Left Brain Connectors,Strategy for fashion brand In VN


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Left Brain Connectors,Strategy for fashion brand In VN

  1. 1. Fashion is no longer about designing things. It g g g design things to promote styles, styles making you few good, sexier and being more outstanding confident April 2008, by Left Brain Connectors A il 2008 © b L f B i C Internal branding workshop on HOW TO BUILD SUCESSFUL VNESE FASHION BRAND (PVA)
  2. 2. i love design, so i am fashionable
  3. 3. research won’t h ’ work with the true - fashion p y player
  4. 4. the ability to sense the trend will… ll (but only few can)
  5. 5. research will only can tell you what it was not what it will b h t ill be
  6. 6. (Formulation for success fashion player) designer’s instinct + g entrepreneur's p intuition = successful fashion creator
  7. 7. so, if we are the fashion , “player”, a trend setter, not follower. then, what we need to study is the d d i h future, f t re not the past
  8. 8. learning from other industries that set the trend… mobile phone travel automotive healthcare technology sport fashion accessories way of living food entertainment …
  9. 9. in term of value will your “fashion brand” will make people look prettier ?
  10. 10. not good enough !
  11. 11. if you (brand) can so can others…
  12. 12. that makes you NO and NOT d differentiated.
  13. 13. before answeringg what you “really "can do, you need to re- think the brand strategic di i direction fi i first
  14. 14. where are we at ?
  15. 15. we are premium or we are perceived premium ? (t e e y basic question o b a d g) (the very bas c quest o of branding)
  16. 16. high end middle end low end l d
  17. 17. we were right but, what has been h b changed ?
  18. 18. 2 line is more complicated than 1 so people minus one
  19. 19. luxury or eco-lux-ury y
  20. 20. only luxury can make people feel f l sexier. i others won’t, absolutely.
  21. 21. luxury = exclusive
  22. 22. niche not mass
  23. 23. this is no more luxury it is now affordable d i i ff d bl desire
  24. 24. we are mass not niche
  25. 25. eco-lux g great design better p g price
  26. 26. the trend of eco-lux 600 USD 11,000 USD 600,000 VND when the mass of people can buy, it will be no longer “exclusive”
  27. 27. Eco-lux E l great design Your mainstream brand better price
  28. 28. more of the truth
  29. 29. in parallel
  30. 30. it’s a great g product with a friendly price USD 300
  31. 31. thinking global requires p planningg global too
  32. 32. good look attracts p p people. But p personality keep them y p interested. So are brands
  33. 33. Your brand people l fashion f hi It’s the “skinny” line
  34. 34. direction fi di i first
  35. 35. idea is the last thing the agency g g y present before that, insight out.
  36. 36. when you are in the real world of fashion it is not only abt the “wearing” stuff … wearing
  37. 37. brand association around the consumer’s world of fashion head h d adult d l see smell inside out self image toe kid
  38. 38. so back to the core we are in we are in the the business business of design of retail
  39. 39. what your brand y needs is a “different new way” concept & personality to keep people interested.
  40. 40. U.S.P USP
  41. 41. U.S.P USP Unique Selling Proposition – An attribute, benefit or commitment of a brand / product that is uniquely different and more appealing than its competitors. still work with lot of FMCG brands for more than 40 years
  42. 42. U.S.P USP With fashion business, it requires different USPs +3
  43. 43. (1) U.S.P USP Unique Styling Persona retail design display product staff appearance style guides brand ambassador selective sponsorship design d i photography style
  44. 44. (2) U.S.P USP Unique Service Personality behavior smiles policy CRM after sales services (policy) speed
  45. 45. (3) U.S.P USP Unique Selling Proposition place product design price material packaging promotion
  46. 46. Unique Selling Proposition USP Unique Style Persona destination Unique Service Personality Unique Strategic Positioning your I i ibl b di i more i Invisible branding is important … t t customer-focused-value
  47. 47. Content image Context image invisible visible
  48. 48. Ended Frustrated Successful good context good context good context bad content average content good content (USP + 3) awareness awareness value
  49. 49. contexts.content. contexts.content. contexts.content. strengthen the brand core value. building sustainable business success.
  50. 50. LUXURY means rare – limited – niche – unique expensive sexy different value original handmade
  51. 51. strategy (positioning) brand C b d Concept t brand guardian stories development campaign design Brand image training assistances Brand associations Brand positionings supplier supervision Brand promises p Brand partnerings … Brand meanings ID connections our strength is here icon Brand Shop image experiences Life style Brand lt B d culture Display strategy In-store brandings Decoration Brand services Brand channels Location Co-branding g
  52. 52. Brand inside Brand outside integrity This is the foundation of the brand. Brand strategies inside the This is the destination of the brand Rebranding your brand from concept company to encourage want to be. But to do this is to new brand ID in order to answer for Customer-focused-values. Strong IMPOSSIBLE without its strong Who, What & Why customer will buy. employee-as-the-brand culture foundation. All of the mass brand But even though when all answers are STRONGLY Communicate a brand communication campaign that found still not enough to b ild strong f d ill h build integrity message to customers, i i building b ildi trust, l love, and l d loyalty l brands without effective building belief and trust toward the brand is meaningless. implementation activity. The good brand must know where it is now & People. People and people. The brand integrity is lost when the where it will become in the future. It internal branding is not ready. must stand for something that your Together with the fine product, brand is expecting for ie uniqueness ie..uniqueness, great design, right brand design Waste money international, inspiring, iconic … environment design will synergize Lost opportunity the brand strength, deliver Or even building industry for others The next level of strategy is PEOPLE. messages, promises, value to The most important asset of your customer. brand in delivering value and its uniqueness to the market Increase sales & value. 2008 2009 2010 - 2012 + Your brand Employee as a brand Customer as a brand Brand ID Employee ID Customer ID WHO I AM I AM YOUR BRAND I LOVE YOUR BRAND
  53. 53. Invisible branding Visible branding CEO vision Advertising Employee training Partner communication Pricing strategy Photography style Customer relations Web presence Sales force communication Point of sales Vendor selection User experiences Policy Retail environment Public relations / sponsorship Brandinside Brandoutside
  54. 54. Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 BRAND ID Employee as a brand Customer as a brand Brand B d ID Employee ID E l Customer ID C t WHO I AM I AM YOUR BRAND I LOVE YOUR BRAND Vision Vi i Internal B di I l Branding External B di E l Branding positioning Sales manual Branding Manual Corp ID Training CRM Retail design Customer relations Communication direction strategy Internal CRM skill Contest New product launches CRM to current customers Collection Product extension Current product promotion New product launches New brand launches Collections Celebrative brand Brand ambassador
  55. 55. Contact: Left Brain Connectors 54/5 Nguyen Binh Khiem Street, Dakao ward, Dist 1, HCMC Vietnam anh.pv@leftbrainconnectors.vn www.leftbrainconnectors.com
  56. 56. thank you