Acts. Not ads. Do remarkable stuff, don’t talk remarkable stuff. for RTFM11


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Acts. Not ads.
Do remarkable stuff,
don’t talk remarkable stuff.

Nothing changed and everything changed.
The more direct contact brands have with consumers,
the more they need a coherent core identity.
One that translates both into tweets and invoices
in campaigns, and more important, a permanent dialogue.
Because people’s expectations have shifted.
Towards new client service normals.
From ads to acts.

Changing companies towards more consumer centricity isn’t easy.
That requires proving you’re on the right track every single day.
Showing progress.
Building upon your companies’ unused potential.

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Acts. Not ads. Do remarkable stuff, don’t talk remarkable stuff. for RTFM11

  1. 1. Polle de Maagt @polledemaagt Acts. Not ads. Do remarkable stuff, don’t talk remarkable stuff.
  2. 2. Hello. My name is Polle de Maagt. @polledemaagt that is.
  3. 3. I try to change companies to be less about ads and more about acts.Through inspiration, strategy and coaching.
  4. 4. We did a small experiment in happiness. “Do something with Foursquare”, that was the briefing for a pretty remarkable experiment. Over the course of 6 weeks, we surprised KLM passengers based on their social media profiles. To see how happiness spreads. And it did. Something to prove KLM wanted to prove they recognize the person behind every passenger. More? I will talk you through that later :) FoursquareEvery time a passenger told KLM via twitter or Foursquare that he/she was at Schiphol airport,we tried to surprise him/her in a most personal way. Results? Over 1.000.000 impressions on twitter alone. And a Cannes Lions Award for PR.
  5. 5. Running other routes Not the same round every day, but a route worth running. Running further To run a decent figure, people needed to run further than they were used to.Nike changed the way people run. A club worth joining Connected 24/7/365. Results? Over 40.000 connected runners, behavior change amongst runners. SpinAwards and Webby Award.
  6. 6. I work(ed) for companies like
  7. 7. Let’s talk about the inflation of promises and commitments. If that’s ok with you.
  8. 8. Over the last 8 years ... ... I have been a 30K customer. 9,1 %was not delayed or cancelled Over my last 11 itineraries.
  9. 9. “Create acts, not ads. Leo Burnett. “
  10. 10. More difficult to exceed expectations every day.It’s pretty basic: do more than people expect to stimulate word of mouth. However, 365/24/7 webcareand other services change the normal, a new normal, a new hygiene level.
  11. 11. So, maybe ... we need to change tonight’s focus.
  12. 12. Polle de Maagt @polledemaagt Acts. Not manifestos. Companies, not social media gurus.
  13. 13. Honestly. Who read the Cluetrain manifesto?
  14. 14. “Marketing is way to important to leave it up to the marketing department. Steven van Belleghem. ““Social media is way to important to leave it up to the social media experts. Polle de Maagt. “
  15. 15. Polle de Maagt @polledemaagt Talk their language. Talk clear project goals, KPIs and roadmaps. The small projects will force you to take baby steps every day, will help to engage more internal people, will help you develop internal learnings and best practices and a track record of successful mini projects. All to fuel momentum. Define projectsDefine key challenges and chop themup into manageable projects. Projects that test hypothesizes, show progress, make you learn and fuel momentum in other ways. More on KPIs Clear aim See next slide for more onDefine a clear aim that describes the defining the different main purpose of the project. KPIs. Roadmap Sketch a progessive roadmap with main todos and milestones.
  16. 16. “Create acts, not ads. Leo Burnett. “
  17. 17. 48 Change companies. Act yourself.Every little act is a step closer to leveraging unused potential. Every act is a little less ads. Do something in the next 48 hours that actually makes your company or your clients more customer connected.
  18. 18. Thanks for your time. Download the presentation at contact me via twitter (@polledemaagt) or email (