Drugs and Crime
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Drugs and Crime






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Drugs and Crime Document Transcript

  • 1. S U M M I T A C A D E M Y C H A R T E R S C H O O L Mr. Stephan Bridging the GAP … Reaching New HEIGHTS Name: ______________________________ Period: ______ Do Now: Drugs and Crime 1. What information does the bar graph display? _____________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ 2. Identify the source(s) of this information: ________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ 3. Which of the three groups identified has the highest level of drug use? _________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ 4. What problems can you identify in the information provided by the graph? ______________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ 5. Using exactly 15 words, write a sentence that summarizes the information from the graph: ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________
  • 2. S U M M I T A C A D E M Y C H A R T E R S C H O O L Mr. Stephan Bridging the GAP … Reaching New HEIGHTS Writing Assignment: Drugs and Crime Task: Write a three paragraph letter to the Mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg, outlining a plan to reduce violent crimes that are linked to drugs. Your letter must include an introduction, at least one body paragraph and a conclusion. Be sure to sign the letter with your name at the bottom of the page! Guide to Writing I. Dear Mayor Bloomberg, Date II. Introduction a. introduce yourself b. state your purpose for writing the letter c. include an example of drug related violence that has inspired you to write the letter (the example can come from the news or a real life experience) III. Body a. describe your plan to reduce drug related violence b. outline specific steps that you would like to see c. identify components of the community (police, schools, lawmakers, etc) that will need to adopt your policy d. explain the expected effects of your plan IV. Conclusion a. summarize your plan one last time b. emphasize the importance of your plan c. thank the politician for their time and consideration V. Signature