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Neev Hackathon 2013 - Super Feet

  1. Neev Hackathon 2013SuperFeet
  2. About Neev Web Mobile Magento eCommerce SaaS Applications Video Streaming Portals Rich Internet Apps Custom Development iPhone Android Windows Phone 7 HTML5 Apps Cloud AWS Consulting Partner Rackspace Joyent Heroku Google App Engine Key Company Highlights 250+ team with experience in managing offshore, distributed development. Neev Technologies established in Jan ’05 VC Funding in 2009 By Basil Partners User Interface Design and User Experience Design Part of Publicis Groupe Member of NASSCOM. Performance Consulting Practices Development Centers in Bangalore and Pune. Quality Assurance & Testing Outsourced Product Development Offices at Bangalore, USA, Delhi, Pune, Singapore and Stockholm.
  3. Hackathon : A Marathon for the Brain • An annual hackfest conducted by Neevites, Neev Hackathon kicked off on 29th June,2013 • It showcases Applications written using frameworks on platforms of the coder’s choice • Teams participating from Bangalore, Pune and Delhi • A 48-hour code-a-thon where 60 Neevites in 12 teams hacked through the ideas of their choice ranging from Augmented Reality to Project Management and Gaming to UI enhancements using 6 different frameworks • 6 teams were eventually awarded prizes(though all of them got movie tickets!). The following slides describe one of the awarded projects
  4. Project Details • Name of the Project : SuperFeet • Name of the Team : SuperFeet • Team Members Involved : • Sanghamittra Panda • Eliyas Mohammad • Tusar Das
  5. What the Game is all about SuperFeet is a cross-browser Mario Bros clone built using HTML5
  6. How the Game works • This application has many characters: character), snakes, bats, spiders (the enemies) SuperFeet (main • The main goal of the hero is to kill the enemies and collect all the coins and diamonds in its path. Each level has one diamond. • It must collect all the diamonds to finish the game. We created a 3-level game and SuperFeet has 6 lives. • Each time it comes in contact with its enemies, it loses a life. When it loses all its lives, the game ends
  7. Highlights of the Application • Works on any modern browser without any plugins • Helps to demonstrate the graphical capabilities of the browser • Uses sound effects and character animations • Uses both background and foreground in stage designing, making for strategic stage design • As of now, it is compatible with desktops and laptops where we have to use key controls • App is also a very good stress buster!
  8. Technologies and Frameworks used in the project Cocos2D-HTML5 : An Open-Source Web 2D Game Development Framework
  9. The challenges faced whilst developing the App • The developers had so far created only professional sites but never attempted casual games • Character Design had to be given a thought, they had to be funny! • Writing the entire code in a matter of two days was also a challenge • Faced Animation and browser issues • Sound Effects issues due to lower memory allocations in different browsers
  10. In the Near Future : The Market for this App • There is always a need for new games in the market • In the process of making the game more attractive by making the game interface more beautiful • Will be adding more animations and different kinds of enemies spread across 15 levels • A Mobile version of the game is also in development • To know more visit click here
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