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    • Putcha Narasimham Putcha Narasimham Hai Thomas, I did respond but slideshare did not capture it. I recall sending you a mail on the subject. I have to check. Yes, well person and idea cannot be equated. A person may have a number of ideas and a number of persons can have the same idea. Yes we can grant an idea life though not to the same degree as what humans / animals have. You are right about slide 9. It should be "though". I will revise and upload the PPT after discovering more errors / corrections or improvements. In the case of cat I did use two languages but within the same language also there are synonyms. If the context is enlarged to include multiple languages, the key principle of "synonym as exact equivalent but NOT meaning" is still valid. The question of snow and other non-exact words for variations of the concept of snow is NOT within the scope of this discussion of meaning. I understand that those different words refer to the root concept of "ice" but have their distinctions which need to be identified and conveyed. Yes, I felt the need for a new definition of "meaning" in the context of "machines dealing with knowledge and meaning". I have formulated one definition which I have not given in this PPT. Now I have a revised and simplified definition. I am evaluating it privately. Hope to take it up with you too. Thanks and regards, 20AGU14  1 day ago
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