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Running Cassandra in AWS


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For this upcoming meetup, we welcome Patrick Eaton PhD, Systems Architect at Stackdriver, and Joey Imbasciano, Cloud Platform Engineer at Stackdriver. …

For this upcoming meetup, we welcome Patrick Eaton PhD, Systems Architect at Stackdriver, and Joey Imbasciano, Cloud Platform Engineer at Stackdriver.

What You'll Learn At This Meetup:
• Why Stackdriver chose Cassandra over other DB offerings
• Stackdriver's data pipeline that runs into Cassandra
• Operating Cassandra Running on AWS
• Stackdriver's approach to disaster recovery

Patrick and Joey will be presenting their use of Apache Cassandra at Stackdriver, some lesson's learned, technical tips and a Q&A to end the evening.

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  • 1. Running Cassandra in AWS Patrick Eaton, PhD @PatrickREaton Joey Imbasciano @_joeyi
  • 2. Stackdriver at a Glance Stackdriver's hosted intelligent monitoring service helps SaaS companies innovate more by reducing the burden of day-to-day operations ● Cloud-native and cloud-aware ● Designed for complex distributed applications ● Founded by cloud/infrastructure industry veterans (Microsoft, VMware, EMC, Endeca, Red Hat) with deep systems and DevOps expertise ● Team of ~25, based in Downtown Boston
  • 3. Intelligent Monitoring Discover customer’s cloud-hosted applications ● ● ● ● Infrastructure inventory Logical units, like groups/clusters Services, hosted and self-managed Elastic resources Monitor ● ● Various data sources ● Provider metrics ● Host metrics ● Custom metrics ● Endpoints ● Events ● Health Rich visualizations Analyze ● ● ● ● ● Integrate data sources Aggregate metrics Report utilization, cost, etc. Detect policy violations Recommend actions
  • 4. Lambda Architecture ● ● ● ● ● ● Typical of modern architectures for on-line applications. Formalized by Nathan Marz Composed of "batch", "speed", and "serving" layers Batch layer ○ Store of record ○ Compute arbitrary views Speed layer ○ Low latency updates ○ Streaming algorithms Serving layer ○ Combine data from batch and speed layers to answer queries Serving Speed Batch Data
  • 5. Stackdriver Architecture ● ● ● ● ● Shares characteristics of lambda architecture Indexing (speed) path ○ Make "live" data available "pre-analysis" Analysis (batch) path ○ Compute aggregations ○ Create recommendations Query (serving) layer ○ Combine "live" and analyzed data to answer queries ○ May require on-the-fly analysis Alerting (speed) path (not discussed here) ○ Stream processing to detect Query (Serving) Notification (Serving) Database Indexing (Speed) Analysis (Batch) policy-based anomalies Data Alerting (Speed)
  • 6. Database Options ● We chose Cassandra! ○ True P2P architecture ○ Good support for write-heavy workloads ○ Compatible data model for time series data ■ Column per metric type, timestamps as columns ● Why not MySQL? ○ Experience with operating large, sharded deployments ○ Relational data model not a good match ● Why not HBase? ○ Operational complexity - zk, hadoop, hdfs, ... ○ Special "Master" role ● Why not Dynamo? ○ Avoid vendor lock-in and high cost
  • 7. Stackdriver Architecture ++ ● Archival pipeline stores all data ● Very small surface area, battle-tested ● Critical for disaster recovery ● S3 considered durable enough ● Replicated for availability Query Cassandra Roll-ups Analysis Recs Inventory Data Series Analyze ● ● ● Archive means Cassandra is "soft state" C* consolidates analysis and indexing results Properties of data in C* ● Immutable data ● Append-only ● Read-1, write-1 consistency S3 Archive Index ● Scales out easily ● Indexers, archivers, analyzers, query servers Data
  • 8. Cassandra at Stackdriver Cluster Configuration ● ● ● ● ● ● Version: Datastax Community Edition 1.2.10 Replication Factor: 3 Vnodes Murmur3Partitioner Ec2Snitch ○ Aids in request efficiency ○ Enables Cassandra to ensure replicas are in different Availability Zones phi_convict_threshold: 8 -> 12 ○ Used to determine when nodes are down ○ AWS network can be spotty
  • 9. Cassandra Topology in AWS Where we started... Where we are... 1 us-east-1a us-east-1a 3 2 us-east-1c us-east-1b us-east-1c Keep it balanced! us-east-1b
  • 10. Cassandra EC2 Node Configuration ● m1.xlarge ○ 4 cores ○ 15 GB RAM ○ 4 ephemeral disks available ● 4 disks RAID-0 for Data Volume and CommitLog ○ ○ ○ ○ ext4 - defaults,noatime mdadm RAID-0 Compactions Heavy Read/Write IO
  • 11. Cassandra Automation and Operations ● Combination of Boto, Fabric, & Puppet ○ Boto for AWS API ○ Fabric + Puppet for Bootstrapping ○ Fabric for Operations ● One command to: ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ Launch a new cluster Upsize a cluster Replace a dead node Remove existing nodes List nodes in a cluster
  • 12. Our (Internal) Slogan
  • 13. Cassandra Backups using S3 ● No Cassandra Powered Backups ● Restore from S3 ● Useful for major version upgrades Data S3 Bulk Loader Map Reduce 1. Data is archived when it is received 2. Bulk loader reads from S3 3. M/R re-analyzes data 4. Cassandra is repopulated Cassandra
  • 14. Disaster Recover in the Wild ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● October 23, Stackdriver suffered a total loss of our C* cluster ● Exhausted memory due to number of open file descriptors (see graph) We did not notice the problem until it was too late ● Nodes began crashing, resulted in inconsistent view of the ring Attempted to restart the cluster unsuccessfully for ~2 hours Provisioned new 36 node cluster in ~2 hours Directed “live” data to new cluster Started bulk restore operation from archive ● Full-fidelity data and aggregations No data loss due to archival pipeline See
  • 15. Cluster Restoration Process S3 Map Reduce Bulk Loader Historical Data New Cluster UI UI UI UI UI API UI UI Gateway New Data Old Cluster
  • 16. Thank you! Yes, we are hiring! Patrick Eaton - - @PatrickREaton Joey Imbasciano - - @_joeyi