Olympic games 2012 - Atletika


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Olympic games 2012 - Atletika

  1. 1. Olympic games 2012AthleticsSerbia
  2. 2. Atlethics is not a very popular sport in Serbia but it is one of the sports in which we arevery sucessful. It is the largest single sport in the Serbian Olympic team. Serbian runnerslike Dragutin Topić, Olivera Jevtić, Ivana Španović and Dragana Tomašević are competing inseveral disciplines like long jump, high jump, marathon and discus throwing.
  3. 3. Olivera JevtićOlivera Jevtić (age 34) is one of the Serbia’s most sucessful longdistance runners. She was born in 1977. in Užice where shecurrently resides. She was named the best Serbian runnermultiple times. Jevtić was selected as young athlete of the yearof 1996. In 2006 she was awarded with Golden Badge of Sport,award for the sportperson of the Year in Serbia, and the sameyear was declared the best sportswoman by the OlympicCommittee of Serbia. Jevtić holds the Serbian marathon record of2:25:23, which she established at the Rotterdam Marathon in2003. She won the silver medal in the marathon at the 2006European Athletics Championships in Gothenburg, Sweden.Olivera qualified for the London Olympic games by finishingTorino marathon 5th and suppressing olympic A standard by 4minutes and 51 seconds.Some of her results include:• 1996 Junior World Championship 5,000 m – 2nd place• 1998 European Championship 5,000 m – 4th place• 1998 Saint Silvester Marathon – 1st place• 2002 New York City Mini Marathon – 4th place• 2003 Amsterdam Marathon – 1st place• 2004 Olympic Games marathon – 6th place• 2004 Boston Marathon – 3rd place• 2006 European Championship marathon – 2nd place
  4. 4. Olivera Jevtić running the 2004 New York marathon Olivera Jevtić at the European championship podium
  5. 5. Olivera Jevtić participating in Barcelona marathon Olivera Jevtić standing in front of a gigantic olympic-ballon sign
  6. 6. Dragutin TopićDragutin Topić (age 41) is one of the best Serbian runners of alltimes. He is best known for his results in high jumping. Hebecame a World junior record holder with 2.37 when hewon World Junior Championships 1990 and that record stillholds. In the same year Topić received the Golden Badge awardfor best athlete of Yugoslavia. Three years later he won goldenmedal in senior European Championship in Split, and that sameyear Serbian “Sport” magazine awards him with the sportsman ofthe year award. He still competes as of 2011, and has one of thelongest careers in high jumping. Dragutin qualified for 2012Olympic games by jumping 2.28 meters high and satisfyingolympic B standard. This will be his 6th olympic gamesparticipation.Some of his results include:• 1990 World Junior Championships in Bulgaria – 1st place (2.37 m)• 1991 European Championships in Split – 1st place (2.34 m)• 1992 Olympic games in Barcelona – 9th place (2.28 m)• 1996 European Indoor Championships Stockholm – 1st place (2.35 m)• 1997 World Indoor Championships – 3rd place (2.32 m)• 2000 European Indoor Championships in Belgium– 3rd place (2.34 m)• 2004 Olympic Games in Athens – 10th place (2.29 m)• 2006 World Indoor Championships in Valencia – 6th place (2.27 m)
  7. 7. Dragutin Topić at the Mediterranean games Dragutin Topić being cheerful
  8. 8. Dragutin Topić at the Belgium indoor Championships Close call
  9. 9. Ivana ŠpanovićIvana Španović (age 22) is a Serbian long jumper and one of themost successful young runners in Serbia. Besides long jumping,she competes in 60 and 100 m categories. She was born inZrenjanin and currently living there. She finished seventh atthe 2006 World Junior Championships, won the silver medalthe 2007 World Youth Championships and the gold medal atthe 2008 World Junior Championships. She also competed atthe 2008 Olympic Games without reaching the final round. In2008 she was selected for the best young athlete in Serbia. Shewon the 1st place on 2009 Summer Universiade in Belgrade byjumping 6.64 m and beating her runner-up by 17 cm. Herpersonal best jump is 6.78 metres, achieved in June 2010in Belgrade during European Team Championships SecondLeague. She managed to qualify for the 2012 Olympic games inLondon by jumping 6.65 meters and satisfying B standard.Some of her results include:• 2005 World Youth Championships in Morocco – 8th place (5.97 m)• 2006 World Junior Championships in Beijing– 7th place (6.23 m)• 2007 World Youth Championships in Ostrava – 2nd place (6.41 m)• 2007 European Youth Olympic Festival Belgrade– 2nd place (6.20 m)• 2008 World Junior Championships in Poland – 1st place (6.61 m)• 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing – 30th place (6.30 m)• 2009 Universiade in Belgrade – 1st place (6.64 m)• 2011 European Team Championships in Novi Sad – 6th place (6.58 m)
  10. 10. Ivana Španović at the 2012 Samsung Diamond League in Shanghai Ivana promoting Nike
  11. 11. Ivana during a jump in European Team Championships in Novi Sad Ivana at the Ostrava 2011 podium
  12. 12. Dragana TomaševićDragana Tomašević (age 30) is one of the Serbia’s mostsuccessful discus throwers. She was born in Sremska Mitrovica in1982. Besides discus throwing, she sometimes competes in shotput and her record in that discipline is 14.81 which she achievedin 2004. in Moscow. She participated in the 2004 Olympic gamesin Athens where she finished 20th with the result of 54.44. In2008 she has taken part in Olympic games in Beijing where shewas ranked 13th with the result of 60.19. In the Word AtlethicChampionship in 2011. she won 7th place with the result of62.48 meters. Her personal best throw is 63.63 metres, achievedin August 2006 in Gothenburg. She has satisfied olympic Bstandard and qualified by achieving 60.22 meters and this willbe her third Olympic games participation.Some of her results include:• 2004 Olympic games in Athens – 20th place (54.44 m)• 2005 World Championships in Finland – 7th place (60.56 m)• 2005 Universiade in Turkey – 3rd place (59.92 m)• 2005 Mediterranean games in Spain – 1st place (62.10 m)• 2007 Universiade in Bangkok– 3rd place (58.73 m)• 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing – 13th place (60.19 m)• 2009 Universiade in Belgrade – 10th place (54.44 m)• 2011 World Championships in Korea – 7th place (62.48 m)
  13. 13. Dragana throwing a discus Dragana during a discus throwing qualification in Berlin
  14. 14. Dragana throwing a discus in Barcelona 2010 championship Dragana during a discus throw
  15. 15. Thanks for your attention!Made by Aleksandar ĐukanovZrenjanin grammar school Serbia