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2013 tf state_schedule5


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2013 tf state_schedule5

  1. 1. FRIDAY, MAY 10 – 2013 STATE TRACK & FIELD MEETSession I: 1A-D2 and 4A, 6 pmDiscus Shot Put Long Jump Triple Jump High Jump Pole Vault8:30 am 4A Girls 4A BoysRing 11A-D2 Girls-Pit 21A-D2 Boys-Pit 19:00 am 1A-D2 Girls Pit11A-D2 BoysPit 21A-D2 Girls-Pit 11A-D2 Boys-Pit 210:00 am 1A D2Girls1A-D2 BoysRing 210:30 am 4A Girls-Pit 14A Boys-Pit 211:00 am 1A-D1 GirlsRing 14A Girls-Pit 14A Boys-Pit 21A-D1 Girls-Pit 21A-D1 Boys-Pit 111:30 am 4A Boys12:00 noon 1A-D1 Girls-Pit 11A-D1 Boys-Pit 21:00 pm 1A-D2Boys4A GirlsRing 21:30 pm 2A Girls-Pit 12A Boys-Pit 24A Girls-Pit 12A Girls-Pit 22:00 pm 1A-D2 GirlsRing 11A-D1 Girls-Pit 11A-D1 Boys-Pit 22:30 pm 1A-D1Boys3:00 pm 1A-D2 Girls-Pit 11A-D2 Boys-Pit 23:30 pm4:00 pm 1A-D1Girls2A GirlsRing 14A Boys-Pit 14:30 pm 1A-D1 BoysRing 24A Girls-Pit 14A Boys-Pit 22A Girls-Pit 12A Boys-Pit 25:30 pm 2A Boys7:00 pm 2A Girls 2A Girls-Pit 12A Boys-Pit 2Track Schedule 3200M8:00 am 1A-D2Girls8:20 am 1A-D2Boys8:40 am 1A-D1Girls9:00 am 1A-D1Boys9:20 am 2A Girls9:40 am 2A Boys10:00 am 4A Girls10:20 am 4A Boys4:15 pm Track OpenWarm-ups5:30 pm TrackClosed6:00 pm Session IEvening Event6:00 pm 400m Relay6:20 pm 800m Run6:45 pm 100/110m Hurdles7:05 pm 100m Dash7:25 pm 800m Relay7:45 pm 400m Dash8:05 pm 300m Hurdles8:25 pm 200m Dash8:45 pm 1600m9:05 pm 1600m Relay
  2. 2. SATURDAY, MAY 11 – 2013 STATE TRACK & FIELD MEETSession II: 1A-D1 and 2A, 12 NoonSession III: 3A and 5A, 6 pmAfternoon Evening Event12 Noon 6:00 pm 400m Relay12:20 pm 6:20 pm 800m Run12:45 pm 6:45 pm 100/110m Hurdles1:05 pm 7:05 pm 100m Dash1:25 pm 7:25 pm 800m Relay1:45 pm 7:45 pm 400m Dash2:05 pm 8:05 pm 300m Hurdles2:25 pm 8:25 pm 200m Dash2:45 pm 8:45 pm 1600m3:05 pm 9:05 pm 1600m RelayTrack Schedule 3200M8:00 am 3A Girls8:20 am 3A Boys8:40 am 5A Girls9:00 am 5A Boys10:15 am Track openWarm-ups11:30 am Trackclosed12 Noon Session II4:15 pm Track OpenWarm-ups5:30 pm TrackClosed6:00 pm Session IIIDiscus Shot Put Long Jump Triple Jump High Jump Pole Vault8:30 am 3A Girls-Pit 13A Boys-Pit 29:00 am 3A Girls 3A BoysRing 12A Boys Pit 13A Boys Pit 210:00 am 1A-D1 Girls-Pit 11A-D1 Boys-Pit 211:00 am 3A Boys 3A GirlsRing 23A Girls-Pit 13A Boys-Pit 211:30 am 2A BoysRing 15A Girls-Pit 15A Boys-Pit 23A GirlsPit 112:00 noon1:00 pm 5A Boys 3A Girls-Pit 13A Boys-Pit 22:00 pm 5A GirlsRing 15A Girls-Pit 15A Boys-Pit 25A GirlsPit 12:30 pm 5A BoysRing 23:00 pm 5A Girls3:30 pm 5A Girls-Pit 15A Boys-Pit 25A BoysPit 1