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Dst mighty midwest overview

Dst mighty midwest overview






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    Dst mighty midwest overview Dst mighty midwest overview Presentation Transcript

      • Vivian King, Recommendations Committee Chair
      • Tiwasha Lee Harper, Evaluation Committee Chair
        • Michelle Toney is on this committee!
      • Ragina Greer, Site Committee Chair (examine places for 2016 regional conference)
      • Deborah Hunter Harvill, Election Chair
        • Lakita (Sigma Upsilon) from WI is on this committee
      • Anita Wood-Gaillard, Nominating Committee Chair
      • Dr. Alison Harmon, Delta Research and Educational Foundation
      • June Perdue Jenkins, Technology Task Force Co-Chair
      • Deirdre P. White, Technology Task Force Co-Chair
      • Dr. Paulette Walker, National Scholarship & Standards Committee Chair
      • Mona Davenport, National Scholarship & Standards Committee member
      • Carol E. Ware, Documents Review and Revision Task Force
      • Rev. Gwendolyn E. Boyd, 22 nd President, Social Action Commission Co-Chair
      • Donating the Change (Hortense Scholarship fund)
      • Delta Red Initiative (recycle everyday)
      • DIVA Movement (Deltas Increasing Voting Awareness)
      • Delta Emergency Response Team (  ERT), new initiative
      • IMPACT (Inspiring Mobilizing Public Services Advocating for Community Transformation)
      • 2013 by 2013
        • 2,013 miles by year 2013
      • Leadership DELTA (Defining Emerging Leaders through Advocacy)
        • Started by Gwendolyn Boyd
        • Deborah Elam, General Diversity Leadership at GE
        • NBC reported on DST
        • Apply by July 17 th
      • Reclaim sorors!
        • Call an inactive soror on the 13 th of each month at 3pm, “Reach out and touch a soror”
      • Submit something to National Heritage !
      • Alpha Convention
        • June 22 nd Alpha Presentation in IL (June 23 rd is Cynthia McIntyre’s birthday)
        • July 5 th Kappa Centennial in Indianapolis
      • Mission Trip to Ghana/Kenya/Dubai
        • November 26- December 10 2011
        • Double 6450, single ~$7000
        • Medical Training
        • Support local schools
          • I Can Fly Highschools
      • Video Surprise:
        • April 12-15 th 2012 San Juan Puerto Rico
        • Theme: “Secrets”, Remove the mask
        • DST= Destiny Starts Today, -Hortense G. Canady
        • Other organizations will be invited, but there will be a D-Day
          • Need a representative present!
      • Dr. Thelma T. Daley, 16 th National President
        • “ Never stop growing in DST”
        • We look like a sea of beauty and purity (---in our white)
      • Marcia L. Fudge, 21 st National President
        • “ Treat our guest like our Midwest family”
      • Dr. Louise A. Rice, 23 rd National President, pledged gamma tau at Tuskegee Univerisy
        • “ Robert Frost said ‘Home is a place that when you go there they have to take you in.’”
        • Special thanks to Barbara Curtis (15 th National President) and Marcia L. Fudge
      • Leslye C. Suarez, Midwest Regional Representative, Depaul University-Marketing
        • Regional Report:
          • Paper vs. Made
          • Divine 9 Greek Day in IL
          • State cluster IL/IN
            • Hati Relief Fund
          • EMBODI KY
          • Fitness in MI
          • Academic Excellence, HIGHEST GPA and Ronald McDonald volunteering in OH
          • Physical education (Stomp out diabetes), voter registration
      • Regina R. Harper, Midwest Regional Director
        • “ Lead from the heart”
        • “ This is Why we’re HOT!”
        • 3 Goals:
          • Train many sorors
          • Register over 100 sorors for retreats, start SHAPE initiative, engage DELTA DEAR advisors to give updates
          • Communicate from the heart
      • Cynthia Marie Antoinette Butler-McIntyre, 24 th National President
        • Crossed Beta Gamma 1973 at Dillian University, 24 Club
        • “ Can you believe it’s about to happen?” 100 year Centennial
        • “ strive to attain is not a destination, it’s a journey”
        • “ we are a movement not a monument”
        • WWJD---WWFD
        • 1 John reference (sisters keeper)
      • Chelsea Hayes, 2 nd Vice President
      • Rev. Gwendolyn E. Boyd
        • Centennial Year:
          • We have a float in the Rose Bowl Parade!
          • Gala in Hollywood (Famous Sorors), Jan 1
          • Light Olympic torch in Cali
          • Visit 22 cities (out of the Midwest: Chicago, Cleveland, and Detroit)
          • Founder’s Week
            • Friday: Howard University , 22 programs
            • Saturday: Rededication Ceremony, Gala and Awards like BET!
            • Sunday: Worship Together, founders day dinner w/ special guest !
          • March 2013 reenact suffrage march
          • May Health Week
          • July 51 st National Convention
        • Technology!
          • Centennial Website
          • DST Mobile “Delta app”
          • Smart cards
        • Registration is open 365 days out!
          • Rumor: You have to have paid 2 years of dues to go. False
        • We need to share connection!
      • Chantel Monique Overton “Mission Possible”
      • Frieda Bennett “IMPACT”
      • Cheryl M. Matthews
      • Elexia McAllister “smile” –equip, encourage, and educate
      • Willis “Image…”
      • Yvonne Jackson
      • Valencia L. Wilson “Jump”
      • Tamara Young King “Time is now
      • Dionna Morgan (Rho Xi, Xavier) “Get ACTION”
      • Ashley Smith “Can you her me now?”
      • Regina R. Harper
        • Chantel Overton
        • Frieda R. Bennett
        • Evan Jackson
        • Valencia L. Williams
        • Dionna L. Morgan
        • Regina Harper
      • Delta Research and Educational Foundation
        • Contributions?
        • Lillian Pierce Benbow Endowed Scholarship
          • Awarded to full time graduate student in fine or performing arts
          • Initial award will be given out at sorority centennial
        • Community Grand Awards — take pictures and apply!
        • Use CGS (Charitable Giving Services), we are not currently using these resources!
        • PHILLIS—the premiere issue focuses on trauma on African American women
      • Technology Task Force
        • Sisters Only Member Portal (complete!)
          • Member profile (visibility into records)
          • Report your community service!!! (help get awards)
        • INFORMZ (comm. Email system/method)
          • Tool for Wed. word, etc.
        • The Red Zone (for Chapter President and Financial Secretary)
          • Compliance information
          • Cuts down time to receive acknowledgement
          • Automation of 990 form! ( applause )
          • Primary advisor will have access to the Red Zone ( applause )
        • Executive Dashboard
          • Allows executive board to know about members: volume of dues, reclaimed members, and total members by state
        • National Website
          • Checkout videos, Presidents message
          • Chapter locator
          • Collegiate link
          • Job vacancies
          • Redesigned Member’s Area 2 weeks ago
        • DIGS (Delta Internal Guidelines and Social Media)
          • Pay Pal is now official! ( applause )
          • Email etiquette
            • Twitter
            • Facebook
            • Flicker
            • YouTube
            • 1913
            • Working with legal counsel to develop social media guidelines.
            • Violations are reported to scholarship and standards.
      • Documents Review and Revision Task Force
        • “ Mission Impossible”
          • New Pyramid Study Guide
            • More concise
            • Restructured
            • Highlights all the presidents and includes current administration
            • Provides review questions and practice DAT
          • Membership Intake Program
            • Structured PPP
            • Moved DAT to PPP
            • Condensed Jewel night activities
          • Administration Procedure for Membership Intake
            • Procedural updates
            • Clarified gray areas
            • Provide screen shots of red zone
          • Additional Updated documents
            • Revised Membership Application Disc (MAD)
            • Revised DAT
            • Ritual Training Guide
            • New binder system
              • Easy to carry
              • Holds all 3 booklets
              • Available September 1, 2011
      • Social Action Commission
        • The Mighty Midwest had the most collegiate at Delta Days in Washington (even though other sorors live closer), whoot! = )
          • 2012 Delta Days in Washington & UK!
            • “ We don’t endorse candidates, but we need you to show up” - Boyd
          • Reach out to candidates and officers in the area
      • Delta Academy Manual: Dreamcaster, 1997
        • Knowing Me, Developing me, Preparing me
      • Delta GEMs, 2005
        • Growing and Empowering Myself Successfully
      • EMBODI, 2008
        • Empowering Males to Build Opportunities to Develop independence
      • All 3 curriculum manuals were updated 2011
      • Similarities:
        • Historical perspective, intention, rationale, mission
        • Selection criteria (participants and volunteer)
        • Relevant components
        • Chapter needs
      • Differences:
        • Ages (lvl)
        • Collaboration (w/ similar male organizations)
        • Experts
      • Age Appropriate Activities
      • Participant Retention (activities should vary)
      • Sample Activities
      • Ask city representatives for $
      • “ US” Talk
        • Words from the National President:
      • “ Bootleg” DST Vendors
      • “ Our Big Mouths”
        • Mom’s advice: “Live your life so that when people lie on you others don’t believe it.”
      • “ Hazing. I’m Scurred.”
        • We are invited to the university by permission…
        • 5/30 felt comfortable/strong enough stand up to advisors about not following the national procedure. “Sorors, it’s scary.”
        • “ Sorors, (we) gotta be willing to stop this… If I could just beg you with your cum la and mag la self— you’re telling me the national process of my sorority is not good enough.”
        • “ Take made and paper out your mouth, just say we’re all Deltas.”
      • Words from Dr. Walker:
        • “ I’m afraid we won’t make it. Hazing and the court cases are serious.”
        • The investigators have records from 10years ago on Delta. We don’t have our own records to defend ourselves.
        • “ Our sorors have decided that Delta isn’t worth it anymore.”
        • “ They’re about to take over our stuff because we’re giving it away.”
        • “ Not afraid, but out right scared that we won’t exist.” Some of us are “c^3”—coarse, crude, and common.
        • “ I know soror is saying we need to increase our numbers, but sometimes we need to purge first.”
      • Words from Thelma T. Daley:
        • “ Delta is bigger than you, your campus, and your spec, and your specs spec, and you grand spec whatever you want to call it.”
        • “ It’s time to stop trying to protect ourselves from our members, it’s time to start throwing our members under the bus.”
        • “ If it’s between us and you—you gotta go.”
      • Words from Dr. Rice:
        • Those people who are doing these things—we didn’t look for you, you came to us... What happened to these values?”
        • “ What’s going on in the minds of these 3 + (GPA) people… to let people mistreat them and bow down.”
        • “ We got to stop the madness soror”
        • “ It’s not what I saw in Delta, but what I saw I could do for Delta.”
        • “ It’s up to every single one of us up here to be our sister’s keeper to survive.”
      • Words from the National President:
        • “ I was a tattle tale in class...”
      • Words from our Regional Director:
        • “ It’s great to talk about it, but what are we gonna do?”
      • Cutting Down: (Dr. Walker)
        • Cheating on the DAT
        • 10 + years of fine or inactivity will receive a notification and failure to pay will result in expulsion
        • hazing “like a strong wind tearing down” our sorority. If there is no sorority there will be no commitment.
          • Mission: Bring Law & Order throughout all regions—“to sorors that just don’t get it, hazing will not be tolerated.”
      • Accomplishments:
        • 3 New Honorary Members
        • Updated Impeachment Process
        • Advisor training supplements