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Omari is seven years old and enjoys creating PowerPoints for school, family and friends.

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  1. 1. Usain Bolt London 2012 By Omari Machado
  2. 2. 100M Men’s Final London Olympics 2012 Jamaican RunnersBorn in Trelawny, Jamaica on 21 August1986, Usain grew up with his parents, Jenniferand Wellesley Bolt, his brother Sadiki andsister, Christine. He holds the Olympic andworld records for the 100m (9.69s), the 200m(19.30s) and, along with his team mates(Powell, Frater and Carter), the 4x100m relayat 37.10s, all set in Beijing 2008. Bolt becamethe first man in history to set world records inall three at a single Olympics.
  3. 3. 200M Men’s Final London Olympics 2012Yohan Blake (born 26December 1989), Warren Weir born 31nicknamed by his training October 1989 has beenpartners as "The Beast", is constantly improving sincea Jamaican sprinter who The Diamond league racecompetes in the 200 metres he participated in on Augustand 100 metres. He is the 6,2011 in Crystal Palacecurrent world champion where he made a personalover 100 m and a silver best of 20.43 seconds Hemedalist at the 2012 then made anotherOlympics in London in the personal best at the100 and 200 meters. Jamaica Invitational on May 5, 2012 of 20.21 seconds.
  4. 4. 4 x 100M Final London Olympics 2012 Michael Frater & Nesta Carter, Michael Frater Born on 6 October 1982 in Manchester Jamaica is noted as the third best Jamaican sprinter thus finishing third behind Bolt and Powell in the Jamaica National Championships. His personal best time of 9.97s, set in Beijing, saw him finish 6th in the 100m final. But he would claim a gold medal and world record when he ran the second leg of the 4x100m relay. He recorded a split timeBlakes 100 m personal best of of 9.01s for his leg. Nesta Carter was born on9.69 seconds makes him the 10 November 1985 and follows Frater in theequal second fastest man ever roll call of Jamaican sprinters. Carter haswith Tyson Gay, and after Usain seen recent successes in Germany andBolt. His personal best for the Brazil, winning both 100m races there. The200 m (19.26 seconds) is the split time for Carters lead-off leg of the relaysecond fastest ever after Bolt was 10.41s.
  5. 5. Jamaican Women Athletes London Olympics2012 Shelly-Ann Fraser & Melaine Walker Shelly-Ann Fraser was born on 27 December 1986 in Kingston, Jamaica. She is the reigning Olympic champion over 100m (10.78s). Fraser who, trained for the Olympics with team mate Asafa Powell, became the first Jamaican woman in history to win an Olympic gold medal in the 100m sprint
  6. 6. Usain Bolt Fastest man in the world Facts and StatsUsain Bolt is currently the number onesprinter in the world, he was born in Trilawnyin Jamaica on 21st August 1986. He iscelebrated all around the world as a athleticshero. His skills in sprinting have left athleticsfan in awe. Bolt’s Childhood: Since his childhood Usain hes embodied the spirit of athletics. By running the 200M in only 22 seconds Bolt won his first silver medal, at the age of 14 while still a high school student. Previously Usain Bolt used play cricket and football. He wanted to become a cricketer, but his cricket coach suggested he tried athletics. Knibb High School Usain’s old school has a reputation for developing many athletes in Jamaica. In 2001 Bolt first represented Jamaica in the CARIFTA games competition in Caribbean region. He won two silver medals in both 200 meter and 400 meter sprinting competitions.Usain’s real life:After becoming Olympic champion on 2008 life for Bolt haschanged. He is very popular, people all over the world imitatehim. Usain was a very shy boy as a child. He likes makingnew friends. He enjoys travelling and seeing new places. Boltis very fond of KFC chicken. Whenever he gets time heenjoys sleeping. Usain still enjoys playing cricket and footballwith friends in his spare time. Bolt is a brand ambassador ofpuma. Puma has named many sportswear and shoes afterBolt’s name. The fastest man in the world has a girl friend,who is fashion designer at a fashion house in Jamaica.
  7. 7. Jamaican Medals London Olympics 2012 Sport Gold Silver Bronze Total Athletics 4 4 4 12 BOLT Usain BLAKEMens 100m Yohan BOLT Usain BLAKE WEIR WarrenMens 200m Yohan PARCHMENTMens 110m Hurdles HansleMens 4 x 100m Relay JamaicaWomens 100m FRASER-PRYCE Shelly-Ann CAMPBELL-BROWN Veronica FRASER-PRYCE Shelly-AnnWomens 200mWomens 4 x 100m Relay JamaicaWomens 4 x 400m Relay Jamaica
  8. 8. Jamaica first participated at the Olympic Games in 1948, and has sent athletes tocompete in every Summer Olympic Games since then. In 1960, Jamaican athletescompeted as part of the West Indies Federation team. Jamaica has alsoparticipated in the Winter Olympic Games since 1988, with the Jamaica nationalbobsled team achieving some fame.Jamaican athletes have won a total of 61 medals, with all but one medal won inathletics, and all but three of those in the individual and relay sprint events.The National Olympic Committee for Jamaica is the Jamaica Olympic Association,and was founded in 1936.
  9. 9. Brazil, will host the 2016 Olympics, I will be 11 years old and I am lookingforward to it.