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Worlds%20preview 3


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Lee Roper went to work to bring us the most comprehensive outline of world competitors and their accomplishments.

Lee Roper went to work to bring us the most comprehensive outline of world competitors and their accomplishments.

Published in: Sports, News & Politics

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  • 1. 55kgs Country Notes TendanciesHeavy Hitters Defending World Champ, World Bronze, W over Chamizo in 2010 worldsVictor Lebedev Russia semis one of the best in the world on go behinds and reshots, great clinch defense, great scrambler Former World Champ 2009, doesnt compete much but won Asian Games this lots of snaps and pulling ties, decent motor, likes to wrestle fromKyong-ILYang North Korea year, L to Mansurov in 2010 Asian Games the knee down, looks for laces par terre but not a crusher there 2x World Champ 2003 2005, World Bronze 2009 at 60 kilo, Jr World Champ Not very offensive good counter wrestling, great front head, goodDilshod Mansurov Uzbekistan 2000 2001, just dropped to 55, W over Yang, W over Rahimi Asian Games par terre offense and defense will, counter par terre defenseMedal Hopefuls World Bronze 2010, World Cup Champ 2011, 20 years old, win over Rahimi atFrank Chamizo Cuba 10 worlds 3x Euro Champ, 1st GGP 2011, Euro bronze 2011 W over EdisharashvilliMakhmud Magomedov Azerbaijan GGP 3-1, 2-1, W over Velikov in EurosYoung GunsAhmet Peker Turkey 2010 JR World Champ, 3rd Aliev tournamentVictor Khinchegashvilli Georgia Silver Euros, 2x Jr World Champ
  • 2. Very good head inside single to left side, fairly vanilla wrestler,Hassan Rahimi Iran 1st Tatki Cup, former Jr World champ good handfight skillsAbdelhakim Farag Egypt 21 years old, 3rd African Championship, Bronze Junior Worlds 2010Lokman Kaplanbaba France 23 years old, 5th Waclaw Ziolkowski MemDarkhorses USA World Team trials champ, 4th Dave Shultz at 60k, weight cut is huge forNick Simmons USA him 2nd Yasar Dogu 2011, 9th GGP 2011, 11th Euros World Champ 2006, WorldRadoslav Velikov Bulgaria Silver 2006Vladislav Andreev Belarus 3rd Euros 2011, Gold Alex Medved Prizes, Silver Dave ShultzNaranbaatar Bayaraa Mongolia 5th 2010 Worlds, Silver 2007 Worlds, University World Champ 2005Rahul Aware India Repachage 3rd Asian ChampionshipAltynbek Alymbaev Kyrgyzstan Bronze World CupOther NotablesBienvenu Andriamalala Madagascar 21 years old, Silver African Championships, 23rd 2010 worldsMarcel Ewald Germany 5th Euros 2011, 3rd Euros 2010
  • 3. Shinichi Yumoto Japan Bronze GGP. Dave Shultz Gold 2010, been behind InabaUrs Wild Switzerland 5th Ion Caoneanu,, 5th Euros, 11th 2010 WorldsRest of the FieldMihran Jaburyan Armenia 3rd Yasar DoguDavid Tremblay Canada Bronze Grand Prix of Spain, 24 years oldAndre Quispe Chili 11th Pan AmsMude Qi China 12 Asian Championships Right outside of medals in Worlds around Mid 2000s hasnt competed in yearFredy Serrano Columbia internationallyMichel Bondele Congo 7th in African Championships 2011Yong-Eub Kim KoreaFransico Sanchez Parra Spain 2nd Grand Prix of Spain, 16th EurosCraig McKenna England 5th Grand Prix of Spain, 9th EurosIoannis Ivanidis Greece 20 years old, 12th EurosKimbley-John Lujan Guam 2nd Oceacia Championships 1st Greco 2011Luis Orantes Guatemala Bronze Pan Ams 2011Farzad Jafari Iran 3rd Waclaw Ziolkowski Mem, 3rd Habibi CupDaulet Niyazbekov Kazakistan 22 years Old, Bronze International Ukraine
  • 4. Saruna Jurcys Lithuania 22 years old, 15th at Worlds last year, no international medalsAlan Olvera Lopez Mexico 5th 2010 Pan AmsAlexandru Chirtoaca Moldova Bronze International Ukraine, 5th World University 2010Naatele Sem Shilimela Namibia 8th African Championships 2011Adrian Hajduk Poland 22 years old, Silver Waclaw Ziolkowski, 26th 2010 WorldsAndrei Dukov Romania Gold Ion Corneanu, 15th 2010 Worlds, 5th 2010 EurosAdama Diatta Senegal 3rd African Championships 2011Alieu Koroma Seirra LeoneAbdulkadir Ali Abdirahman SomaliaFiras al Ali Rifaee Syria 5th Asian ChampionshipsNikolay Noev TadjikistanHel Here Chad 5th African ChampionshipsMahamed Attia Tunisia Gold African ChampionshipsRamil Rejepov Turkmenistan No world metals, 31 2010 WorldsYuriy Ledenev Ukraine Bronze GGP 2010, 5th 2010 EurosHuy Ha Nguyen Vietnam 13th Asian Championships
  • 5. 60kgs Country NotesHeavy HittersBesik Kudukhov Russia 3x World Champ 2007, 2009, 2010, Olympic Bronze, lost to Sat at Russian NatsVasyl Fedoryshyn Ukraine Olympic silver 2008, World Silver 2010, World Bronze in 2000, 0-2 against Kudukhov, Bronze EurosZelimkam Huseynov Azerbaijan Bronze 2010 World, Silver 2009 Worlds, Gold GGP 2011, AZE super deep here with Asgarov behind 2010 silver at 55kMetal HopefulsJong-Myong Ri North Korea Bronze Asian Championships 2011,Rizvan Gadzhiev Belarus 24 years old, Bronze 2009 2007 Worlds, 8th Warclaw 2011 Gold Dave ShultzKenichi Yumoto Japan Bronze 2008 OlympicsAndrei Perpelita Moldova 24 years old, World University Silver 2010, 12th 2010 worlds, Bronze Euros 2010, 17th Euros 2011, 14th GGP 2011Dark HorseAnatoli Guidea Bulgaria 34 years old, 2007 World Silver, Bronze Kolov/Petrov, Bronze Warclaw, Bronze in Euros 2011 lost to Sat 0-3 0-2, W over Ewald 1-3 0-2Franklin Gomez Puerto Rico Pan Am Gold 2011, Gold Grand Prix of Spain, Bronze Dave Shultz
  • 6. Ersin Cetin Turkey 5th 2010 Worlds, Silver Kartozia/Balavadze, 7th GGPReece Humphrey USA 5th International Ukraine, 5th Dave Shultz, World University Silver 2008, Bronze 2010Young Guns Armenia 24 years old right outside of World metals, 7th 2009, 5th 2008, no metals this year 12th Katozia/BalavadzeArtur Arakelyan Korea 23 years old, 8th 2010 Worlds, poor performance at Asian Championships this year but bronze in 2010Seung-Chul Lee Cuba 23 years old, Bronze 2011 world cup, 7th 2010 WorldsAlejandro Valdes Dominican Rep 21 years old, bronze Pan Ams 2011Gabriel Garcia Sanchez Nigeria 21 years old, 11th 2010 worldsAmas Daniel Kazakistan Gold Asian Championships, 2011, Bronze Asian Games 2010, 22 years oldDauren ZhumagaevOther Notables KyrgyzstanBazar Bazarguruev Gold Takhti Cup, Bronze 2007 Worlds, multiple Asian championships medalsYogeshwar Dutt India Multiple Asian Games Championship, 9th 2008 Olympics at high as 5th at Worlds, 22nd at 2010 worlds, Bronze GGP 2010,
  • 7. Didier Pais France 13th 2010 Worlds, 7th 2011 EurosMostafa Aghajaniozonbalagh Iran Silver 2011 Asian Championship, 4th World Cup, Right outside of world placement 2009, Jr World Silver 2005Mandakhnaran Ganzorig Mongolia Gold 2010 Asian GamesMalkaz Zarkua Georgia Euro Silver 2010, Didnt compete at worlds last year, medaled at Kartozia and Balavadze Prize 2011, Georgia is deep at 60 w/ Kurdiani and BerdzinishvilliRest of FieldAgustin Sanchez Parra Spain Bronze Grand Prix of Spain, no success at world championshipsOleksandr Madyarchyk England 7th Grand Prix of Spain, 19th 2011 EurosAslan Nametidis Greece 20 years old, no international success 24th Warclaw, 18th EuroVincenzo Rizzotto Italy 21 years old, 15th Euros, 9th Grand Prix of SpainVitas Chumakov Lithuania No world metalsGuillermo Torres MexicoHassan Ibrahim EgyptChistopher Reyes NicaraguaBakhram Ermatov Uzbekistan just outside of medals at several worlds, 7th Asian Championship, 7th 2011 World CupMoises Soto Panama no Pan Am medalsAbel Herrera Peru not very toughAdam Blok Poland Bronze Warclaw, 5th Kolov/Petrov, 19th 2010 WorldsAbdullrahman Ibrahim Qatar
  • 8. George Bucur Romania Gold Ion Corneanu, Silver Grand Prix of Spain, 12th 2009 worlds, 5th at Euros 3xLuis Portillo El SalvadorMohamadin Abdalla Sudan 7th 2011 African ChampionshipsGhazwan Munla Badawi Lazkani Syria 9th Asian ChampionshipsVitaly Koryakin Tadjikistan 5th International Ukraine, 8th Asian Championships, won matches at 2010 worldsJudicael Mbaide Chad 11th 2011 African ChampionshipsBilel Douissa Tunisia Silver African Championships 2011Silap Chariyev TurkmenistanTim Schleicher Germany 23 years old, Bronze Ion Corneanu, Silver Grand Prix of Spain, 19th 2010 Worlds, Oscar Iglesias ArgentinaRiley Walker Canada Silver Pan Ams 2011, not much wold experienceFeng Gao China Bronze Asian Games 2010, no competition 2011Hernan Guzman Columbia Very young, Bronze Jr Pan Ams 2010Victor Ngouema Congo 5th African Championships 2011
  • 9. 66kgs Country NotesHeavy HittersSushil Kumar India Defending World Champ, Olympic Bronze 2008Ramazan Shahin Turkey Olympic Gold 2008, World Gold 2007Medhi Taghavi Iran World Champ 2009Tatsuhiro Yonemitsu Japan World Bronze 2009 two period win over Kumar in 2009 WorldsAndrey Stadnik Ukraine World Bronze 2006, Olympic Silver 2008, World Cup Silver 2010, Bronze Golden Grand Prix 2010Adam Batirov Russia Bronze Euros 2011, 3rd Golden Grand Prix 2011Yabrail Hasanov Azerbaijan World Bronze 2010, Gold Golden Grannd Prix 2011, Gold Euros 2011, 0-2 against Kumar including beating back in 09, 0-1 against Taghavi (back in Jr days)Dark HorseHaislan Garcia Canada 5th Worlds 2011, Gold Dave Shultz 2011, 2nd NYAC 2011, Silver GGPTeyon Ware USA 2nd Pan Ams, 10th World Cup 2010
  • 10. Heinrich Barnes South Africa 1st African Championship, 5th Dave Shultz, 3 Grand Prix of Spain, 7th 2010 WorldsLeonid Bazan Bulgaria 5th Warclaw, 3rd International Ukraine, Silver Euros, Gold Kolov/Petrov, hasnt been on World team in 7 years, bronze JR worlds 2005Saba Javad Bolaghi Germany 22 years old, Gold Ion Corneanu, Gold Grand Prix of Spain, Bronze Euros, 17th 2009 worlds, Bronze 2009 JR worldsDevid Safaryan Armenia 22 years old, Silver International Ukraine, Silver Kortozia/Balavadze, 2nd Jr Worlds 2009Ali Shabanev Belarus 22 years old, 5th Euros, Gold Alex Medved PrizesMayeul Nganafio CAF right outside of medals at Afican ChampionshipsChengde Shan China 8th Asian Games 2011, 5th Asian Games 2010, 0-1 at 2010 WorldsStelios Mama Cyprus pretty awfulIvan Arango Duque Columbia Wrestles FS and GR Bronze 2011 Pan Ams in GR
  • 11. Dai-Sung Kim Korea 7th Asian Championships 2011, 14th Asian Games 2010, 12th 2010 WorldsLivan Lopez Cuba Dont know much about him Gold 2011 Pan Ams over Teyon WareOmar Abdou Egypt 22 years old, 3rd African Chamipionships, 14th 2010 WorldsYoan Blanco Reinoso Ecuador 25th 2010 WorldsElar Hani Estonia 12th 2011 Euros, 28th 2010 WorldsShalva Muziashvili Georgia 2nd GGP, Gold Kartozia/Balavadze, 10th World Cup 2011 (pretty good)Alexandros Samanidis Greece 20 years old, Gold Jr Euros, 13 Jr worldsMelchor Manibusan Guam 31st 2010 WorldsJudicael Intipe Guinea-Bissau 2nd African ChampionshipsGerga Woeller Hungary 5th Grand Prix of Spain, 5rh Euros, 18th WaclawYuri Poliak Israel 9th 2010 Worlds, hasnt competed in 2011Pietro Piscitelli Itally 22nd Grand prix of Spain, 7th Torneo Citta a SassariMaxat Daulbayev Kazakhstan 21 years old, 6th World Cup,Innokenti Innokentev Kyrgyzstan 11th Waclaw, 15th GGP, Bronze at Asian Championships, 5th at World cupDejan Mitrov Macedonia 8th Euros, 17th 2010 Worlds
  • 12. Todisoa Ratolojanahary MadagascarVladimir Gotisan Moldova 14th 2009 EurosBatzorig Buyanjav Mongolia 5th Worlds, 7th GGP, 8th OlympicsIkhtiyor Navruzov Uzbekistan 21 years old, Silver Asian Championship, 7th World Cup, 5th Asian Games, 22nd 2010 WorldsHenryk Sobieraj Poland Silver Waclaw, 13th Euros, Bronze 2010 Euros, 14th 2009 WorldsPedro Soto Puerto Rico Silver 2010 Pan Ams, 29th 2009 WorldsYan Ceaban Romania 17th Euros 2011Abdulai Rogers Sierra LeoneJakub Kacenak Slovakia 21st Waclaw, 18th Euros, 31st 2010 WorldsGKeyse Dige Hassan Somaliakuku Aboud Kuwa Elsegin Sudan 8th Ternoe Citta A Sassari, 24th EurosSteven Graf SwitzerlandMohamed Khan SyriaSomirsho Vokhidov TadjikistanDjakna Issa Chad
  • 13. 74kgs Country NotesHeavy HittersDenis Tsargush Russia 2007 2009 2010 World Champ, 2008 Olympic gold, 1st Euros 1st Grand Prix of SpainSadegh Goudarzi Iran Silver 2010 Worlds, Bronze 2009 worlds, Silver 2006 worlds,Metal HopefulsJordan Burroughs USA 10th 2008 Jr worlds, Gold Poland, Gold UkraineGabor Hatos Hungary 1st grand prix of spain, bronze 2011 Euros, Bronze 2010 Worlds,Abdulkhakim Shapiev Kazakhstan 5th International Ukraine, Bronze 2010 WorldsRashid Kurbanov Uzbekistan Gold Asian Games, 5th World Cup (undefeated),Yun-Seok Lee Korea Bronze Asian Games, 11th 2010 Worlds, bronze 2010 Asian Championships, Bronze 2007 Worlds, 5th 2005 WorldsDark HorsesMurad Gaidarov Belarus 5th Waclaw, Gold World Cup, 5th 2010 Worlds, Bronze 2008 Olympics, Silver 2003 Worlds,Yunierki Blanco Cuba Silver Pan Ams, Gold 2011 World Cup, Silver 2009 World CupUnurbat Purevjav Mongolia Bronze Asian Games 2011 moved up from 66k
  • 14. Tat Du Can Vietnam Silver 2011 Asian Championships JrYoung GunsDavit Khutishvilli Georgia 21 years old, Gold GGP, Bronze Euros, 2010 Jr Wold GoldAndriy Shyyka Germany 21 years old, Gold Waclaw, 14th 2011 Euros 9th 2010 Worlds, 11th 2009 WorldsNarsingh Yadav India 22 years old, 7th Asian Games, 18th 2010 Worlds, Gold 2010 Asian GamesIlgiz Dzhakypbekov Kyrgyzstan 20 years old, 7th World Cup, 5th Asian Games, 5th Worlds 2010Other NotablesMatt Gentry Canada 9th GGP, Bronze Kartozia/Balavdze, 5th 2011 Pan Ams, Bronze dave Shultz, 15th WorldsChongyoa Zhang China Silver Asian Championships 2011, 12th Asian Games 2010, 24th 2010 WorldsBathun Demircin Turkey Gold Waclaw, 14th GGP, Gold Kartozia/Balavadze, 25th 2010 WorldsAshraf Aliev Azerbaijan 2nd GGP, 2nd Ali Aliev lost to Khutishvili and MurtazalievRest of feildSean Floor ASASuren Markosyan / MusaMurtazaliev Armenia 18th 2008 Olympics, usually in top 20 at WorldsPhilipp Crepaz Austria 22 years old, 15th Grand Prix of spain,Daniel Alvares Malvino Brasil Not very good
  • 15. Kiril Terziev Bulgaria 12th Waclaw, 13th GGP, 5th Euros, 7th 2010 WorldsRomeo Djoumessi Cameroon 17 years old, 7th 2011 African Championship, Bronze 2010 African ChampionshipsRichard Brian Addinall South Africa 5th 2011 African Championships FS 4th 2011 African Championships Greco, competed in FS and GR at worldsRosalio Gulfo Medrano Columbia 7th Pan AmsWalid Nabil EgyptJose Mercado Equador 5th 2011 Pan Ams,Alberto Martinez Spain 13th Grand Prix of Spain in GrecoLuca Lampis France 5th Waclaw, Bronze Torneo Citta A Sassari, 26th 2010 WorldsPhillip Roberts England 22 years old, 8th Grand Prix of Spain, 16th 2011 Euros, 11th Torneo Citta a SassariOlegk Motsalin Greece 16th Waclaw, 13th WorldsAugustan Midana Guniea-Bissau Gold African Championships, 19th 2010 Worlds, bronze 2009 Beach WorldsCarmelo Lumia Italy 9th Torneo Citta Sassari 2011, 19th Worlds 2010Ryuta Takahashi Japan 8th 2011 Asian ChampionshipsLjuljzim Vrenezi Macedonia 13th Euors, 8th Kolov/PetrovEduardo Valencia Mexico Not goodAlexandru Burca Moldova 15th Euros, 5th 2010 Worlds,
  • 16. Pool Ambrosio Peru 21 years old, 5th Pan Ams 2010 Sr, Gold Pan Am 2010 JrKrystian Brzozowski Poland 8th Wadclaw, 15th Ali Aliev, 5th 2010 WorldsMarius Atofani Romania Gold Ion Conreanu, 10 Grand Prix of Spain, 7th Euros, 27th 2010 WorldsAllieu Kamara Sierra LeoneRobert Olle Slovakia Very young not senior medals 20 years oldLiban Mohamed Arale SomaliaMustafa Hama Hamad Sudan 5th African ChampionshipAzamat Sufiev Tadjikistan 10th Asian ChampionshipsHamadi Idrissa ChadDmytro Rochniak Ukraine
  • 17. 84kgs Country NotesHeavy HittersZaurbek Sokhiev Uzbekistan Bronze Asian Championships, Silver 2010 Worlds, Gold 2009 Worlds, Bronze 2007 Worlds, Bronze 2006 WorldsCael Sanderson USA Gold Ion Corneanu, Gold 2004 Olympics, Silver 2003 Worlds,Ibrahim Aldatov Ukraine International Ukraine Gold, 11th Euros, 5th 2010 Worlds, bronze 2009 world, Gold 2006 worlds, Silver 2007 worlds,Michail Ganev Bulgaria 9th GGP, 7th Euros, Gold 2010 Worlds,Yusup Abdusalamov Tajikistan 5th Asian Championships, 5th 2009 Worlds, Silver 2008 Olympics, Silver 20078 Worlds,Medal HopefulsSharif Sharifov Azerbaijan Gold GGP, bronze Euros, Bronze 2009 Euros, AZE dep at 84 with Temrezov being top 10 at 2010 worldsGheorghita Stefan Romania Silver Grand Prix of Spain, Silver Torneo Citta a Sassari, Bronze Euros, 14th 2010 Worlds, 5th 2008 Olympics, 5th 2007 Worlds,Piotr Ianulov Moldova Bronze GGP, 24th Euros, Gold World Universitys, 5th 2010 Worlds,Dark Horse
  • 18. Albert Saritov Russia 6th Worlds Cup, Silver GGP, First world teamAlireza Goudarzi Iran Gold Waclaw, Iran deep at 184 Lashgari, AminiEhsan Amini Iran Bronze Waclaw, Gold Asian Championships, 8th World Cup, Gold Takhti CupSerdar Boeke Turkey Bronze Waclaw, Silver GGP, Bronze Kartozia/Balavadze, Bronze Ali AlievDavyd Bichinashvili Germany 18th Waclaw, Bronze Grand Prix of Spain, 22nd Euros, 16th 2010 Worlds, 5th 2008 Olympics, on 4th cycleYoung GunsDato Marsagishvili Georgia 20 years old, 2011 Jr World Champ, Silver 2011 Euros, 8th 2010 Sr WorldsIstvan Vereb Hungary 24 years old, 8th Waclaw, 21 Euros, 12 World CupKanat Berdiyev Kazakistan 23 years old, Silver Asian Championships, 5th Alex Medved Prizes, 12th 2010 WorldsAibek Usupov Kyrgyzstan 23 years old, 23 GGP, bronze Asian Championship, Bronze World Cup, 29th 2009 WorldsOther NotablesGadzhimurad Nurmagomedov Armenia Bronze Ukraine, Bronze Ali Aliev
  • 19. Riguleng Si China 7th Asian Championship, 5th GGP, Bronze 2009 Asian Champs, 13th 2008 OlympicsEmzarios Bentinidis Greece 9th Waclaw, 9th Euros, 13th 2010 Worlds, 9th 2008 Olympics, been around foreverPawan Kumar India Bronze Asian Championships, Gold Commonwealth ChampionshipsUsukhbaatar Purvee Mongolia Bronze Asian Games 2010Rest of FeildAndreas Sitanaris Cyprus 25th Euros, 0-1 WorldsJuan Martinez ColumbiaChan-Uk Yoon Korea 8th Asian Championship,Mohamed Ismail EgyptBoris Andonov Spain 9th Torneo Citta a Sassari, 20th Euros, 26th Worlds 2010Nathanael Ackerman England old as dirtOscar Martinez Honduras 21 years old, 13th Pan AmsWaylon Muller Marshall Isle Silver Oceania Championships, 40 years oldAlexander Dolly Ireland 28th EurosSergei Koelsnicov IsraelAndrea Sorbello Italy 23 years old, 8th Grand Prix of Spain, 10th Torneo, 13th 2010 WorldsShinya Matsumoto Japan 10th Asian Championships, Bronze 2010 Asian Championships, 32 Worlds 2009Armandi Zvirbulis Latvia 15th Waclaw, 20th Worlds,Edgaras Voitechovskis Lithuania 23rd 2009 Worlds, 8th Grand Prix of Germany
  • 20. Dejan Bogdanov Macedonia 5th Ion Corneanu, Bronze Macedonian Pearl, 23rd 2010 WorldsAlejandro Gallardo Mexico 5th Pan AmsJason Balabal PhillipinesRadaslaw Marcinkiewicz Poland 14th Ali Aliev, 7th World Universitys, 25th 2009 WorldsJaime Espinal Puerto Rico Bronze Ion Corneanu, 22nd Waclaw, 5th Pan Ams, 19th 2010 WorldsRenza Matejov Slovakia 24 years old, 23 WaclawAla Elahaimir Eldin SudanMarco Riesen Switzerland Bronze Torneo Citta a Sassari, 8th Euros, 20th Worlds 2010Adnan Rhahimi Tunisia Gold African Championship, 18th 2008 OlympicsAmarhajy Mahamedau Belarus 14th 2009 WorldsAdrian Abour Jaoude Brasil 5th Grand Prix of Spain, 8th Pan Ams, 0-1 2010 WorldsJeffrey Adamson Canada 20th Grand Prix of Spain, bronze Pan Ams, Gold Sunkist
  • 21. 96kgs Country NotesHeavy Hitters Gold GGP, Gold Euros, Gold Yasa Dogu, Gold 2010 Worlds, Gold 2010 GGP, Gold 2010 Euros, Gold 2010 World Cup, Silver 2009 Worlds, BronzeKhetag Gazumov Azerbaijan 2008 Olympics,Khadshimourad Gatsalov Russia Silver Ali Aliev, Silver 2010 Worlds, Gold 2009 Worlds, Gold 2007 Worlds, Gold 2006 Worlds, Gold 2005 Worlds, Gold 2004 Olympics,George Gogshelidze Georgia Bronze 2010 Worlds, Bronze 2009 Worlds, Bronze 2008 Olympics, Silver 2006 worlds, Gold 2001 Worlds, 32 years oldReza Yazdani Iran 6th World Cup, Gold 2010 Asian Games, Gold 2010 Asian Championships, Bronze 2007 Worlds, Bronze 2006 WorldsTaimuraz Tigiev Kazakistan 3rd International Ukraine, Gold Alex Medved, Silver 2008 Olympics,Medal Hopefuls
  • 22. Jake Varner USA Gold Ion Corneanu, 5th GGP, Silver NYAC, 9th 2009 WorldsRuslan Sheikov Belarus Bronze 2010 Worlds, Bronze 2010 Worlds UCp, 5th 2009 WorldsKhetag Pliev Canada 10th Grand Prix of Spain, Silver Pan Ams, 6th 2010 Worlds, 15th 2009 WorldsKurban Kurbanov Uzbekistan Gold Asian Championships, 4th World Cup, Silver 2010 Asian Games, 19th 2010 Worlds, Bronze 2007 WorldsSerhat Balci Turkey Silver Waclaw, 7th GGP, Gold Kartozia/Balavadze, 8th 2010 Worlds, Bronze 2010 Euros, Bronze 2009 Worlds,Wild CardsTakao Isokawa Japan Bronze Asian Games 2010, 16th 2010 Worlds, Bronze 2010 Asian ChampionshipsAlen Zaseyev UkraineYoung Guns India 21 years old, 5th Asian Championships, 3rd Asian Games 2010, 21st 2009 Worlds
  • 23. Mausam Khatri Iran 21 years old, Bronze Waclaw, Silver Asian Championships, 5th 2010 Worlds, JR Worlds Champ 2009Arfan Amiri Poland 22 years old, 12 Waclaw, 9th Ali Aliev, 12th 2010 WorldsRadoslaw Baran Slovakia 21 years old, 17th Waclaw, 10th 2010 WorldsJozef JaloviarOther Notables Moldova Bronze Euros, Gold Kolov/Petrov, 17th 2010 Worlds, 12th 2008 OlympicsNicolai Ceban Korea 5th Asian Championships, 5th Asian Games, 14th 2010 Worlds 15th 2008 OlympicsJae-Gang Kim Armenia 9th Kartozia/Balavadze, 5th Euros, 10th 2010 WorldsEdgar Yenokyan Egypt 8th 2009 Worlds, Gold 2009 African Championships, 11th 2008 OlympicsSaleh Emara Romania around forever right outside world medalsAdrian RecoreanRest of the Field Spain 22nd Waclaw, 23rd 2011 Euros,Elder Villanueva England 10th GGP, gold Torneo Citta a Sassari, 12th Euros, 24th 2010 Worlds
  • 24. Gregory Rattigan Greece 13th Jr WorldsAndreas Tserahidis Hungary 18th Waclaw, 5th Grand Prix of Spain, 4th Worlds Cup, 8th 2008 OlympicsGergely Kiss KyrgyzstanAdilet Kybraev Latvia 9th Waclaw, 15th Euros,Imants Lagodskis Macedonia 22 years old, 5th Ion Corneanu at 120k, 13th Euros, 28th Worlds 2010Aleksandar Georgiev MongoliaGanzorig Chagnaadorj Namibia 7th African ChampionshipsAngula Shikongo Nigeria Gold African Championships, 15th 2010 Worlds,Sinivie BolticSalih Hamid Sudan 5th African ChampionshipsRaja Al Krad SyriaRustam Iskandari Tadjikistan 8th Asian Championships,Abatam Maurice ChadEtienne Van Huyssteen South Africa Bronze African Championshops, 18th 2010 WorldsWilliam Harth Germany 24 years old, Bronze Ion Corneanu, Gold Grand Prix of SpainCarl Joseph Floor ASADeigo Da Silva Rodrigues Brasil 19th Waclaw, 5th Grand Prix of Spain, 23 2009 WorldsLyuben Iliev Bulgaria 22 years old, 9th World Cup, gold Kolov/PetrovYunbilige Wu China 7th Asian Championships, 27th 2010 Worlds
  • 25. Jarlys Mosquera Columbia 13th Pan Ams, 19th Olympics
  • 26. 120kgs Country NotesHeavy HittersBeylal Makhov Russia 5th Waclaw, Gold 2010 Worlds, Gold 2009 Worlds, Gold 2007 Worlds, 2x JR World Champ Gold International Ukraine, Gold Asian Championships, Silver 2010 Worlds, Gold 2008 Olympics, Bronze 2007 Worlds, Gold 2006 Worlds, Gold 2004Artur Taimazov Uzbekistan Olympics, Silver 2001 Worlds, Silver 2000 OlympicsTervel Dlagnev USA Bronze Waclaw, 5th International Ukraine, Bronze GGP, Bronze 2009 WorldsFardin Masoumi Iran Gold Waclaw, Bronze Asian Games, 7th 2010 Worlds, Silver 2009 Worlds, Bronze 2006 Worlds,Medal HopefulsAlexi Shemarov Belarus Silver Waclaw, Silver Euros, Gold Medved Prizes, 11th 2010 Worlds,
  • 27. Marid Mutalimov Kazakistan Silver International Ukraine, 8th 2010 Worlds, Bronze 2008 Olympics, Several Asian Championships medalsRuslan Basiev Armenia 5th International Ukraine, 11 Euros, Silver Yasa Dogu, 19th 2010 Worlds, Bronze 2006 WorldsIoannis Arzoumanidis Greece 13th Waclaw, 5th Euros, Bronze 2010 Worlds, Bronze 2009 Worlds,Dark HorsesFatih Cakiroglu Turkey Silver GGP, Gold Euros, 21st 2010 Worlds, usual right outside world medals, old thoughDavid Musulbes Slovakia Bronze 2008 Olympics, Gold 2002 Worlds, Gold 2001 Worlds, Gold 2000 Olympics, Bronze 1997 Worlds, 39 years oldDisney Rodrigues Cuba 10th World Cup, 5th 2009 Worlds, 5th 2008 OlympicsYoung GunsDaniel Ligeti Hungary 22 years old, Bronze Waclaw, Bronze Grand Priz of Spain, Bronze Euros, Gold World Cup, 5th 2010 Worlds,
  • 28. Nick Matuhin Germany 21 years old, Gold Ion Corneanu, Gold Grand Prix of Spain, 5th Euros, 10th 2009 WorldsJamaladdin Magomedov Azerbaijan 22 Years old, Bronze GGP, Bronze Euros, Silver Jr Worlds 2009Zhiwei Deng China 22 years old, Bronze Asian ChampionshipsMohammadreza Azar ShakibSeyed Iran 23 years old, 9th Waclaw, 6th World Cup, Bronze Asian Championships, 2x Jr World SilverOleksandr Khotsianivskyi Ukraine 21 years old, Bronze International UkraineOther NotablesDavit Modzmanashvili Georgia Bronze GGP, Gold Kartozia/Balavadze, 7th Euros, 14th 2007 WorldsAngelov Kumchev Bulgaria Bronze Ion Corneanu, 14th 2010 Worlds, Beach Wrestling World ChampArjan Bhullar Canada 12th GGP, 8th Kartozia/Balavadze, 18th 2010 Worlds, 9th 2009 WorldsAndrei Podsevalnicov Moldova Bronze Ion Corneanu, 12th 2010 Worlds,Chuluunbat Jargalsaikhan Mongolia Bronze Asian Championships, 13th 2010 Worlds,
  • 29. Bartolomiej Bartnicki Poland 5th Ali Aliev, 23rd 2010 Worlds, 7th 2009 Worlds,Rest of the FieldMohamed Ghitani EgyptJose Vazquez Cuba Spain 13th Waclaw, 14th GGP, 22nd 2010 WorldsRohit Patel IndiaNobuyoshi Arakida Japan 10th Asian Championships, 11th 2010 Asian Games,Aiaali Lazarev Kyrgyzstan 9th World Cup, 8th Asian Championships, 15th 2010 Worlds, Bronze 2010 Asian ChampionshipsDmitrijs Mihailovs Latvia 28th 2010 WorldsHugees Onanena Cameroon 2nd African Championships, 27th 2010 WorldsAntoine About Jaoude Brasil 7th Pan Ams, 35th WorldsSkilang Temengil PLWRares Chintoan Romania Silver Ion Corneanu, Bronze Grand Prix of Spain, 18th 2008 Olympics,Omer Eltoum Ali SudanEradzh Kholov Tadjikistan 7th Asian Championships
  • 30. Results