Local	  Coordination	  Meeting	  |	  09	  April	  2013	  |	  Ruah	  Formation	  Hall,	  Holy	  Spirit	  Parish,	  BF	  Hom...
Minutes	  of	  the	  Meeting	  	  Local	  Coordination	  Meeting	  |	  04.09.13	   2	  	  	  	  	  	  	  	  	  	  	  	  	 ...
Minutes	  of	  the	  Meeting	  	  Local	  Coordination	  Meeting	  |	  04.09.13	   3	  Table	  of	  Contents	  	  	  I.	  ...
Minutes	  of	  the	  Meeting	  	  Local	  Coordination	  Meeting	  |	  04.09.13	   4	  I.	  Administrative	  Details	  Thi...
Minutes	  of	  the	  Meeting	  	  Local	  Coordination	  Meeting	  |	  04.09.13	   5	  II.	  Review	  of	  Previous	  Minu...
Minutes	  of	  the	  Meeting	  	  Local	  Coordination	  Meeting	  |	  04.09.13	   6	  • Development of some module curren...
Minutes	  of	  the	  Meeting	  	  Local	  Coordination	  Meeting	  |	  04.09.13	   7	  Use surplus first before requesting...
Minutes	  of	  the	  Meeting	  	  Local	  Coordination	  Meeting	  |	  04.09.13	   8	  x. Cebu Mission (1:20pm)1. Marikina...
Minutes	  of	  the	  Meeting	  	  Local	  Coordination	  Meeting	  |	  04.09.13	   9	  	  D.	  Review	  of	  Action	  Item...
Minutes	  of	  the	  Meeting	  	  Local	  Coordination	  Meeting	  |	  04.09.13	   10	  III.	  Agenda	  Items	  This secti...
Minutes	  of	  the	  Meeting	  	  Local	  Coordination	  Meeting	  |	  04.09.13	   11	  3. Antipolo Coordination. Reported...
Minutes	  of	  the	  Meeting	  	  Local	  Coordination	  Meeting	  |	  04.09.13	   12	  • Presented slides on the expansio...
Minutes	  of	  the	  Meeting	  	  Local	  Coordination	  Meeting	  |	  04.09.13	   13	  	  	  	  Bacolod	  Mission	  Detai...
Minutes	  of	  the	  Meeting	  	  Local	  Coordination	  Meeting	  |	  04.09.13	   14	  	  • Discussed the importance of u...
Minutes	  of	  the	  Meeting	  	  Local	  Coordination	  Meeting	  |	  04.09.13	   15	  • Each Local Coordinations will ha...
Minutes	  of	  the	  Meeting	  	  Local	  Coordination	  Meeting	  |	  04.09.13	   16	  G.	  Accounts	  Receivables	  Pres...
Minutes	  of	  the	  Meeting	  	  Local	  Coordination	  Meeting	  |	  04.09.13	   17	  • Showcased the dynamic informatio...
Minutes	  of	  the	  Meeting	  	  Local	  Coordination	  Meeting	  |	  04.09.13	   18	  5 Email instruction on how tosubmi...
Minutes	  of	  the	  Meeting	  	  Local	  Coordination	  Meeting	  |	  04.09.13	   19	  	  APPENDIX	  A:	  PLW	  BOOKS	  C...
Minutes	  of	  the	  Meeting	  	  Local	  Coordination	  Meeting	  |	  04.09.13	   20	  APPENDIX	  B:	  NEW	  PLW	  PHILIP...
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Minutes 04092013 local_coordinationmeeting_version1


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The complete Minutes of the Meeting held last April 9 2013 at the Local Coordination Meeting held at Ruah Hall, Holy Spirit Parish, BF Homes, Quezon City.

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Minutes 04092013 local_coordinationmeeting_version1

  1. 1. Local  Coordination  Meeting  |  09  April  2013  |  Ruah  Formation  Hall,  Holy  Spirit  Parish,  BF  Homes,  Quezon  City    This  document  contains  the  complete  documentation  of  the  recently  concluded  Local  Coordination  Meeting  prepared  by  PLW  National  Secretariat.  w w w . p l w p h i l . c o m  M          Minutes  of  the  Meeting  May  2013  Release  
  2. 2. Minutes  of  the  Meeting    Local  Coordination  Meeting  |  04.09.13   2                                                  The design and format of PLW Philippines Minutes of the Meeting has been revised and updated toaccommodate the flow of information lifted from the Local Coordination Meeting or the NationalCoordination Meeting. This document serves as a reference only and for any clarifications or questions,it is best to address this to the National Coordination Team or send an email to secretariat@plwphil.com.Cover design by PLW Secretariat.May 2013 1st Version. Series of 2013  
  4. 4. Minutes  of  the  Meeting    Local  Coordination  Meeting  |  04.09.13   4  I.  Administrative  Details  This section provides specific information about the meetings venue, time andattendance. It also mentions that preparation highlights prior to the meeting proper.A.  Meeting  Details  Meeting Date: April 09, 2013 (Tuesday)Meeting Type: Local Coordination Meeting (LCM)Meeting Venue: Ground Floor, Spiritus Hall, Holy Spirit Church, NepomucenoSt, BF Homes, Holy Spirit, Quezon CityTime Started: 09: 05 A.M.Time Ended: 12: 05 P.M.B.  Attendance  Detail:  No. Name Position Coordination Team Time-InNational Coordination1 Domeng Mendoza National Coordinator National Coordination 8:20 A.M.2 Milagros Mendoza National Coordinator National Coordination 8:20 A.M.3 Derrick Lara National Secretary National Coordination 8:30 A.M.4 Janice De Guzman National Treasurer National Coordination 8:55 A.M.5 Sofie Origenes National Materials-in-ChargeNational Coordination 8:55 A.M.6 Joy Lara Formation Guide National Coordination 8:55 A.M.Antipolo Coordination7 Norma Garcia Local Coordinator Antipolo Coordination 8:45 A.M.8 Rhodora Felix Local Secretary Antipolo Coordination 8:45 A.M.9 Roxanne Marasigan Local Treasurer Antipolo Coordination 8:45 A.M.10 Regina Bernardo Formation Guide Antipolo Coordination 8:45 A.M.Bataan Coordination11 Renato Bagay Local Coordinator /Local SecretaryBataan Coordination 8:45 A.M.12 Leonarda Collas Local Treasurer Bataan Coordination 8:45 A.M.Bulacan Coordination13 Rolando Halili Local Coordinator Bulacan Coordination 8:55 A.M.14 Asuncion Glorioso Local Treasurer Bulacan Coordination 8:55 A.M.Manila Coordination15 Gina Antonio Local Secretary Manila Coordination 8:55 A.M.16 Odie De Jesus Local Treasurer Manila Coordination 8:55 A.M.Marikina Coordination17 Antonio Cruz Local Coordinator Marikina Coordination 8:55 A.M.18 Ofella Torres Local Treasurer Marikina Coordination 8:55 A.M.19 Bella Villanueva Representative forLocal SecretaryMarikina Coordination 8:55 A.M.
  5. 5. Minutes  of  the  Meeting    Local  Coordination  Meeting  |  04.09.13   5  II.  Review  of  Previous  Minutes  This section provides highlights on the read previous minutes of the meeting.The minutes of the November 3,2012 assembly was read and reviewed to theattendees by PLW National Secretariat, Derrick Lara.A.  Meeting  Attendees    NationalCoordinationDomeng Mendoza, Mila Mendoza, DerrickLara, Kath Lara, Joy Lara, Sofie Origenes,Janice De GuzmanManilaCoordinationGina Antonio, Odie De JesusMarikinaCoordinationAntonio Cruz, Noel Rebollos, Lourdes Bueno,Ofella TorresAntipoloCoordinationNorma Garcia, Roxanne Marasigan, RhodoraFelixBulacanCoordinationLilia Rivera, Rolando HaliliBataanCoordinationRenato BagayTotal 19B.  Meeting  Details  Venue: Holy Spirit Parish Hall, Quezon CityDate: November 3, 2012 (Saturday)Reference Link: http://prayerandlifeworkshops.wordpress.com/local-­‐coordinating-­‐teams/local-­‐coordination-­‐meeting-­‐minutes/ (password: locale)C.  Meeting  Discussions  1. Opening Prayera. Spirit of the Living Godb. Community Meditation: Mark 1:35-39 (started 9:20am)2. Meeting Proper (9:40am)a. Official PLW Hymn was playedb. Meeting Presentation (10:00am)(Please click this link to download a copy of the meeting presentation:http://prayerandlifeworkshops.files.wordpress.com/2012/11/localcoordinationmeeting_110312_v3.ppt )i. National Coordination1. At a Glance (PLW Guides)2. Culmination Week Themes• Development of talks –
  6. 6. Minutes  of  the  Meeting    Local  Coordination  Meeting  |  04.09.13   6  • Development of some module currentlybeing done by Ron Mendoza (Bulacan)and can be shared to everyone aftercompletion;• Others can develop their own module,topic can be an excerpt of LSG3. Local Expansion• Requesting assistance from the Zone for localexpansions• Lay-outing the groundwork, will be requestingfeedback from Antipolo Group (Cebu mission)4. Asian Expansion5. Status Summary6. Financial Requirements7. Team Coordinatorsii. National Secretariat (10:20am)1. Team Secretariat2. General Purpose3. Initiatives4. Initiated Projects• National Coordination already did 2 online meetingsover skype5. Cycle Reporting• Local Coordination Cycle Report• Statistics Report6. Reporting Timeline7. Next Stepsiii. Short Break (10:43am)Pilipino Songs played:1. Sa ‘Yong Singkad (How Great thou Art)2. Ama, Puso Ko (Change My Heart, O God)3. Isusuko Ko (I Surrender All)iv. National Treasury (11:03am)1. Team Treasurer2. Financial Status• Breakdown to be shown to local treasury duringbreak out session• Invoice break down is now available so localcoordination can reconcile with their records.• Priority to clear all receivables for 2011 and 2012• Previous years’ receivable – decision to write offwill be made in the future (if necessary)• Suggestion for the Financial report >> include alsototal of payment, not only the running balance3. Costing of PLW Materials• 2012 Cycle 2• Assumption: All materials are locallyprinted• 2013 Cycle 1• English: P450• Pilipino: P300• Remind guides to ensure that extramaterials are monitored and returned.
  7. 7. Minutes  of  the  Meeting    Local  Coordination  Meeting  |  04.09.13   7  Use surplus first before requesting for newmaterials.v. National Formation (11:25am)1. Team Formation2. Intensive Formation• Local Coordination feedback:• Short duration but too much information inone session• Formation Guide needs to study IntensiveSOF before he / she can give SOF• Ideally for far location• We will exhaust all possible way toconduct regular SOF; secondary only toconduct intensive SOF• Ensure rigid selection of SOF students3. Regular vs Intensive SOF• Recommendation: Conduct regular SOF first, untilwe have the combined regular and intensive SOFversion available hopefully by next year.vi. National Materials (11:55am)1. Team Material – same as local treasury2. PLW National Materials Inventory• Sofie to provide sketch of her location• 0 inventory: English workbook; Jackets; EnglishGuide’s Manual• Reminder to use surplus first before requesting fornew materials.• No updates yet as regards to the Mexico printercontacting the Manila’s local printer: Sonar• We are obliged to expand, hence we needed thenew materials to be available• English Guide’s Manual: editing currently inprogress.vii. Retreat Schedule (12:03nn)1. Retreat PLW Schedule Jan 2013• Retreat Module: My Brothers and Sisters• Manila, Antipolo, Marikina: Reminder on roomassignment, payment etc.• A number of participants has specialneeds (i.e. cannot go up & down, needs tohave a separate bathroom)• Bataan: Arrangement made already• Baguio: Reservations done2. Bank Account• Bataan account closed• In the meantime, please use the (new!) jointsavings account under Domeng Mendoza andJanice De Guzmanviii. Appendix (12:19nn)1. Coding Project2. Local Reporting• Local Cycle Reportix. Break out session: working lunch (12:40nn)
  8. 8. Minutes  of  the  Meeting    Local  Coordination  Meeting  |  04.09.13   8  x. Cebu Mission (1:20pm)1. Marikina Coordination: Cebu Mission Report• Please click this link to download a copy of thereport:http://prayerandlifeworkshops.files.wordpress.com/2012/11/cebu-mission_marikina-report.pdf2. Antipolo Coordination – additional Cebu mission report• As a support to Marikina mission• No bishop available at that time due toCanonization of St. Pedro Calungsod• CCTL Radio Program (Radio Veritas of Cebu)• Love Flock – PLW to present; Antipolo coordinationto follow up• TV Program• PLW as a guest• Recommended Domeng and Derrick toappear as guest• For follow up; provide schedule soAntipolo (c/o Roxanne) can coordinate• Cebu expansion needs to have a definite plan priorto the TV program interview• Domeng and Derrick to meet with Marikinaand Antipolo Coordination• Who can go? Cost of expansion?xi. Questions/Concerns:1. How do we consider an activity as an expansion?• If there’s a definite agenda and a clear plan forexpansion2. Do we keep or distribute the Guide’s record?• Guide’s record should be kept by the LocalSecretary• Distribute Guide’s certificate to the guides3. Marikina Coordination Concern: Missing Guide’s certificate3. Closing: Summary / Recap (2:00pm)i. PLW Roadmapii. Improvement in our records trackingiii. Prayer needs – please utilize our online resources (i.e. facebook;email)iv. Expansion Plans4. Closing Prayer (2:03pm)    
  9. 9. Minutes  of  the  Meeting    Local  Coordination  Meeting  |  04.09.13   9    D.  Review  of  Action  Items    Action Assigned To Due Date StatusSend meeting minutes andmaterialsNationalSecretary11/4/12 In progressShare marketing materials forexpansionNationalSecretary11/11/12 In progressUpload 6 bishops that certifiedPLW in our PLW websiteNationalSecretary11/11/12 Not StartedEmail instruction on how tosubmit reportsNationalSecretary11/11/12 In ProgressProvide templates for all reportingneedsNationalSecretary,Treasury andFormation11/11/12 In ProgressProvide feedback on specialneeds for the retreat. Sendfeedback to the assigned LeadCoordinator / PersonAllCoordination11/11/12 In ProgressMeet with Marikina and Antipolocoordination for Cebu mission(i.e. schedule; who can go;definite plans for expansion; cost)Domeng andDerrick11/30/12 Not StartedProvide schedule on when CebuTV interview can be scheduledDomeng andDerrick11/30/12 Not StartedSubmit projected venues for PLW2013 Cycle 1All LocalCoordinators11/30/12 Not StartedProvide list of guide’s numbers NationalCoordinator11/30/12 In ProgressSubmit pictures on the CebuMissionAntipoloCoordination11/30/12 Not StartedSubmit Local Cycle Report All LocalCoordinators,Secretary andTreasurer11/30/12 Not Started
  10. 10. Minutes  of  the  Meeting    Local  Coordination  Meeting  |  04.09.13   10  III.  Agenda  Items  This section presents the agenda items planned and discussed.1. National Expansion Activities2. Pilipino Workshop materials3. Universal Day of the Guides (Pentecost)4. PLW Young Adults Materials5. Fr. Ignacios Circular # 286. Fund-Raising Projects7. New Campaign Materials8. Other MattersIV.  Meeting  Proper  A.  Local  Coordination  Updates  Local Coordination teams were requested to provide updates with regard to (a)Coordination Updates (b) Number of Active Guides (c) Workshop Venues (d)Accounts Receivables (e) Formation Updates (f) Other Matters1. Bataan Coordination. Reported by Br. Rene Bagay• 8 Active Guides (7 active; 1 on leave)• Highlight: Request has been granted by the Diocese for a SpiritualAssistant who can assist in bridging workshops to parishes. Successfullyheld 5 workshops.• Workshop Venues: 5• Accounts Receivables: On-schedule payments• School of Formation: None as of meeting time. Planning to have a schoolof formation by end of thhis year• Other Updates: Strengthened relationships with priests but with only 8working guides. Moving payments for National receivables.2. Bulacan Coordination. Reported by Br. Lando Halili, Coordinator• 19 Active Guides (14 active guides; 5 on leave (abroad and locality)• Highlights and Challenges: Declining number of participants during the3rd and 4th sessions (Challenge). Experienced great bonding among theguides specifically with the visit of 2 "balik-bayan" guides (Highlight).Special workshop being given to a couple due to a bed-ridden husband(Highlight)• Workshop Venues: 5• Accounts Receivable: Still having outstanding balance with previousrecords.• School of Formation: On-going school at Norzagaray given by FormationGuide - Sis. Chona . Has 5 participants and currently at Apostolicsession. Another school of formation to be given by Br. Sam Riveramainly composed of teachers.• Target: Request for a letter of endorsement or permission / letter ofapproval from the Bishop
  11. 11. Minutes  of  the  Meeting    Local  Coordination  Meeting  |  04.09.13   11  3. Antipolo Coordination. Reported by Sis. Norma Garcia• 21 Active Guides (3 inactive / medical leave and inactive; 7 guides withoutsession venues and 12 working guides)• Workshop Venues: 7• Accounts Receivables: No collated report as of meeting time due to anupcoming schedule. Projected to have a good remittance for this cycle• Schools of Formation: None as of the meeting time. No central venue forthe school of formation providing as a hindrance and as a challenge as ofthis time. Advised to get younger guides due to ageing population• Highlights and Challenges. Maintained a steady number of participantsdespite challenges. (Highlights). Contributed success due to priestsinfluence to participants attendance. Plan to present workshopexpansion to a bishop assigned in Taal, Batangas but did not push thrudue to contact persons sickness.4. Marikina Coordination. Reported by Sis. Bella Villanueva and Br. AntonioCruz• 17 Active Guides (15 active guides; 2 guides on leave)• Highlights and Challenges: Few workshop sessions. Experiencechallenges in starting the workshop sessions due to resetting ofschedules.• Workshop Venues: 3 (2 off-cycle workshop schedules)• Off Cycle Schedules: PLW scheduled every January in St. CamilusSeminary due to its postulancy formation program. Projects 2 moreworkshops to start on June• Accounts Receivables: On-going review. Material acquisition by 2014• School of Formation: Completed send-forth with 3 new guides asattended by Sis. Joy Lara, National Formation Guide• Plans: Plans to expand in Pasig.5. Manila Coordination. Reported by Sis. Gina Antonio, PLW Secretary• 17 Active New Guides (Including 5 newly send-forth guides and 5 guidesas members of the National Coordination Team)• Accounts Receivables: Only got 6 sets maximizing unused materials. Nopending balance. Generating revenues from book sales• Expansions: Extending workshops to Cavite and guides have committedtithes to help support Cebu-Bacolod expansion plansB.  National  Expansion  Activities      The National Expansion Activities as presented by Br. Domeng Mendoza  • Reviewed the assembly of the expansion plans presented last November2012. Targeted 3 main areas in the Philippines: Tarlac, Cebu and Davao• Updated the assembly about Tarlac expansion care of Sis. Meng Reyes.However, the Bishop assigned in Tarlac have been transferred or moved out
  12. 12. Minutes  of  the  Meeting    Local  Coordination  Meeting  |  04.09.13   12  • Presented slides on the expansion timelines in Visayas specifically on how itstarted and where the goal will be• Highlighted the initiated trips done by Antipolo and Marikina guides thatprompted the expansion to take place in October 2012 and to present• Completed the planning process after receiving positive feedback from theplaces visited by Antipolo and Marikina• Highlighted the impact of orientation sessions after the expansions haverealized as of February 2013• Orientation sessions held after holy week in Talisay and other areas• Mentioned the desert schedules in Talisay and Danao to happen some timeon June and July• Updated the assembly about the Bacolod visits after doing some initialpresentation• Reviewed the need for an Ilongo speaking in Bacolod, guide in Manila will beavailable next year. Currently declared an open need as of this meeting• Presented pictures taken from the Cebu and Bacolod trips. Discussedgeographical areas and meeting highlights• Identified the guides currently conducting workshops in Cebu in the person ofE.Toledo and L.Bueno• Discussed highlights of the Cebu trip emphasizing the possibilities of havingworkshops be conducted in the parishes visited• Made a courtesy call with Bishop Palma• Mentioned about 4 venues awaiting in Bacolod for 2nd cycle of 2013 care ofLight Of Jesus Community located in Silay City• Reiterated the 7th session envelopes having to explain to participants aconcrete picture of the expansion plans in Cebu and Bacolod• Presented costing work for the expansion plans for Cebu and BacolodMissionsCebu  Mission  Details      
  13. 13. Minutes  of  the  Meeting    Local  Coordination  Meeting  |  04.09.13   13        Bacolod  Mission  Detail          
  14. 14. Minutes  of  the  Meeting    Local  Coordination  Meeting  |  04.09.13   14    • Discussed the importance of using the local dialect as a consideration for theexpansion plans in Cebu and Bacolod• Highlighted the challenges of guides not conversing in local dialect to makethe workshop sessions be more effective. The need to have missionaryguides both for Cebu and Bacolod who knows how to speak the dialect will bean advantage• Emphasized the need for local dialect to be used during the communitysharing as a way of gauging the effectiveness of the workshop• Updated the participants about the potential translation of PLW materials toCebuano through Bishop Joseph Nacua, OFM Cap.• On-going review of 2nd cycle line up for Cebu. Targeted School of Formationin Cebu to be launched by 2nd cycleC.  Filipino  Workshop  Materials  Presented by Br. Domeng and Sis. Mila Mendoza, National Coordinators• Completed all English PLW Materials to Filipino with placed numbering• Distributed materials for early Guides review• Advance copies of songs, manual and CD messages have been handed out• Gave 2 sets composed of song book (awit), complete set of CD messages,songs, and newly translated manual for coordinations to practice• New messages recorded by Bishop Nacua are currently being completed asit undergoes editing process. Coordinations can still make use of the CDMessages of Br. Ramirs voice-over while waiting for the new messagetranslations• Handed out 2 sets per coordination for review and practice• Recommended to duplicate the audio CDs per coordinationD.  Universal  Day  of  Guides  Presented by Br. Domeng Mendoza, National Coordinator  
  15. 15. Minutes  of  the  Meeting    Local  Coordination  Meeting  |  04.09.13   15  • Each Local Coordinations will have their own universal day of the guides onMay 19• Decided not to have a big gathering at this time due to own activities beingheld per local coordinationE.  Young  Adult  Workshops  • Received 5 sets of Young Adult Workshop materials sent by International thatincludes song listings, songs in cd, audio messages, dvd messages, youngadult manual, weekly practice folder, prayers and song books• Instructed to study, plan and how to implement the workshops• Discussed that the targeted Young Adults are not for highschool students butyoung adults, ages 21 to 35; single• Distributed the 4 sets to the following guides namely Br. Derrick Lara, Sis.Janice De Guzman, Sis. Ems and Sis. Chona to study and propose plans toNational• Instructed the 4 guides to study, walk through, time table and otherrecommendations to National team on how to effectively market the workshopfor young adults. Propose costing details that will go with it.• Provided an overview of Young Adult Workshops having 10 sessions andrunning at 1 hour and 45 minutes per meeting• Requested 4 designated guides to review the materials for 1 month and meetby June to discuss recommendations in piloting the program• Discussed ideal young adults are those who have graduated from college andalready working• Updated the assembly about the Permanent Conversion material currently ontranslation process from Spanish to English by Bishop Joseph Nacua,OFMCap.F.  Fr.  Ignacio  Larranagas  Circular  No.  28  • Assumed all participants got a copy of the circular # 28• Reminded the team to review the circular sent through email• Highlighted the need for more evangelizing couples• Encouraged the need for more young guides
  16. 16. Minutes  of  the  Meeting    Local  Coordination  Meeting  |  04.09.13   16  G.  Accounts  Receivables  Presented by Sis. Janice De Guzman, National Treasurer• Updated the team about the total accounts receivables as of January 2013and other dated summary amounts• Updated participants about handing out an updated accounts receivables percoordination• Updated the team about the SEC Registration of PLW Philippines• Requested to check the status of PLW Philippine SEC Registration and haveconfirmed that no penalty as of this time. Need to submit reports to updatestatus• Reviewed the need to submit documents for PLW Philippine to opening abank account• Discussed the plan of creating solicitation letter to be sent to PLW graduates /participants for the expansion activities• Explained the value of having an official PLW Philippine bank account for allfuture donations and solicitations to be forwardedH.  Fund-­‐Raising  Activities  Presented by Br. Derrick Lara, National Secretariat• Love Offering Campaign. Discussed the value of mentioning the expansionactivities happening in Cebu and Bacolod during the 7th sessions• PLW Books. Shared to the participants the locally printed PLW books and aportion of the sale will be left for local coordination funds. Online catalog isavailable and can be viewed through www.plwphil.com/plwbooks• PLW Message Shirt. Printed shirts containing PLW battle cry as done byother groups who have experienced the workshops  I.  New  Campaign  Materials    Presented by Br. Derrick Lara, National Secretariat• Demonstrated the new PLW Philippine website with a new site addresshttp://www.plwphil.com• Explained upgraded features of the site with easier recall of the web address,more direct-to-the point explanation of the workshops and moremaneuverable information• Extracted information from various PLW collaterals such as brochures,manuals and www.tovpil.org site
  17. 17. Minutes  of  the  Meeting    Local  Coordination  Meeting  |  04.09.13   17  • Showcased the dynamic information of the site with more up-to-dateinformation about PLW with respect to campaign initiatives, sharinginvitations, sharing key information, groups served, testimonials and servicesbeing offered now and in the future• Requested to visit www.plwphil.com for familiarization, review and for PLWinformation to be shared to interested parties• Requested the local coordination teams to send the following: (a)testimonials; (b) next cycle workshop schedules; (c) coordination updates; (d)articles of interest• Informed the local coordination teams to access the previous information inthe www.prayerandlifeworkshops.wordpress.com / local coordinating teamsusing the password: localeJ.  Schools  of  Formation  Presented by Br. Domeng Mendoza, National Coordiator• Announced that there will be new 11 candidate-guides to be send forth onJuly of 2013. Dates still to be identified to give way for Bishop JosephNacuas availability• On-going schools of formation held in Baguio with targeted sending forthschedule on May 26• On-going schools for formation in Manila and MarikinaK.  Other  Matters• Sis. Odie de Jesus of Manila Coordination asked National about workshopsbeing conducted outside the "geographical responsibility" if there is need toget permission or have it delegated to the local coordination who covers thatarea?• Br.Domeng of National pointed out that there is no such thing as "intrusion" inPLW venues. There is only the need to inform or coordinate to ensure propersupport be provided or if there is a need to provide an extra guide to coverlarger groups. Though there is no real "geographical" jurisdiction that existsin local coordination teams, it is best to approach things in a familyatmosphereIII.  Summary  of  Action  Items  Action Assigned To Due Date Status1 Sending of meeting minutes andpresentation materialsNationalSecretary05/19/13 Completed2 Schedule of PLW for YoungAdults presentation by theappointed guidesAppointedGuides06/02/13 In progress3 Completion of PLW PhilippineBank Account RequirementsTreasurer 05/28/13 In progress4 Completion of solicitation letterfor PLW Philippine expansionactivitiesNationalCoordinator06/03/13 In progress
  18. 18. Minutes  of  the  Meeting    Local  Coordination  Meeting  |  04.09.13   18  5 Email instruction on how tosubmit reports for Cycle 1 of2013NationalSecretary06/03/13 In Progress6 Provide templates for allreporting needs for Cycle 1 of2013NationalSecretary,Treasury andFormation06/03/13 In Progress7 Submit Local Cycle Reporting forCycle 1 of 2013All LocalCoordinators,Secretary andTreasurer06/10/13 Not Started8 Submit revised participantregistration form to include otherimportant information such as (a)Gender; (b) Status; (c) PLWWorkshops attended; (d)Community Name / ParishName;NationalSecretariat06/02/13 In progress      
  19. 19. Minutes  of  the  Meeting    Local  Coordination  Meeting  |  04.09.13   19    APPENDIX  A:  PLW  BOOKS  CATALOG  Note:  A  future  release  of  the  Catalog  will  be  done  by  end  of  June  2013  to  include  "Fire  and  the  Rose"  and  to  update  the  book  covers  to  match  with  the  actual  books  being  released.        
  20. 20. Minutes  of  the  Meeting    Local  Coordination  Meeting  |  04.09.13   20  APPENDIX  B:  NEW  PLW  PHILIPPINE  WEBSITE  Note: To access the new site, please go to http://www.plwphil.com  Main Features:• Easy to remember web address• Dynamic information• Campaign-ready material• PLW Guide portal ready• Centralize communication page• Video and Blog updating ready• Social Media ready