Linked Data: from Library Entities to the Web of Data


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Presentation to the ALCTS session "International Developments in Library Linked Data: Think Globally" at the American Library Association Conference in Las Vegas - June 2014

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  • But, what if we started to think about the information in a different way.
  • We, at OCLC, with our major data ingest and processing techniques – Big Data tech
    Matching incoming data with what we have
    Identifying the entities and associating their role attributes
    Woks – not so far very visible in libraries – important on the web

  • Linked Data: from Library Entities to the Web of Data

    1. 1. Richard Wallis Linked Data: from Library Entities to the Web of Data Technology Evangelist @rjw
    2. 2. edition author location holding date of publication classification publisher title source ISBN author location holding classification publisher person place object concept organization work library data: stored as records title
    3. 3. authorperson place object concept organization work subjectitem availability library data stored as entities
    4. 4. person place object concept organization work library data stored as entities library knowledge graph A graph of relationships
    5. 5. What’s Happening on The Web:
    6. 6. What’s Happening for Libraries: SchemaBibExtend • W3C Activity • Based
    7. 7. WorldCat Entities Works • 197+ million Work descriptions and URIs • • RDF Data formats – RDF/XML, Turtle, Triples, JSON-LD • Links to WorldCat manifestations • Links to Dewey, LCSH, LCNAF, VIAF, FAST • Open Data license • Released April 2014
    8. 8. Part of the Web of Data
    9. 9. • A Technology • Standard on the Web – RDF, URIs, Vocabularies • Identifying and Linking resources on the Web • Important powerful enabling technology • But only a technology… for the systems folks to worry about • Real benefits flow from: Entity Based Data Architecture Powered by Linked Data
    10. 10. Entity Based Data on the Web
    11. 11. … beneficial effects for libraries “… more than 80 per cent of these visitors coming from search engines …”
    12. 12. Bibliographic Entities in the Web of Data Cataloging Integration with the web Cascading updates More options Intuitive searching
    13. 13. OCLC Entity Based Data Strategy  VIAF, ISNI, FAST Publish Linked Data  Linked Data Release – using  Internal agreement on data strategy  Evangelism  Research & Design with Data Architecture Group  Data mining of WorldCat resources  WorldCat Works Released 2012 2014 Application Integration  WorldCat Discovery  Analytics  Discovery API  Cataloging 2015 More Entities Released  Person  Organization  Event  Concept New Products Continuing Evangelism New Services Continuing Innovation 2013 2016
    14. 14. Yeah – but what can I do?• Your resources in the Web of Data - Contribute to WorldCat • Start linking your resources - WorldCat Work URIs in your data • Register institution on the web - – Organization/Library - WorldCat Registry - across your Website(s) • Talk to system providers / projects - Not just a Linked Data feature - Exposing Entities in global context
    15. 15. Explore. Share. Magnify. Richard Wallis Technology Evangelist @rjw Linked Data: from Library Entities to the Web of Data