Cloudbusting sept 2012

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My presentation at Cloudbusting 2012 in Galway on potential benefits of Cloud Computing and Agile project management for start-ups.

My presentation at Cloudbusting 2012 in Galway on potential benefits of Cloud Computing and Agile project management for start-ups.

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  • 1. Cloud & Agile Richard BowdenTrue potential for yourbusiness Challenges Hype ? Realising the benefits #Cloudbusting2012
  • 2. Who Me?A gazillion years experience &more mistakes that I care toremember Start-up experience – PM & IT Consultancy & Mobile medical apps Cloud-arena.comIC4 EI / IDA CloudCompetency Centre #Cloudbusting2012
  • 3. Different Perspectives..... Users & Providers #Cloudbusting2012
  • 4. Items for DiscussionCloud as a CompetitiveAdvantage #Cloudbusting2012
  • 5. If it walks like a duck... Scalability On-demand Yes Im a cloudUnlimitedCapacity Units of Ease of use access #Cloudbusting2012
  • 6. Patterns of use #Cloudbusting2012
  • 7. Delivery models On Premise Hosted Cloud Shared multi- I own the I rent the tenantservers, servers, environmentsoftware, etc software, etc Access to a I have I have less capacity pool –complete control control & fewer Less control && responsibility responsibilities fewer responsibilities Upfront capital Lower capitalcosts costs but paying Pay as you go for fixed capacity #Cloudbusting2012
  • 8. Software Development Lifecycle All or some on the Cloud ? Development Test Production Analysis #Cloudbusting2012
  • 9. Certain practices still apply Management of builds and VM instances Management of dev & test environmentsAccess control to development &test environments Transaction monitoring & reporting #Cloudbusting2012
  • 10. Architectural ConsiderationsApplication reliabilityManaging scalabilityCode base managementUpgrade managementAuthentication & authorisationSecurity from withinService level agreementsRegulatory requirements #Cloudbusting2012
  • 11. Single vs. Multi Tenancy #Cloudbusting2012
  • 12. Architectural GuidelinesMicrosoft MSDN – June 2006 #Cloudbusting2012
  • 13. Hybrid is another optionNot everything needs be on the cloudUse of cloud services for storage Salesforces Amazons S3 storageUse and api to link the Cloud basedapplication with an on-premise database #Cloudbusting2012
  • 14. Whos doing what with the cloud ?• US Government survey – April 2010 – 45% were using cloud computing• Top 3 services – Web hosting / content delivery – Collaboration – Email #Cloudbusting2012
  • 15. Why with the cloud ?• Top 3 reasons for using cloud – Resource savings – Features – Availability & uptime• Top 3 reasons for not using cloud – Cost / lack of a business case – Security – Waiting for others to take a lead #Cloudbusting2012
  • 16. More Current Usage Data• US Government – FedRAMP – federal programme for cloud security certification – US Navy – Amazon solution for digital imagery – Naval War College – Cloud based security solution from Cloudlock – Intelligence Community – use of public cloud services – Dept of Labour – Tender for Cloud based email #Cloudbusting2012
  • 17. Todays Agile Word Cloud WaterfallScrum Extreme Programming Kanban Estimating Sizing Definition of Done Backlog Product Owner #Cloudbusting2012
  • 18. Projects BackgroundRecruitment Company – Permanent, Contract & Temp recruitment – Offices in several European countriesTwo projects – Configuration & rollout of cloud based front office system on – Redesign of their jobs websiteKey interests – Working software – Collaboration #Cloudbusting2012
  • 19. Scrum Process OverviewUser stories – What, why & howRelease plan – Road aheadSprint planning & Grooming the backlog – Change is welcomeRetrospective & demo – So what did we learn ? #Cloudbusting2012
  • 20. Lessons learned – Front OfficeUser stories – Put yourself in the shoes of... – Understand requirements & work flow detailRelease plan – Project direction & objectives – Road-mapSizing – Grooming the backlog – Clarification – Definition of done #Cloudbusting2012
  • 21. Questions – Front OfficeEstimating vs SizingSprint display – Electronic vs paper – Basecamp – cloud based pm serviceSprint in progress – Product owners input (whats in / whats out)Use of Kanban technique – Spare capacity close to the end of a sprint #Cloudbusting2012
  • 22. Lessons learned – Website Redesign Persona analysis – Excellent basis for user stories Sprint planning – Helps to get a focus and a starting point – Include persona analysis findings Focus on working software – Can build credibility & confidence #Cloudbusting2012
  • 23. Questions – Website RedesignCompletion of wire-frames & templates – Is Waterfall more appropriate ? – Is definition of done crucial ?Waterfall or Agile – Project sponsorship is keyProduct owner role – Business knowledge and contacts – Needs significant engagement #Cloudbusting2012
  • 24. Self-organisation – Individual CommitmentSelf-organisation Not project management Commitment Scrum master - Master-follower roleBackground material Ester Darby Jeff Sutherland Philip Anderson #Cloudbusting2012
  • 25. What about fixed price projects ? Compile and review feature backlog Use and allocate story points Agree a credit limit Review at the start of each sprint #Cloudbusting2012
  • 26. New Features added in each Sprint ?Not necessarilyReduce technical debt Faster better code Second time aroundBetter documentationPerformance testing #Cloudbusting2012
  • 27. How do you know its workingTeam members feeling focused on their tasksTeam members becoming more conscious of how they spendtheir timeTeam members feeling proud of their teamTesters feeling fully accepted by the teamTeam members and product owners feeling closer to eachotherScrumMasters feeling proud of their teams accomplishmentsAll roles feeling more conscious of their capabilities,responsibilities, strengths, and weaknesses Source: Dan Puckett – #Cloudbusting2012
  • 28. How to correct any problems ? Is Scrum is being done wrong Is there an underlying problem that is just being exposed by Scrum Give the team time to execute a few sprints and learn from them. If the previous items provide no relief, adapt Scrum to mitigate or resolve the problem. If the problem still persists after adaptation, then perhaps Scrum isnt well-suited for this applicationSource: Dan Puckett – #Cloudbusting2012
  • 29. One Agile Team #Cloudbusting2012
  • 30. Two Upcoming Events• Cyber Threat Summit – Malahide – September 20th / 21st•Cloud Arena – Cloud Showcase – October 10th – NCI Dublin #Cloudbusting2012
  • 31. Thank YouNow for Questions #Cloudbusting2012
  • 32. Further Information & Feedback @rbconsulting Agile-Lean on LinkedIn Lean Start-up Group Dublin #Cloudbusting2012