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Downtown Lynn Team of Advisors Kickoff Meeting Presentation, November 21, 2012


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This presentation was used during the November 21, 2012 meeting of the Downtown Lynn Team of Advisors. Information on the slides may have changed since the date of the presentation, email or visit for the most up-to-date project information.

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Downtown Lynn Team of Advisors Kickoff Meeting Presentation, November 21, 2012

  1. 1. Build on the Vision for Downtown Lynn Team of Advisors Kickoff Meeting8:00-10:00am, Wednesday, November 21, 2012 Lynn City Hall Room 302
  2. 2. Agenda8:00-8:30: Continental Breakfast and Poster Gallery8:30-8:45: Welcome Why are we here today?8:45-9:40: Project goals, tasks, and timeline Initial findings What is an interactive property database? Project outreach plan and public kickoff9:40-9:55: Open discussion9:55-10:00: Wrap-up and adjourn
  3. 3. What is one thing you want tosee happen in Downtown Lynn?
  4. 4. Funding, Partners, and Tasks• Sustainable Communities Regional Planning Grant• Metropolitan Area Planning Council• City, Team of Advisors, and Community Members• 5 Elements of Project Scope: 1. Public engagement and constituency building 2. Analysis of community assets 3. Analysis of existing regulations and previous planning work 4. Downtown property analysis to assist with predevelopment 5. Final recommendations and revitalization plan
  5. 5. Project missionThis project will build upon the existingefforts to revitalize Downtown Lynn byproviding geographic data,recommending land use and policychanges, and identifying funding andhuman capital resources that will leadto strategic, high impact reinvestment.
  6. 6. Over the next several months, we ask this Team of Advisors to: Reach out to community members Shape project outcomes Craft a shared vision for Downtown LynnCommit to achieving Downtown Lynn’s full potential
  7. 7. Project Outcomes• An interactive property database will make it easier to visualize geographic trends and communicate real estate investment opportunities in Downtown• Zoning, funding, and human capital resources recommendations will be established for overcoming barriers to achieving the Downtown vision
  8. 8. TimelineTeam of Advisors Meeting 2: Mid-DecemberPublic Kickoff: Mid-JanuaryTeam of Advisors Meeting 3: Early FebruaryYouth Project/Stakeholders Interviews: February-March 2013Youth Project Showcase & Advisors Meeting 4: Late MarchVolunteer Field Survey Day: Mid-AprilTeam of Advisors Meeting 5: Mid-MayFinal Public Forum: Early JuneFinal Team of Advisors Meeting & Project Conclusion: Late June
  9. 9. Property Characteristics: Study Area and Lynn
  10. 10. What is an interactive property database?
  11. 11. A property database for Lynn could:• Be a “one stop shop” for Lynn data• Show strengths and weaknesses of different properties• Be used to assess acquisition potential• Identify business & homeowner assistance opportunities• Identify areas to create new public spaces and parks• Give a positive impression to potential investors
  12. 12. Who is missing?
  13. 13. Public kickoff draft agendaDate and Time: Wednesday, January 16, 5:30-8:30pm?Other logistics: Venue and refreshments?Proposed agenda (for discussion, subject to change)5:30-6:00pm: Welcome and Project Overview6:00-6:30pm: Viewing of Chronicle Episode6:30-7:00pm: Stories from Long-time Lynners & Newbies7:00-7:30pm: Poster Gallery Meet and Greet7:30-8:30pm: Shop, Share, and Sign Up
  14. 14. Open Discussion and Next Steps