built and successfully deployed. • 75 users, more than 50 publications, publishing 10m newsletters per month • Excited end users pushing our product into new business areas, new customers“The prospect of actually getting time back in my day, out of production, out of the process, to actually focus onwhat Im passionate about is really what I’m seeing coming to life here.” John McManus, Editorial Director, Hanley Wood Business Media 715 Washington Street, New York, New York 10014, (609) 553-6900 -
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