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Kibbles n bits


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Kibbles n bits

  1. 1. Kibbles and Bits Marketing Report Top Tier Marketing (TTM) Katrina Carlsen, Idah Chungu, Jake Olds, & Ramon Rochester
  2. 2. Kibble’s ‘n BitsKibbles n Bits is one of the many pet food brands owned by Del MonteFoods Co. Kibbles n Bits is specifically dry food for dogs. The companyboasts its "signature combo of crunchy kibble and tender, meaty bits."Over it’s over 30 years of existence the Kibble’s ‘n Bits brand has had threeowners.1981 – 1995 : Quaker Oats Co.1995 – 2002: H.J. Heinz Co.2002 – Now: Del Monte Foods Co .
  3. 3. The Kibble’s ‘n Bits Brandhas 7 Varieties. Six ofthem to the left and abovecanned which isconsidered one categoryand not separated like thebagged products.
  4. 4. Del Monte Foods Co.1892: The Del Monte Brand is Introduced when the firm (Oakland, California fooddistributor) expands its business and selected Del Monte as the brand name for itsnew line of canned peaches.1892: The Del Monte Shield is Introduced.1916: Three canners create California Packing Corporation (“Calpak”), Del Monteincluded.1917: First U.S. fruit and vegetable processor to advertise nationally. SaturdayEvening Post on April 17.1967: Calpak Becomes Del Monte Corporation.2006: Del Monte Becomes Second Largest Pet Foods Company.2011: Milo’s Kitchen Brand, the company’s first ever internally-developed Pet Brandis launched
  5. 5. Del Monte Foods Co.Mission Statement:Del Monte is committed to enriching the lives of todays family —everyone in the family, including pets — by providing nourishing, greattasting and easy-to-use products that meet the needs of everyone in thehome. Nourishing Families. The phrase that drives Enriching the company is. Lives. Every Day.™
  6. 6. Unique Selling PointKibbles n Bits consists of a signature combo of realmeaty bits and crunchy kibble.
  7. 7. Sales FiguresYear Pet Industry Sales Del Monte Pet Net Sales (billion USD) (million USD)2007 11.70 1,281.92008 16.10 1,431.52009 17.56 1673.42010 18.40 1,750.02011 19.85 1,513.22012 20.46 1,860.82013 497
  8. 8. Market and Brand TrendsTrends in Market•Downward trend in sales•Segmentation of the pet food for specific breeds•Growth in premium and super brand in order to promote healthy diets•Development of specialized formulas•Growing interest in product safety, reliability, quality and natural & organicproducts•Increase in humanization of pet foodsTrends for Kibbles ‘n bits•Incorporation of a variety in their products•Aim to produce quality products•100% nutrition
  9. 9. Future Projections•Pet supplement sales to grow by 39% between 2010 and 2015•Global pet shops/superstores to increase by 13% between 2009 and 2014•Pet food industry expected to grow more than 17% through 2014Sales are expected to increase by 4% annually between 2012 and 2017.Top three direct competitors 2012 Market share Top three indirect competitorsPurina Dog Chow Healthy Life 13.5 Waggin’ Train (dog snacks)NutritionPedigree 9.3 Milk-bone (Dog snacks)Purina Beneful 8.2 Cat ChowMarket Share Distribution:The top direct competitors occupy about 31% of the market share.IMC and Positioning Strategy of top 3 competitors:-Developing and offering nutritious products as well as sustainability offers-Diversified geographic presence, both locally and globally-Affordable prices for quality products-Local sourcing, manufacturing and distribution
  10. 10. Perceptual Map High-priced Purina Beneful Purina DogLess Health Chow More HealthConscious Kibbles Conscious Pedigree Economical
  11. 11. Consumer Analysis:Demographics Gender/Age: Evenly targets men and women, mostly between the ages of 18 and 49. Specifically between the ages of 25 and 54. Ethnicity: Most are American Indian or Alaska Native, or White. Education: Most buyers have attended college
  12. 12. DemographicsOccupation:Targets all occupations evenly, especially sales andoffice occupations followed by natural resources,construction and maintenance occupations.Income:The core customers household income is between$60,000-$74,999, specifically between$40,000-$49,999.Marital status:Consumers are typically engaged orwidowed/divorced/separated (legally)
  13. 13. Consumer Analysis: PsychographicsActivities:Kibbles n Bits customers enjoy spendingtime outdoors doing activities like fishing,hunting, hiking, and photography.Interests:Besides the outdoor activities, customersalso have interests in music.
  14. 14. PsychographicsLifestyle:Family situations vary for customers. Mostare currently married, but many have neverbeen married, or are currently engaged, orhave been widowed, divorced, orseparated. Most customers have childrenbetween the ages of 12-17 years.
  15. 15. Consumer Analysis:Media HabitsMagazine:Consumers use magazines more than any other mediahabit. They typically read magazines aboutfishing/hunting, outdoor recreation, and photography.Common magazines are Outdoor Life, Mother EarthNews, American Hunter, Hunting, and OutdoorRecreation.
  16. 16. Media HabitsRadio:Consumers listen to the radio throughout the day, but more so atnight on weekdays, and evenings on the weekends.Television:Buyers tend the Cable TV channels VH1 Classic, Nick at Nite, GreatAmerican Country, Speed Channel, and CMT (Country Music Station).Customers also pay for premium services which are mostly Showtime,Cinemax, and HBO. These shows tend to be viewed during the middleof the day on weekdays.Internet Media:Internet browsing habits fall in using,, WikiAnswers, and
  17. 17. Environmental ConcernsCurrent State of Economy Organic Trend•High Unemployment (8%) ● People more concerned•High Gas Prices with quality ingredients in•Weak US Dollar food•Consumers Spending Less ● People who have money to•This is threatening for spare on dog food wouldKibbles N Bits because be more likely to buy betterpeople are more likely to quality food than Kibbles Nspend less money on dog Bits (made of low qualityfood, and choose value corn, soy, meat waste, andbrands to save money in other)these times. ● The low quality food conflicts with current values
  18. 18. Current EnvironmentRegulatory Agencies which Modern Technologymake sure food is safe, and •Many door to doorlabels are honest/up to code. food/grocery delivery•American Association of Feed services are emergingControl Officials (AAFCO) •Perhaps a monthly•FDA Center for Veterinary delivery of dog food willMedicine (CVM) give us a competitive•The Pet Food Institute (PFI) advantage??•The United StatesDepartment of Agriculture(USDA)
  19. 19. Conclusion: SWOT Analysis Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats In existence for Lack of variety - Targeting Competition over 30 years produces only outdoor from Pedigree dry dog food consumers in and Purina ads Health Website not Going more conscious dynamic organic Affordable Relatively low Develop culture products quality around dog ingredients ownership Sustainability Create a delivery initiatives service
  20. 20. Conclusion:Strongest Opportunity● Developing a culture around dog ownership by:-Making people first associate Kibbles n Bitswhen thinking of getting a dog.-Adding information and tips regarding dogowning on the website
  21. 21. References●●●●●●●●●● Mediamark Reporter/MRI+●