Fujifilm forge guard anti-counterfeiting label 0313


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Fujifilm forge guard anti-counterfeiting label 0313

  1. 1. Opening Anti-Counterfeiting Label デ ご ザ イ 相 ン ・ 談 企 画 Contact for Switzerland: FUJIFILM (Switzerland) AG Bernard Genoud (bgenoud@fujifilm.ch) Niederhaslistrasse 12 CH - 8157 Dielsdorf 0
  2. 2. Current Market Situation Terrible fact Counterfeiting and inferior copy products are widely sold in market, and it causes not only sales opportunity loss of genuine products but also damaging brand and even serious accident to end customers. Counterfeiting causes serious problems. Harmful rumor Human damage Price erosion suit 1
  3. 3. Current Market Situation Hologram is popular technology. Emerging countries are also able to manufacture advanced hologram. Nobody could distinguish counterfeit product from genuine ones by security label based on hologram. 2
  4. 4. Current Market Situation FUJIFILM Forge Guard unique technology can realize new security label which has advanced anti-counterfeiting ability and easy judgment performance. High Easy security judgment 3
  5. 5. FORGE GUARD Feature 1. Advanced anti-counterfeiting ability We keep out copy products by advanced combined technology. Two points sustains high-level anti-counterfeiting ability. Original Process Chemical Know-how Compound It cannot be made by It cannot be made bycommercially supplied materials just purchasing equipment 4
  6. 6. FORGE GUARD Feature 2. Easy judgment by everyone With special viewer, ”Everyone” can judge ”Easily” true or false, and, it is possible to “reduce time and cost”. Existing judgment judgment Camera Black light Professional You can judge easily with special viewer. 5
  7. 7. FORGE GUARD Feature 3. Flexible designs with minimum cost Hologram needs initial cost. FORGE GUARD requires minor initial cost so that several different designs/colors can be made to different destinations. Hologram +/- 1 M$ cost per one printing plate +/-1 K$ cost per one design making 6
  8. 8. Feature Summary Popular anti-counterfeiting label We make it more difficult to produce copy Third person can easily produce copy label by means of several in-house label because they use simple printing technologies. Key materials and technology, and use commercially manufacturing equipments are in-house available materials. made and not available in market. Initial cost of printing plate is expensive. It takes minor initial cost because of digital Every time you change hologram drawing. ForgeGuard realizes “high design, you have to pay for new printing security” and “reasonable price”at plate and it costs lot. once. And also you need to change design frequently to keep security level. Judgment of hologram’s color and pattern Everyone can easily recognize unique full color hidden image of Forge Guard changes seriously depends on viewing angle and personal experience. Judgment with viewer. And it does not depend on became more complicated. viewing angle. FORGE GURAD is a breakthrough solution then you can realize “High security”, “Reasonable price”, and “Easy judgment” at once. 7
  9. 9. Products Lineup (Normal lineup) Seal label Parts label Tag labelSquare: 7mm × 7mm, 10mm × 10mm, Label size; 45mmx70mm ForgeGuard as name tag as is 14mm × 14mm, 18mm × 18mm, Forge Guard size; 45mmx3mm sandwitched by urethanes and 22mm × 22mm, 26mm × 26mm, resistant to washing and drying. 33mm × 33mmRound: Diameter 7mm, 10mm, 14mm, 18mm, 22mm, 26mm, 33mm options- Brittleness cuts to prevent label reuse.- Surface printing (ex. Corporate logo) )- Auto labeler adaptability- Surface lamination. ※Minimum order; 100,000 labels per order 8
  10. 10. Viewer Lineup Standard Viewer Small Viewer ~(10 ~( ) Amount 10sheet~( sheet lot) ㎜ ㎜ Small viewer size is 15㎜x45㎜. When you ㎜ ㎜ ㎜ ㎜ Card size is 55㎜x90㎜ and viewer size is 2㎜x2㎜. punch a hole and put It on a string, you can use When you want to judge products, you see a Forge it as viewer card to let customers can judge by Guard label through viewer’s window. themselves. 9
  11. 11. Usage examples 10
  12. 12. Introduction Process Flow chart to delivery Normal design Design data submission/Order Manufacture/Assemble/Test Customers decide spec Business Meeting from standard spec/design. Design/Plan Delivery Prototype/Final decision Interview customers about needs. Design/Use/Object/M Customize ethod(When and who) Discuss about spec . Followed by prototype making. 11
  13. 13. Introduction Examples We are getting many clients. Below lists are examples. Products / industry Purpose and (FG functional keyword) Automobile fuel filter To check fake or genuine. (directly put on products, heat resistance) construction machine parts To refuse repair caused by counterfeit consumables at site Sports wear To keep brand image and sales. (resistant to washing and drying) Water purifier To keep brand image and sales. (resistant to washing and drying) Fishing rod To keep brand image. (resistant to outdoor usage) Shampoo bottle To keep counterfeit product out. (resistant to high humid and temperature in bath room) To prevent grey/parallel import. (reasonable initial cost and flexible to design Watch change) To check right person easily and properly. (High security and easy ID card verification) Metal detector To do anti-counterfeiting. (resistant to outdoor usage and high security) Slot machine To prevent illegal reuse of popular machine. (high security) 12
  14. 14. How to use ForgeGuard technology Stick label on your genuine products package or itsself. Distribute special viewer to people who should do anti-counterfeiting activity. Custom staffs Investigator for searching counterfeit products Distributors and shops Warehouse staffs Using FG, you could find counterfeit products efficiently and exactlly. Based on this information, you could take necessary actions to stop counterfeiting. e.g.) Stop to import fake products at the customs Complaining to police or some government sector. Let shops stop to sell counterfeiting products Noticing to customers how to distinguish genuine products from fake one Investigating the route of fake products. 13