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Final Presentation (Hershey's)
Final Presentation (Hershey's)
Final Presentation (Hershey's)
Final Presentation (Hershey's)
Final Presentation (Hershey's)
Final Presentation (Hershey's)
Final Presentation (Hershey's)
Final Presentation (Hershey's)
Final Presentation (Hershey's)
Final Presentation (Hershey's)
Final Presentation (Hershey's)
Final Presentation (Hershey's)
Final Presentation (Hershey's)
Final Presentation (Hershey's)
Final Presentation (Hershey's)
Final Presentation (Hershey's)
Final Presentation (Hershey's)
Final Presentation (Hershey's)
Final Presentation (Hershey's)
Final Presentation (Hershey's)
Final Presentation (Hershey's)
Final Presentation (Hershey's)
Final Presentation (Hershey's)
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Final Presentation (Hershey's)


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  • 1. Hershey’s Advertising Campaign
    Alanoud Ali
    Christine Castillo
    Fatima Tariq
    Sara Kazilbash
  • 2. Background
    Largest manufacturer in North America
    Founded in 1984, in Pennsylvania by Milton S. Hershey
    Until April, it was called Hershey Chocolate Corporation
  • 3. In UAE
    Hershey’sproducts have been in UAE for some time in grocery stores, gas stations, etc..
    They recently opened in Dubai Mall
    Their focus was on below-the-line advertising
  • 4. Hershey’s has given our agency the chance to create an above-the-line campaign for them in the UAE market.
    This campaign would include:
    • Advertisements in print (magazines and newspapers)
    • 5. Out-of-home (billboards)
    • 6. Radio ad.
    • 7. TVC
  • Culture
    Away of life
    We learn culture as and when we are exposed to it
    Certain aspects of culture change over time
    There are several layers of culture. These are usually illustrated through culture as an onion:
  • 8. Each of these layers is highly important in the UAE culture
    The culture of the UAE values togetherness
    They also value productive competition among group members
    Hershey’s has been able to pinpoint this core idea, and work towards it
    Ex: a Hershey’s store in Dubai Mall, as well as product in Candylicious also in Dubai Mall
  • 9. Brand Association Network
    A brand is a network of associations in the mind of the consumer
    We had undertaken a brand association study, where we asked 10 people about their opinion about Hershey’s
  • 10.
  • 11. Hofstede’s Dimensions of Culture
    According to Hofstede’s dimensions, UAE has:
    A high power distance: our target audience comes from the middle upper class
    A collectivist society: a mixture of cultures results in developing a whole new culture that is the “sweet tooth” culture
    A feminine society:chocolateisalways a part of the welcomingprocess. Wedevelopedourcampaign to bringwomentogether over chocolate
  • 12. Campaign
    Hershey’s has to be localized
    Hershey’s previously hired OMD MENA as its media partner, to understand regional and local needs
    Hershey’s is competing with international chocolate brands as well as local ones
    Hershey’s mainly carries out below-the-line activities in the UAE market
    Whereas its close competitors like Galaxy and FerrorRocher do a lot of advertising on TV and in print
  • 13. Hershey’s has done customization for the Arabic culture
    They also understand how this culture prefers customized products
    They understand the competitive environment in the UAE (ex: biggest buildings, tallest towers, etc.)
    Thus they created competitions for biggest chocolate bars, etc.
    Hershey’s are offering over 300 types of chocolates, giving their customers a variety of options
  • 14. Big Idea!
    We are creating an advertising campaign that is used to raise
    awareness amongst its clearly defined target audience
    Big ideafor the campaign is related to happiness which is achieved with togetherness
  • 15. Target Audience
    Females - 18-25 years, prospects
    All ethnicities
    MonthlyHouseholdIncome (MHI) - ≥ AED 20,000
    Live an upscalelifestyle
    Tend to choose and buy the best
    Have a sweettooth
  • 16. Creative brief
    What do we want to accomplish?
    To maintain a unique position in the chocolate market in the UAE
    Show the advantages of the Hershey’s such as the variety of chocolate types they are offering their customers.
    Who are we talking to?
    Females from all ethnic groups who live in the UAE, ages from (18-25)
    What do we want them to think?
    The only chocolate that satisfies their needs
    To associate Hershey’s brand with the sense of belonging that brings everyone together.
  • 17. Why should they think this?
    The fact that Hershey’s has 300 different types of chocolates that would satisfy all tastes of customers in any occasion
    We want our target to associate Hershey’s as the factor that brings them together even though they are from many different nationalities that live in the same country
    The common factor that they all share is their love for chocolate which brings them all together as one unique culture
  • 18. What is the one thing?
    Hershey’s is best choice of chocolate that satisfies their needs
    Big Idea: to show how Hershey’s bring people together and satisfy all kind of tastes therefore it results in happiness for everyone
    Slogan : “Melting Point of Happiness”
  • 19. Executional Framework
    Slice of life
    Advertising Appeals
    Emotional Appeal
  • 20. Our Advertisements
    Print Ad
  • 21.
  • 22. Bill Board
  • 23. Radio Ad
    TVC Ad
  • 24. Conclusion
    Hershey’s is a global brand that came into the UAE market, it has to understand the UAE culture along with its customers
    Since they have below-the-line advertising, we created a campaign to effectively reach our target audience
    Hershey’s is a brand that brings a sense of togetherness and joy hence our slogan: “Melting Point of Happiness”
  • 25. The End
    Any questions?