LinkedIn: Is your profile still 100% complete?


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A guide from Reach Further about getting your LinkedIn profile to 100% following recent changes.

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LinkedIn: Is your profile still 100% complete?

  1. 1. Is your profile still 100% complete?
  2. 2. Have you already done your homework? Let’s look at what you should already have for a complete LinkedIn profile – not just for LinkedIn’s requirements for 100% completeness!
  3. 3. 3 opportunities to link to pages on yoursite with keywords in anchor text Add your Twitter profile(s) – If you’re on LinkedIn you need to be on Twitter – But remember syndicate with caution!At least 3 recommendations – No longer arequirement for 100% but still a necessity forauthentic testimonials of your work.
  4. 4. The BasicsProfile photo –Professional - Clear,.smiling, looking atthe camera with a Adding a profile photo makes your profile now 7 times moredetailed, snappy likely to be found in searches” - LinkedInprofessional“headline Past and current positions incl. detailed descriptions, a detailed summary and specialities outlining your services and“Having your 2 most recent positions makes your profile experience.12x more likely to be found” - LinkedIn
  5. 5. Why does my profile need to be 100% complete?• You are far more likely to appear in search results• Maximise all the opportunities to showcase your expertise & experience and linking to other online evidence• It’s not just about being 100% complete for LinkedIn’s requirements.• Show you know what you’re doing!
  6. 6. What’s changed?Weightings havechanged the for therequirements for acomplete LinkedInprofile.Here’s what I noticedon my profile not toolong ago.
  7. 7. ‘Skills & Expertise’ is a new section that hasbeen added to LinkedIn profiles.It is another requirement for your profile tobe 100% complete, in the same way thatyou need a profile photo, summary section,positions etc.Remember you can see what you still needto complete on your profile to get it 100%complete on the status bar.
  8. 8. But it’s not justthat... Have you got all of these? You may also notice that you no longer need 3 recommendations
  9. 9. So what do I need to do? Skills: If you’ve already completed your profile previously you should only need to add skills & expertise.You can add your skills in ‘Edit Profile.’ You shouldbe able to see the skills section underneath your‘Experience’ section, unless you have re-orderedthe sections of your profile. (Remember you canre-order the sections of your profile so you canhave the sections you would like to appearhighest at the top of your profile page.)You need to add at least 5 skills to count for the5%.
  10. 10. Use the ‘Improve your ProfileTool’
  11. 11. Also… • Can you add voluntary experience to your profile? • Adding your voluntary experience is a great way to showcase other skills you have gained outside of paid employment at the same time as showing your commitment to a cause or community. • It might just make the difference?
  12. 12. Get in touch! 0113 278 1800 @goetzy