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Judiasm Will And Matt
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Judiasm Will And Matt


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Published in: Spiritual, Education

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  • 1. Judaism A PowerPoint by Will and Matt
  • 2. Stories of Origin
    • Moses was an important person in Jewish history
    • The main unifying story was him leading the Jews out of slavery and Egypt
    • The Jewish people believe that humans were created by god in the book of Genesis
  • 3. Holy Writings and Core Beliefs
    • The Torah is the most sacred book or writings for Jewish people
    • Within the Torah there are 613 commandments called mitzvahs that followers live and act upon
  • 4. Symbols and Objects
    • Kippah:
    • Cap worn by Jews
    • Symbolizes separation from god by head covering
    • Tallit:
    • A garment that is worn by Jewish people
    • A tallit has strings on it that symbolize the 613 mitzvahs that are in the Torah
    • During Jewish children’s Bar/ Bat Mitzvahs they wear a tallit
    • Star of David:
    • A Star of David is a Jewish symbol
    • The star has one triangle pointing up to god and the sky and one triangle pointing down to Earth and the Jewish people
  • 5. Holy Places
    • The Western wall of the old temple of Jerusalem is the most sacred place.
    • All Jewish people pray toward it.
    • A Jewish place of worship is called a synagogue or temple
    • A temple/synagogue has features such as ark, eternal light (ner tamid), menorah, Torah scroll, and bimah (stage)
  • 6. Rituals and Ceremonies
    • Jews are supposed to pray everyday
    • They worship by praying at a temple/home toward the Western Wall
    • Birth:
    • Boys are circumcised 8 days after birth
    • Girls are named
    • Growing up:
    • Boys have a Bar Mitzvah at age 13 and one day
    • Girls have a Bat Mitzvah at age 13 and one day
    • Marriage:
    • The couple agrees to a wedding contract (3 witnesses sign)
    • They are wed under a ketubah (symbolizing the home they will create together
    • Death:
    • Funeral happens within 24 hours
    • No incremation, wake
  • 7. Holidays and Celebrations
    • Yom Kippur:
    • It is a day of fasting
    • You think about what you have done over the past year
    • It happens on the tenth day of Tishrei
    • Rosh Hashanah:
    • This is a day where you celebrate the new year.
    • It happens on the 1st day of Tishrei, which is usually around September or October
    • Hanukah:
    • Celebrates the miracle of light
    • You light candles on a menorah and say a blessing every night
    • It is 8 nights long and starts on the 25th day of Kislev (November or December)
    • Purim:
    • It is the story of how Esther saved the Jews from being killed
    • It happens on the 14th day of Adar (usually in April)
    • Passover:
    • Tells the story of the exodus from Egypt and the ten plagues
    • Jewish families have a Passover Seder (a service and dinner)
  • 8. Current Events
    • On January 21st a Jewish boy wore tefillin on a plane and it was stopped
    • For many, many years there has been a controversy over who owns Isreal (Jews or Palestinians
    • In Spain, 47 percent of people have negative veiws of jewish dawgs, and only 37 percent have positive views. 16 percent are neutral.