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Powerpoint sage x3

  1. 1. SAGE ERP X3
  2. 2. What is SAGE ERP X3?  Sage ERP X3 offers the flexibility and functionality you need to manage a competitive business in global markets, with a compact and affordable software system for midsized companies.  It supports all business processes across finance, distribution and manufacturing within one singular software design, that is affordable, more effective and simpler to manage than comparable ERP software packages.  Sage ERP X3 solutions is designed to provide your business with more control and flexibility, now and for the future.
  3. 3. Sage ERP X3 - Workflow Key benefits include:  Send information, route documents and make decisions using any MAPI-compliant e-mail messaging system.  Easily automate traditional paper-based and task-intensive processes such as purchase requisition approvals and credit manager reviews.  Free managers to focus their time and attention on exceptions to normal business operations.  Facilitate internal/external information flow while simplifying controls.  Define your own rules and procedures for handling significant or unusual events.
  4. 4. ERP X3 Suite Options Sage ERP X3 Process Suite Sage ERP X3 Process is a complete enterprise system that helps process manufacturers increase productivity and profitability. Sage ERP X3 Discrete Suite The Sage ERP X3 Discrete software package is an enterprise-wide set of application modules that addresses the specific needs of mid-sized discrete manufacturers. Sage ERP X3 Distribution Suite The Sage ERP X3 Distribution software suite provides a fully integrated set of application modules that help streamline business operations. Sage E-Commerce Sage Xtend is an integrated system of tools connecting Sage ERP X3 to dynamic company Websites and delivering access to key business transactions on the Web.
  5. 5. BENEFITS Sage ERP X3 offers the functionality and technology you need to achieve your goals:  A singular system design to streamline business processes across all operations  Embedded BI for real-time, better informed decision making ability  Advanced workflow engine  A Web-native management system for enhanced collaboration and interoperability  Scalable, flexible technology to quickly adapt to change and grow Reduced IT costs and fast return on your investment  Sage Application Framework for the Enterprise X3
  6. 6. Sage ERP X3 Benefits 1 Operational • Rich functionality supporting all areas of your business 2 Decision- oriented • Timely reports, relevant KPIs • 360 view across business units, with integrated B.I 3 Flexible • Adaptable to your unique business processes • For local and global operations • Web-native • Scalable up to thousands of users, on multiple platforms 4 Collaborative • Easy to use, beyond core ERP users • Connected to partners, suppliers and customers • Accessible to Web and Mobile users 5 Cost-Effective • Affordable and fast to implement • Simple to maintain and adaptable with limited IT resources • Proven ROI 6
  7. 7. Functional Completeness, Out of the Box
  8. 8. Industries Chemical Food and Beverage Hard Goods Life Sciences And More!
  9. 9. Info-Tech Research Group rated Sage ERP X3 an ERP Champion "Sage ERP X3’s strong adaptability and web-native architecture allows for collaboration with partners, suppliers and customers to facilitate multisite, multicountry deployments with detailed configuration requirements." George Goodall, senior research analyst, Info-Tech Research Group The comprehensive report assesses vendors by the strength of their product offerings and their strategy for the enterprise. These are a few of the features that set Sage ERP X3 apart from other solutions: Adaptability: Sage ERP X3 easily adapts to a business’ and organization’s needs today while providing tremendous capabilities to adapt to change and support growth over time. Flexibility: The web-native architecture makes collaboration easier than ever before. Distributors, customers, suppliers, and partners can access information conveniently wherever they are over a web browser. Extensibility: Sage ERP X3 provides the functionality a company needs to grow and control operations in multiple countries. It supports multiple languages, currencies, companies, sites, and legislations. 10
  10. 10. Success Stories with SAGE ERP X3 • “Sage ERP X3 had the advanced technology, ease-of use and right-sized implementation methodology we needed to help position us for continued growth.” – Louise Goodman Controller Blount Fine Foods • “We saw Sage ERP X3 as the best fit. Not only because the software was a good functional fit ... But also because we were very comfortable with the Sage ERP X3 sales and implementation teams.”- Mike Schermer Director of Supply Chain Sligh Furniture • “Our revenues have grown substantially over the past several years. This type of growth would not have been possible without the efficiencies that Sage ERP X3 provides.” - John Deradoorian President Allied Metals Corporation
  11. 11. Thank You For Joining Us! • For more information regarding Sage ERP X3 visit us at: http://www.swktech.com/ • To get an interactive tour of Sage ERP X3 visit: http://www.swktech.com/Sage- ERPX3/interactive-overview-erp-x3