Monster argument


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Monster argument

  1. 1. Monsters in SocietyWhat makes one monster more heinous than another?
  2. 2. Ed GeinEd was born in 1906. He wasknown for robbing middle-agedwomen’s graves, taking theirbody parts, then creatinghouse hold objects out of thebody parts. He made adrawstring for windows out ofa pair of lips, a lampshadefrom skin of a human face, abelt out of nipples, bowlsmade of human skulls, humanskin covering several seatcovers, & nine human face
  3. 3. Vlad the ImpalerVlad Dracula lived during themiddle of the fifteenth century.As the leader of Wallachia, heused methods of torture (mostlyimpaling) to scare his enemies.German accounts include Vladthe Impaler razing villages andestimating a total of nearly100,000 victims from hisnumerous ways of killing. Hisreign now serves as the
  4. 4. Westboro Baptist ChurchWestboro Baptist Church (WBC) isan independent Baptist churchknown for its radical and extremeviews. They have taken a strongstance against homosexuality—saying God is killing our troopstoday to show His disapproval foracceptance of homosexuality. Thisgroup has been known to not onlyshow up at but also to walk intoprivate funerals. They hold up signsof hatred, drag the American flag onthe ground, and try to interruptpeaceful way of life. They are bullies
  5. 5. John Wayne GacyAlso known as “Pogo the Clown,”Gacy confessed to luring 33 boysand young men into his house in1978. After torture, sexual assault,and strangling them with a rope, hedisposed the dead bodies in a tinycrawl space. He claimed he hadmultiple personalities, such as “Pogothe Clown” and Jack Hanson.Doctors, however, say he did nothave multiple personality disorder.John Wayne Gacy was named theworst serial killer in U.S history. In
  6. 6. MoneyMany would say that money is the centerof prosperity, but others say this the truecenter of greed.Before money was used, it was commonfor people to trade for items they need. Later people found it difficult to finditems to agree on trading, thus moneywas born. Soon people began to gather as muchmoney as possible, by any means. In our society, having money equalshaving power. Money can turn friends andeven family against each other. Peopleare robbed, and even killed for these littlepieces of paper. People scam and mislead others for theirown personal gain.
  7. 7. Joseph Kony Joseph Kony was born in Uganda in 1964.Joseph considered himself a Christian, and wantedto make his country a Christian nation as well. Inorder to do this, Kony created the LRA, or Lord’sResistance Army, which has been fighting theUgandan government for quite some time. In order to establish his nation, Kony hasabducted an estimated 20,000 children to use assex slaves or fighters. As part of the children’sinitiation process, the children had to kill theirparents, so they would have no home to return to.Once apart of the LRA, the children are used aspack mules, carrying supplies until they are tooweak or killed. Boys that are kidnapped are sent to the frontlines—unarmed—and kidnapped girls that arefound attractive by commanding officers becometheir wives. Even worse, he took disabled children,
  8. 8. The Media The media today is swaying theopinions and judgment of children,teens, and adults in society.Although it may give entertainmentand joy to most viewers, it alsogives false idols and unreachableexpectations to others. Themedia’s morals are persuadingpersons to “be different,” even if“different” is showing half yourchest and your upper thighs. Evenin the men, they have been taughtthat respect for women isn’t apriority. Internet sites causeuseless drama, bullying, andreckless behavior. The media is
  9. 9. Osama bin LadenTerroristFounder of al QaedaResponsible for 3,500 deathson 9/11920,000 US military memberswere killed trying to bring downbin LadenBelieves killing innocentcivilians is ok if they are nearthe enemyBelieves that if you are notMuslim, then you should die
  10. 10. Susan SmithOn October 25, 1994, Smith falselytold police that an African-Americanman carjacked her vehicle whichheld her two children inside. Fornine days, she adamantlyperpetuated this lie. However, shefinally cracked and revealed topolice that she let her 1990 Mazdaroll into a lake, trapping her kidsinside. The three-year-old andfourteen-month old undoubtedlydied horrific deaths due todrowning. Smith confessed towanting to discard her kids so shecould engage in an affair with awealthy man who had no interest inchildren.
  11. 11. U.S. GovernmentOver the course of history, our government hascommitted some heinous acts. The list in notlimited to the following:*The false imprisonment of hundreds ofthousands of Japanese in internment camps.*Torture techniques at Abu Gharib andGuantanamo. The government has used waterboarding, electrocution, and other forms oftorture of detained criminals—many of whomhave not seen a trial.*Paying hunters $2 tor each Native Americanscalp they could get.*Condoning slavery. Enough said.*Dropping Agent Orange in Vietnam (maimingthousands of innocent civilians and our own
  12. 12. Josef MengeleIn 1937 he joined the Nazi Party. Afterbeing wounded and declared unfit forcombat, he returned to Germany. Hebegan work at Kaiser WilhelmInstitute for Anthropology, HumanGenetics, and Eugenics. He beganhis career as a doctor at Auschwitz.He was known “Angel of Death” or“White Angel” because he selectedpeople to go into the gas chambers.He started testing on fraternal twins,dwarves, and giants. He researchedways to increase the German race.His many experiments killed over