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Top Mobile apps in nepal as per downloads

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  • This template can be used as a starter file to give updates for project milestones.SectionsSections can help to organize your slides or facilitate collaboration between multiple authors. On the Home tab, under Slides, click Section, and then click Add Section.NotesUse the Notes pane for delivery notes or to provide additional details for the audience. You can see these notes in Presenter View during your presentation. Keep in mind the font size (important for accessibility, visibility, videotaping, and online production)Coordinated colors Pay particular attention to the graphs, charts, and text boxes.Consider that attendees will print in black and white or grayscale. Run a test print to make sure your colors work when printed in pure black and white and grayscale.Graphics, tables, and graphsKeep it simple: If possible, use consistent, non-distracting styles and colors.Label all graphs and tables.
  • What is the project about?Define the goal of this projectIs it similar to projects in the past or is it a new effort?Define the scope of this projectIs it an independent project or is it related to other projects?* Note that this slide is not necessary for weekly status meetings
  • Mobile applications usually help users by connecting them to Internet services more commonly accessed on desktop or notebook computers, or help them by making it easier to use the Internet on their portable devices. A mobile app may be a mobile Web site bookmarking utility, a mobile-based instant messaging client, Gmail for mobile, and many other applications.
  • Nepal is no exception to the market of apps despite of lacking a robust mobile payment eco-system. Nepali app developers have been undertaking the development of a lot of iOS and Android apps through outsourcing from foreign markets. Now its turn for some pure Nepalese apps to rock the market. And stimulating such an entrepreneurial movement are some communities and their contests- the latest and most promising being Pivot Nepal.
  • Key Features-Easily Load New Schedule-View Saved Schedule-Feature to send SMS schedule to any phone-Create Widget for Selected Group-Search Group By Location Name-View Remaining Time countdown.-Get Notifications sound / vibrate / LED-Set schedule time format-View in Nepal Time Zone anywhere
  • 1x1 - Displays BikramSambat month, date and Nepal time NST1x4 - Displays BikramSambat date, day, Nepal time NST, tithi and event for the day2x4 - Same as 1x4 with upcoming major events countdownAllows the app to add, remove, change events that you can modify on your device, including those of friends or co-workers. This may allow the app to send messages that appear to come from calendar owners, or modify events without the owners' knowledge.
  • The goal of the game is to put these 10 balls inside their respective color baskets.✓ Gorgeous underwater theme✓ Perfect accelerometer physics for game play✓ Play and Pause mode✓ Sound on/off✓ Simple and easy to use interface✓ Easy best time and scores tracking✓ Hours of fun
  • if you like iRunner, Line Runner, Temple run, Ninjump, Planet runner, Mega Jump, Mega Run, Ice Runner and Free Running games then Cloud Runner is what you are looking for next.Features:- unlock 3 different worlds of game play- 27 unique and exciting levels- 18 enemies to conquerfun and challenging
  • The goal of the game is to insert all the 5 steel balls through this holes and put them inside the innermost circle.Rotate and tilt your phone to insert the balls through the holes of circle.Features:-------✓ 5 gorgeous background themes✓ Perfect accelerometer physics for game play✓ Play and Pause mode✓ Simple and easy to use interface✓ Easy best time and scores tracking✓ Hours of fun
  • Features:- Animated animals- Animal sounds- Sound for all 26 alphabets and animal words- ABC's Song- Perfect for Infants and Toddlers
  • - Choose from 5 games: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division and Mixed- Choose difficulty of drill by selecting question range between 0 to 20- Turn negative answer on or off- Choose from 4 different penguin avatars- The Scoreboard keeps track of best time and ranking for each game type- Play with 3 opponent computer players
  • Get BattiGayo for an up-to-date load shedding schedule and: - Check the Load Shedding schedule for your group.- View Load Shedding schedule for all groups.- Manage your “Group” and “Alert” settings.- Get alerts before Load Shedding begins.- Use flash light during those long dark hours.
  • Devnagiri Font Installer module enables Hindi, Nepali or other unicodedevnagari fonts on rooted android deviceBesides other fonts can also be installed easily using recently added font changer module. * Install Devnagari font ( Nepali , Hindi etc. ) * Install any other fonts using font changer.* Automaticlly takes backuup of your system font so that you can easily restore them later if required.
  • Key features-Find important places in and around Kathmandu Nepal-See the direction-See offers and events-See business details-View promotional images-Store information offline-Search with specific keywords-Suggest locations yourself.-Useful for tourists who are in Nepal tour.-Useful for people visiting new places inside Nepal-Many hospitals, colleges, schools, banks, atms, police, emergency etc are already listed
  • Copy from "Copy Paste", the saved list in single click. Paste it where you need.Long press the item in the "Copy Paste" clipboard to edit, share and delete.Save as many texts in the clipboard as you require. No limitations.1)   Total no of download : 45,000+ 2)   Lunch Date of this App: Oct 21, 2012 3)   Business Model: Ads 4)   Interesting Use Cases:  5)   Future plans: Making clipboard easy, save and retrieve when required. 6)   The Upcoming releases (If possible Date of Next Release): June 2013 7)    New features of the Next Release: saving clipboard items in memory with notification for each clipboard items!
  • This app has been downloaded by over 40,000 people and if you haven't had it on your android phone, you are missing some genuine Nepali Android app. This app also features lyrics search either by the artist name or by the song name itself.
  • Two Game Modes:Easy: Consists of a single egg, pretty easy to balance.Hard: Consists of two eggs, if a single egg hits ground, its game over.
  • Nepali e papers – EKantipur, Nagarik News, HimalKhabar, HamraKura, Karobar Daily, BBC, My Sansar, Image Channel and Online Khabar are available for viewing. Also, English e papers – Hamrakura, Ekantipur, BBC World, My Republica, Nepali Times,OnlineKhabar and Karobar Daily are available.All in all, this app will fulfill all your needs for News about Nepal.Features Available-Attractive User Interface-Intuitive Navigation-Multi-lingual Interface (English & Nepali)-Choose news categories to display-Add more categories to your news feed-Content sharing with friends
  • From now on, forget the use of * and # and let this application handle them all.
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  • Prepare slides for the appendix in the event that more details or supplemental slides are needed. The appendix is also useful if the presentation is distributed later.
  • Mobile Apps in Nepal

    1. 1. Mobile Apps in Nepal
    2. 2. Project Overview• What is the report about?• Goal of this project• Scope of this project
    3. 3. What is an Mobile ApplicationAlso called mobile apps, it is a term used to describe Internet applicationsthat run on smartphones and other mobile devices.Influence of Mobile Application Development• People are investing a lot of money in West on mobile projects.• Research shows reason behind this is that you can use your product inmobile, everywhere and any time you want.• You will be with your mobile all the time
    4. 4. Previous and the Current Status• What is the previous scenario of the mobile Apps in Nepal ?o Out Sourcing• Current Scenario?o Entrepreneurial Movement
    5. 5. Few Mobile Apps that are made in Nepal1. Nepali Audio Book2. Nepal News Reader3. App Caster4. Idiom Dictionary5. CallBreak Record6. NepalKhabar (Beta)7. Glow Racer8. Nepal Share Market9. Tuki10. Class Schedule11. Nepal Tax Calculator12. Esewa13. Online Baghchal14. Learn Nepali15. Simple Calculator16. Scooba Maze17. Coin Toss18. Café Momo19. Pokhara20. Penguin jump Math21. Bouncing Balls22. Nlocate – Nepal Yellow Page23. Listbingo Classifieds24. Nokia 110025. Lost at Sea26. Raindrop Math27. Jump Penguin Jump28. Nepali Recipies29. Nepali Patro (Beta)30. GSM Tool for Nepal31. Lock from Notification32. Egg Balance33. Bubble Pop LW34. NepalSutra Travel App35. Medibook36. Deepawali Live Wallpaper37. Cpy paste38. Marriage Center Collection39. Toastmaster Timer40. LoadSchedding Schedule41. Fontoosh42. Netfox43. 2 Balls44. The Cloud Runner45. Batti Gayo46. Sms Schedulet47. Nepal Load Shedding48. The Egg Drop49. Ballz50. Lumbini51. ABC’s Zoo52. Lope Meter53. Nepali Date converter54. 5 Balls Challenge55. Water Game56. Epali Calender57. Nepali Lyrics FreeiOSAndroidWindows
    6. 6. Some of the top Downloads are• Nepali Patro• Water Game• 5 Ball Challenge• Penguin Jump• Nepal Load Scheduling• The Cloud Runner• Fontoosh• Batti Gayo• ABC Zoo• Copy Paste• Nepal Lyrics Pro• Egg Drop• nLocate• Nepali Khabar• GSM Tool for Nepal
    7. 7. Nepal Load SheddingA free android app for the users to view load Shedding ScheduleUser Can• View, Create Widget• Send Sms Schedule• Receive NotificationDeveloped by:- Chandra Man ShresthaEmail:- touchchandra@gmail.comKey Source : NEA (Nepal Electricity Authority)
    8. 8. Nepali PatroCalendar for Nepal which can be viewed in both Nepali Unicode and English Language.• Date conversion between Bikram Sambat (BS) and Iswi Sambat (AD)• Lastest foreign exchange, source: Nepal Investment Bank• Daily statusbar notification at 6:00 AM NSTDeveloper:- nepalipatro.comEmail:-
    9. 9. Water GameA fun and addictive game.• It is a simple game which consist of a red & green basket along with 5red & 5 green plastic balls.• Supports CalibrationDeveloper:- Pilot Fish Media IncEmail:- pilotfishmediainc@gmail.comWebsite:-
    10. 10. The Cloud RunnerThe Cloud Runner is a running game.Story Board:A boy has an accident and wakes up in fantasy world where he meets a fairy.To impress her and get his life back, he has to set out on a journey in a newworld.Developer:- Pilot Fish Media IncEmail:- pilotfishmediainc@gmail.comWebsite:-
    11. 11. 5 Ball ChallengeA simple game which consist of 5 concentric circles and 5 steel balls.Goal of the game is to insert all the 5 steel balls through this holes and putthem inside the innermost circle.Developer:- Pilot Fish Media IncEmail:- pilotfishmediainc@gmail.comWebsite:-
    12. 12. ABC’s ZooABCs Zoo is a fun app for kids to teach ABCs while they play around withanimals in the zoo and listen to the sounds they make.Developer:- Pilot Fish Media IncEmail:- pilotfishmediainc@gmail.comWebsite:-
    13. 13. Penguin Jump MathAn is an interactive math drill game where you navigate the penguin back to itshome by jumping on ice-blocks. Whoever reaches home first wins the game.Developer:- Pilot Fish Media IncEmail:- pilotfishmediainc@gmail.comWebsite:-
    14. 14. Batti GayoNever know when the lights go out? No Problem!BattiGayo for an up-to-date load shedding schedule.Ratings: 111Developer: LastDoor SolutionsEmail: info@lastdoorsolutions.comWebsite:
    15. 15. FontooshFont-oosh is a devnagari font installer and Font Changer App.Root access and busybox are required to use this app.Userful utility for the older devices which do not display devnagari fontsDeveloper: TechnoguffEmail: email@sudarshanz.comWebsite:
    16. 16. nLocate :Places in NepalIt helps people to find what is around them, see the details of the places theyare searching and find a route to reach the place.Users can make advanced search with Categories likeatm, bank, restaurant, party palace, etc.Developer: NepwaysEmail: connectme@nepways.comWebsite:
    17. 17. Copy PasteCopy text from any application, and paste it in "Copy Paste" clipboard withsingle click.Developer: Anish ShresthaLunch Date of this App: Oct 21, 2012Email:
    18. 18. Nepali Lyrics ProHundreds of Nepali Lyrics (400+) by over one hundred Nepali Singers nowavailable on your android phones. These lyrics are categorically presented ona carefully designed user interface cool enough for all Nepali Song lovers.Developer: Sanjaal CropsEmail: contact@sanjaal.comWebsite:
    19. 19. Egg BalanceEgg Balance is a simple and fun game where you balance eggs. Tap on the eggto make it bounce and prevent it from falling. Careful, the egg will smash whenhit with ground.Developer: Reizon AppsEmail: reizonapps@gmail.comWebsite:
    20. 20. NepalKhabarAnywhere across the globe, with Nepalkhabar you can stay updated andconnected with happenings from all over Nepal. Get your daily dose ofpolitics, economy,trade, entertainment and sports news right on yourSmartphone in Nepali and English language.Developer: BraindigitEmail: mobile@braindigit.comWebsite:
    21. 21. GSM Tool for NepalGSM Tool is ONLY for the user(s) of Nepal and it only works under Ncell and NTCsprepaid GSM network. It is developed to minimize the hassle of using asterisk(*) andhash(#) keys to execute network services (such as querying balance, rechargingaccount balance, transferring balance and more).Developer: Prashant WostiEmail: prashantwosti@gmail.comWebsite:
    22. 22. Global Market Share of Mobile phone OSAs per Jan 16 2013
    23. 23. Sources Images