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Lam v54-10 step marketing
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Lam v54-10 step marketing


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  • 1. 10 STEPMarketing Plan forMangInasal Lam, John Paul C. June 2011 1
  • 2. DisclaimerThis 10 Step Marketing Plan is part of the mandatory requirements of Prof. Remigio Joseph De Ungria’s AGSB marketing management class.The data included in this report are based on publicly available data such as those on internet websites, news, package declarations, public reports.When appropriate, data are “masked” so as not to create unexpected conflicts.The reports are posted and linked on slideshare, blogs and facebook so that there is easier sharing among students from different marketing classes.
  • 3. Steps 1 to 5Summary headline of yourPTM and market 1. MangInasal eating Peeps are… 2. I need fast and affordable food! 3. Enemies at the gates! 4. Chance! 5. Great Big Wonderful world!
  • 4. Steps 6 to 10Summary headline of themarketing mix & strategy 6. Kodakan of the food! 7. How Much daddy??? 8. Teevee ad! 9. Where in the world is MangInasal? 10. What made manginasalMangInasal?
  • 5. 1. MangInasal Eating Peepsare… Demographics: 12-25 years old, all sex, C, D, E income, students, call center agents, starting professionals
  • 6. 1. Quick fixes for dinner! Lifestyle: people who want a quick hassle-free meal, people who want to get value for money, “barkadas” Behavior: eats out once a week
  • 7. 2. I need fast andaffordable food!Needs from Maslow’s hierarchyWants determine choiceDemands for them to buy the product Self-Actualization Needs (Self-Development Esteem Needs & Realization) (Recognition, Status) Social Needs (sense of belonging, love) Safety Needs (security, protection) Physiological needs (food, water, shelter)
  • 8. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs Self-Actualization Needs (Self-Development & Realization) Esteem Needs (Recognition, Status) Social Needs (sense of belonging, love) Safety Needs (security, protection)I need food that is cheap and fast Physiological needs (food, water, shelter) Reference: Maslow’s Hierarcy of Needs Marketing Management, 11th ed, Philip Kotler 8
  • 9. 2. PTM’s needs, wants &demandsNeeds: I need something that could satisfy my hunger, cheap and quick because I have little/no time to waitWants: I want to be satisfied while having to pay only a minimal amount. Unlimited rice, chicken, soup and drinks.Demands: fast, filling, delicious easy to eat, no-frills eating
  • 10. 3a. Direct and indirectproducts that address myPTM’s NWD List of competitors: (Direct) Chickboy Jolibee – BBQ Chicken Aristocrat Chicken Bacolod Reyes BBQ Chicken
  • 11. 3a. Direct and indirectproducts that address myPTM’s NWD List of competitors: (Indirect) Chowking – Chinese Fried Chicken McDonald’s – Fried Chicken KFC – Fried Chicken Meals 7/11 and Ministop – Fried Chicken
  • 12. 3a. Direct and indirectproducts that address myPTM’s NWD Determine the variables that affect choice of product, brand Taste/quality of food Price (affordability, value per peso) Proximity to the PTM (location) Marketing Presence
  • 13. 3b. Create 2 Positioning Maps1st Map: 2 x 2 Matrix showing the 2 Most Critical Variables for Consumer choice2nd Map: Benefit positioning vs. Brands maps
  • 14. 2x2 Competitive PositionMapping for BBQ ChickenValue for Money/ Low Presence High PresencePresence MatrixLow Value forMoneyHigh Value forMoney Value for Money vs. Presence Matrix
  • 15. Benefit positioning vs. brand map for Chicken foods Benefit Positioning vs. Brand Matrix Chowking Jolibee - Chinese Benefit Positioning vs MangInas Chicken BBQ Reyes Chick- McChicken - Fried Brand Map al Bacolod Chicken BBQ boy Aristocrat McDonalds Chicken KFC Mini Stop 7/11Unlimited RiceJava RiceUnlimited CondimentsFast Service (< 5minute waiting time)With drinksFree Soup Harder to stand out amidst the competitive clutter.
  • 16. 4. Chance!!!Where is the marketing opportunity?- The Pioneer in Authentic Filipino (Illongo) BBQ Chicken that is fast food!
  • 17. 4. Identify the gap betweencustomers and competitionWhat NWDs are not being addressed?- Authentic, fast, affordable Chicken Inasal- “sulit” priced Chicken with unlimited rice and soup
  • 18. Unique selling proposition forthe new product!- First Fast food BBQ Chicken Inasal that everybody loves!
  • 19. 5a. Estimate the market sizeusing competitor data1. Php 106 billion pesos market
  • 20. 5b. Estimate the market sizeusing company dataAround 128 billion pesos
  • 21. 5c. Estimate the market sizeusing customer data104 billion pesos market
  • 22. 5. Around 105 Billion pesos1. Competitor data= P106 B2. Company data = P128 B3. Customer Usage data = P104 B
  • 23. 6a.Kodakan of the differentproducts
  • 24. 6b. Describing the chickenstoreManginasal’sBBQ chicken comes from the recipe from the Illonggo region of the Philippines. This is the first BBQ Fastfood chain.
  • 25. 7. How much daddy??? Pricing of the Products
  • 26. MangInasal’s Price Php 97.00
  • 27. The Aristocratic Price
  • 28. The chickboy’s price
  • 29. Jo-bee bbq! Solo Php 66.00 (no drinks) 2-piece Php 111.00 (no drinks) 1pc with spaghetti Php 102.00 1pc with palabokPhp 115.00 1pc meal Php 84.00 2pc meal Php 129.00 6pc Bucket Php 320.00 12pc Bucket Php 640.00
  • 30. Kuya Reyes BBQ!CHICKEN W/ JAVA RICE, ATCHARA &PEANUT SAUCEQuarter Chicken Barbecue (w/ Java Rice)P126.00Half Chicken Barbecue (w/ Java Rice)P205.00Chicken Stick (1 stick) (w/ Java Rice)P78.00Chicken Stick (2 sticks) (w/ Java Rice)P121.00
  • 31. Chicken from the City ofSmiles – Bacolod!
  • 32. Price Comparison Chicken Percent ChangeMangInasal Php 97.00Aristocrat Php 195.00 50%Chick-Boy Php 99.00 2%Jollibee BBQ Php 111.00 13%ChickenReyes BBQ Php 127.00 24%Chicken Bacolod Php 99.50 3%
  • 33. Pricing Strategies Employed Chicken StrategiesMangInasal Php 97.00 Market-Oriented PricingAristocrat Php 195.00 Premium PricingChick-Boy Php 99.00 Market-Oriented PricingJollibee BBQ Php 111.00 Price LeadershipChickenReyes BBQ Php 127.00 Premium PricingChicken Bacolod Market-Oriented Pricing
  • 34. 8a. Which of these modesdoes your product use?** Pls. rank most used, 1-highest use
  • 35. 8a. Sales Promotion- Unlimited rice and soup- Big sized chicken
  • 36. 8a. Advertisement (TV ad)
  • 37. 8a. Advertisement (Promoads)
  • 38. 8b. Competitor promo Why MangInasal’s Promo is better: This is just a once in a while thing Whereas unlimited rice is all the time
  • 39. 8b. Competitor promo Although Bacolod chicken inasal features a very well-celebrated personality to endorse it MangInasal used Willing willy to endorse the product and has lots of stores to support the promotion
  • 40. 9. Where in the world isMangInasal??? Nationwide (383 branches) Bacolod, Iloilo, Roxas, Laguna, Bicutan, Metro Manila, Davao, Cagayan De Oro, Koronadal, Cavite, Cebu, Boracay, Baguio, Pangasinan, Tuguegarao, La Union, Pampanga, Bulacan, Mindoro, Agusan, Zamboanga, Ozamiz, Iligan, Surigao, General Santos, Pagadian, Batangas, Lucena, Naga City, Davao del Norte, Davao del Sur, Tagaytay, Palawan, Tacloban, Ilocos Sur and Tarlac Located in Malls
  • 41. 10. What madeMangInasalMangInasal???Which of the 4 strategies are being used? (bold and underline to most dominant strategy) Low Cost Producer Supply and Distribution Leverage Differentiation Niche
  • 42. Differentiation- Being the first in the market to offer BBQ chicken as a fast food item I am Different!!! Rawr!!!
  • 43. SUMMARY 43
  • 44. Steps 1 to 5Summary headline of yourPTM and market 1. MangInasal eating Peeps are…CDE! 2. I need fast and affordable food! and more is goood! 3. Enemies at the gates!...there are people who wants our share of market
  • 45. Steps 1 to 5Summary headline of yourPTM and market 4. Chance!...very big opportunities out there! 5. Great Big Wonderful world!...The market share is big!
  • 46. Steps 6 to 10Summary headline of themarketing mix & strategy 6. Kodakan of the food!..different designs quality 7. How Much daddy???...Priced at around Php 100 8. Teevee ad!...Ads aren’t so much different but ours is better!
  • 47. Steps 6 to 10Summary headline of themarketing mix & strategy 9. Where in the world is MangInasal?...everywhere! 10. What made manginasalMangInasal?...Differentiatio n!
  • 48. 10 STEPMarketing Plan forMangInasal Lam, John Paul C. June 2011 48