Tweeting For Business 101


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You've probably heard of Twitter, but if you've visited - or even gone further and signed up - it might not be clear what the business value is of this real-time communication channel actually is. This webcast aims to change all that and show you how to grab the power of Twitter for (fun) and profit!

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Tweeting For Business 101

  1. 1. Tweeting for Business 101 How to grab the power of Twitter for (fun) and profit! Presented By Jennifer Lindsay, Principal Jennifer Lindsay Digital Consultancy Social Media Strategist. Speaker. Broadcaster. Consultant. Blog: | Twitter: Podcast: September 15, 2009
  2. 2. Why Twitter?  Traffic on Twitter has exploded to 18 million US adults.  Case studies show Twitter can be used successfully for:  Lead generation  Customer service  Trend-spotting  Up-to-the-second news
  3. 3. How to get started  This account will represent your business only.  Register with your company name and logo.  Tip: Be sure to reserve your company name, even if you won’t be using the account right away.
  4. 4. First, find the conversation  Search for relevant tweets:  By company name  By market  By verticals  By competitors’ names  The search process can be automated and sent to you by email or RSS.
  5. 5. Then, join the conversation  Reply to those looking for company suggestions.  Track customers praising your company  Note examples of good word of mouth.  Reply with solutions for those seeking service.  Follow trending topics for news and topics.  Get the latest headlines.
  6. 6. As your presence grows…  Remember:  Posts must be short and your replies must be quick and on-point.  Topics you should tweet about include: press coverage, press releases, presence at conferences, product announcements and links to demos.  Blog posts and anything else RSS-enabled can be automatically fed into Twitter as tweets.  Think about text, audio, video and image elements you can incorporate.
  7. 7. It takes a company  People - including employees - now expect companies to use Twitter as a customer service, product suggestions and sales tool.  You will want to include members of these teams available to support you by providing answers and taking on lead generation when these tweets arise.
  8. 8. … or a pay service  Use Twitter for Lead generation, Customer service, Trend-spotting and Up-to-the-second news or use a service such as Co-Tweet.
  9. 9. Bringing it all together  By leveraging the audience of Twitter, you can now:  Connect directly with decision makers to engage in lead generation.  Emphasize you/your company's credibility as a customer resource.  Exhibit your industry expertise as a trend- spotter.  Stay informed with the latest news.
  10. 10. For more information on Twitter and other aspects of social media, let’s connect! You’ve been listening to Jennifer Lindsay, Social Media Strategist, Speaker, Broadcaster and Digital Veteran For Jennifer Lindsay Digital Consultancy Blog: Twitter: Podcast: | LinkedIn: Facebook: