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Improving your online marketing with bookmarking
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Improving your online marketing with bookmarking


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Notes for a brief webcast on improving your online marketing with bookmarking which is here:

Notes for a brief webcast on improving your online marketing with bookmarking which is here:

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. Improving your online marketing by bookmarkingPietro Polsinelli
  • 2. Doing marketing
    I think that everybody doing online marketing knows that it is an activity that tends to turn into a mess, simply because of the amount of information one has to collect and deal with.
  • 3. Online marketing for…
    Today online marketing gets done for of very different products and services.
    My example here is promoting a video game – but could be launching a new vintage wine or a financial service.
  • 4. Software gets in the way
    Now many marketers don’t use any specialized software, me neither before Licorize: because it just gets in the way
    The focus in marketing is in getting good contacts, not in classifying information.
  • 5. Just bookmark
    What I started doing was just bookmarking whatever potentially good source I found.
    If you start doing that, you’ll be effortlessly creating a base for a well organized marketing campaign.
  • 6. What you gain?
    You’ll get an interactive, readable, working archive of all the information collected. This you get with many bookmarking tools, one is our Licorize.
  • 7. Doing marketing efficiently
    400 bookmarks, 200 contacts –weeks of research.
    Contacting them: a couple days of work.
    Some answer, many don’t , some answer constructively, some review your product… different kinds of reactions.
  • 8. Beyond archiving
    As you’ll want to do specific activities for each contact you’re finding – some bookmarks require further online research, some you just have to write them, some you already have a contact.
    Marketing requires you to carry through different activities for each contact and in different moments.
  • 9. Managing marketing from your bookmarks
    If you bookmark in Licorize you’ll get that your contacts can easily be transformed in to-do’s, projects, ideas, notes.
    Phase one – collection – phase two – first contacts – phase three – get back to them, and so on.
    You can share contacts with others in a marketing phase – and generate one phase from another with one click.
  • 10. Working effectively
    With Licorize you can be sure that you have all the tools to support you after bookmarking, when using the information productively.
    You and anyone you’d like to involve in the process. If bookmarking means something for you, if its not just wasting time – maybe you should try Licorize.
  • 11. P.S. A little secret
    Even if you just bookmark, and never again go and check what you bookmarked, this may be a help in decreasing distractions, instead of a waste of time.
    Because once the page, the contact is saved, your unconscious will let you more easily move forward.
    This is a well known psychological effect.
  • 12. Try it
    You can try Licorize for free: