Android Multimedia Framework


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This slide shows how the StageFright framework works on the Android.

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Android Multimedia Framework

  1. 1. Android Multimedia  Framework on Jelly Bean Author: Picker
  2. 2. Introduction to OpenMAX
  3. 3. Resource from Khronos::OpenMAX
  4. 4. Resource from Khronos::OpenMAX
  5. 5. fromMultimedia Framework to OpenMAX
  6. 6. Resource from Khronos::OpenMAX
  7. 7. Resource from Khronos::OpenMAX
  8. 8. Go through the OpenMAX Operating System Operating System Multimedia Framework Multimedia Framework OpenMAX IL OpenMAX IL Software & Hardware Codec Software & Hardware Codec
  9. 9. The simple stack architecture Developer API (MediaPlayer) Developer API (MediaPlayer) EventHandler SurfaceHolder StageFright OpenMAX Interface OpenMAX IL Software & Hardware Codec
  10. 10. Big picture of the StageFright
  11. 11. The Simple Workflow
  12. 12. The StageFright Workflow
  13. 13. Path of All the Components
  14. 14. Path of the Source Files frameworks/base/media/java/android/media frameworks/base/media/jni frameworks/av/media/libmedia frameworks/av/media/libmediaplayerservice frameworks/av/media/libstagefright
  15. 15. Big Picture Class Diagram
  16. 16. High­Level Applications Framework
  17. 17. StageFright Framework
  18. 18. OpenMAX Interface
  19. 19. Four Steps for Playing the Media File Step 1:  MediaPlayer mp = new MediaPlayer(); Step 2:  mp.setDataSource(mediaPath); setDataSource Step 3:  mp.prepare(); prepare Step 4:  mp.start(); start
  20. 20. How to set the data source?
  21. 21. The workflow of the setDataSource
  22. 22. The sequence flow of the setDataSource
  23. 23. How to prepare to play?
  24. 24. The workflow of the prepare
  25. 25. The sequence flow of the prepare
  26. 26. How to start the playing?
  27. 27. The workflow of the start
  28. 28. The sequence flow of the start
  29. 29. Synchronization Architecture of StageFright
  30. 30. Synchronization Flow of StageFright
  31. 31. The Synchronization Formula of StageFright sizedone mNumFramesPlayed+ mFrameSize mPositionTimeRealsUs=( )×1000000 mSampleRate mTimeSourceDeltaUs=mPositionTimeRealUs−mPositionTimeMediaUs nowUs= RealTimeUs−mTimeSourceDeltaUs latenessUs=nowUs−timeUs mPositionTimeRealsUs: the time in real playing mPositionTimeMediaUs: the time which is defined in the media source
  32. 32. The Synchronization Conditions Conditions of latenessUs 1. > 500000ll 2. > 40000 3. < -10000 1750 if (latenessUs > 500000ll 1751 && mAudioPlayer != NULL 1752 && mAudioPlayer->getMediaTimeMapping( 1753 &realTimeUs, &mediaTimeUs)) { 1757 mVideoBuffer->release(); 1758 mVideoBuffer = NULL; 1763 postVideoEvent_l(); 1764 return; 1765 }1767 if (latenessUs > 40000) {1768 // Were more than 40ms late. 1793 if (latenessUs < -10000) { 1794 // Were more than 10ms early.1780 mVideoBuffer->release(); 1795 postVideoEvent_l(10000);1781 mVideoBuffer = NULL; 1796 return; 1797 }17871788 postVideoEvent_l();1789 return;1791 }
  33. 33. Conclusion●Easy for maintaining rather than OpenCore●Support Software/Hardware Codecs●Unstable Product ● Rough Mechanisms ● Create the NuPlayer for playing the  multimedia streaming