Lh Surge Before Period
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  • 1. Lh Surge Before PeriodUnderstanding Luteinizing hormonehttp://lhhormone.orgNancy asks…LH surge?? Ovulating right after period?I began taking ovulation tests the day after my period stopped as directed in the instructions. Itook both tests with first morning urine just so it was most concentrated. On the first morning Ihad absolutely nothing and then the second morning a very strong line for the LH surge. I havebeen irregular since I began menstruating many years ago, but I’m wondering if this isnormal?? Is it possible to ovulate again immediately after a period? It was long but very light.Every morning it was just spotting when I wiped, then it was slightly heavier for a couple dayshere and there but mostly light and spotty. Brown and light red/pinkish. Before that my periodwas on March 22nd, so it’s been weeks! April 28th it started spotting lightly, a little heavier onthe 30th then spotting until May 5th. Agh what’s going on??Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:Yes it is… Woman usually ovulate between day 8 and day 22 after their period, so thats totallynormal, if you have 6 or 7 days period and you took an OPK test on day 8 and it was negativeand day 9 positive there’s nothing wrong, stop stressing out and have fun, you dont wannamiss the opportunity.Go for it girl.P.s: it doesnt really matter your period cycle as long as your ovulating, keep on taking the OPKto help you out finding out your fertile days, that way you can baby dance on those days and a 1/6
  • 2. day after if possible.Wish you the best and lots of Baby dust!Laura asks…Lh surge and pregnancy?My boyfriend and I had sex two days before my Lh surge and ejaculated in me two differenttimes that same day then also the day before my Lh surge he ejaculated in me again. Whatare the chances of me being pregnant? I have to wait 12 more days before my potential missedperiod. Everytime I have an Lh surge when do I ovulate? Is it that same day or otherwise?Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:Huh? I’m not sure, you could be pregnant.. I guess. You’ll probably just have to wait it out. 2/6
  • 3. Sandy asks…How long after an LH surge should my period start?Hello,This month bought the Clear Blue Easy Digital Ovulation test. It came with 7 strips to test whenyour LH surge happens, So you know the best 2 days to have sex. I tested On July 23 and itwas positive. Ten days later I still hadn’t started and I tested again and it still said I had an LHsurge. My perio has been real spastic lately anyway, If I started Jul 4th last month then thismonth I should start 3-5 days later. still haven’t started, I don’t have any more OPK stick and Iwant to wait a little longer before I spend money on a pregnancy test. Anybody hae any ideawhat’s going on?Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:Hmmm Im a bit confused, however I used the same test and this is how it worked.I tested one day and there was no surge, I tested the next day and there was a surge, I had sexthat day and the next day. I tested 9 days later and was pregnant.Usually you test 2 weeks after the lh surge.My period was spastic as well but if you know when your surge was then generally your periodis due 2 weeks after. You cant and wont have 2 lh surges in the one cycle. 3/6
  • 4. Carol asks…Can you ovulate a week before your period is due?TTC month #2. I had an LH Surge last 9 days ago had sex the next 2 days in a row. My periodis due today, I have been experiencing very mild cramping sporadically the last few days but noperiod. Could my count be off? Is it possible to ovulate that late in your cycle? If so, could I testand receive an accurate result?Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:I agree that you should hold off testing until you’re 15 days past the LH surge without AF. Formost women, the luteal phase is at least 12 days long; anything under 10 days could mean thatpregnancy won’t be viable (implantation normally happens between 8 and 10dpo and so if yourperiod comes along before that time, implantation simply won’t ever happen!) But this is easilyfixed (with progesterone) so if you have genuinely short luteal phase for cycles, be sure to takeyour charts to your doctor and have a progesterone test done on CD21.Having said all of that depressing stuff, I suspect you’ve probably got a perfectly normal lutealphase and you’ll find that AF simply arrives later than you’d imagined, around 14dpo! Goodluck 4/6
  • 5. Lisa asks…How early can a HCG blood test be done before a period and beaccurate?My husband and I have been TTC for quite a while, I’ve been tracking my ovulation. During onecycle I had two LH surges, I’m not sure what that means. I’m 8 days out from my period andhad an HCG blood test done today while I was at the dr but it came back negative. Am I too farout to have an accurate blood test done?Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:I had one done with my last pregnancy and my hcg level was 11 when I was 11 days pastovulation (which was about 2-3 days before my period was due). If you have a typical 14 dayluteal phase and your period isn’t due for 8 days, that would suggest you are only 5 days pastovulation. Implantation normally takes place between 7-10 days past ovulation, so I would thinkthat 5 days past would be too early for a blood test to be +.Jenny asks… 5/6
  • 6. Ovulate right before period?? Hey- I have been trying to concieve and thought I ovulated mid cycle…like “normal”. Let’s say I had my period Dec 17, then I figured my most fertile day to be Dec 31-Jan 2. With no success, I finally bought one of those ovulation predictor test. It’s showing me that I am ovulating about 6 days before my actual period comes! That is when I am having my LH surge. Every month I get functional ovarian cysts…could this have something to do with me ovulating so late, and if so, is it affecting my chances of getting prego? Pregnancy Advisor’s answers: If you have ovarian cysts this can effect the outcome of a home ovulation kit. When you ovulate normally there is a 12-14 day window in which your period will start called the corpus lutem stage. This is where progesterone will surge and your period will start. I suggest taking with your GYN and having your horomone levels tested. They can actually test you as well with the use of drugs and ultra-sound to see when you are ovulating. If your GYN does not do this, ask for a referral to a reproductive endocrinologist. This kind of doctor deals specifically with the hormones of reproduction. Good luck. Powered by Yahoo! Answers Answering Your Questions on LH Surge http://LHSurge.org Lh Surge Before Period 6/6Powered by TCPDF (www.tcpdf.org)