Empowering social through search


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I did this presentation with Christian Birk during Social Media Week 2014 in Copenhagen. We were voted in as the fifth best presentation during the week, amongst more than 100 presenters.

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Empowering social through search

  1. 1. Empowering social through search Social Media Week CPH – 18/02/2014 #SmwDLBi #Smwcph
  2. 2. Agenda for the day •  How search & social are interlinked? •  How organisations need to adapt? •  Why content should be your primary focus? •  How insights can help your content production?
  3. 3. The pace of technology and creative change is revolutionizing our clients business and changing how brands act. #SmwDLBi
  4. 4. We connect people and brands in a digital age through innovative and engaging solutions to business challenges #SmwDLBi
  5. 5. USA 2850 UK 900 Nordics 250 Germany 450 Europe West 550 APAC 1100 San Francisco Costa Rica Atlanta New York Paris Norway China Singapore Australia Hong Kong Japan UAE Sweden Denmark 40 offices across 25 countries 6,000+ people A complete and integrated global offering #SmwDLBi
  6. 6. 5 offices: Cph – Sthlm - Gthbg – Mlm - Trdhm 250+ people Denmark 80 Sweden 150 Norway 20 Full-service offering Our presence in the nordics #SmwDLBi
  7. 7. Our clients #SmwDLBi
  8. 8. 8 Per A. Knudsen Digital Media Strategist Christian Birk Nordic Director of Media & Strategy @peraknudsen #Digitalmedia #Search #Digitalstrategy #Design #Roadcycling @christianbirk #Strategy #Consultant #Startups #Onlinegeek #Adventurer #SmwDLBi Who we are…
  9. 9. Social media has a challenge…
  10. 10. We all know communication is about content… Brands do too. #SmwDLBi
  11. 11. 11 This creates a lot of noise!
  12. 12. Friends BrandsNewsfeed #SmwDLBi
  13. 13. I LOVE HATE THINK BELIEVE FEEL WISH Brand #SmwDLBi Brand values & guidelines
  14. 14. DATA INSIGHTS CONTEXT CONTENT Brand Relevance bridge I LOVE HATE THINK BELIEVE FEEL WISH #SmwDLBi Brand values & guidelines
  15. 15. The math behind a Facebook post…
  16. 16. #SmwDLBi Even the most sharable brands cannot achieve scale from their owned communities 1 mio 4% 0.118% 47 Fans Average Fans Reached by FB Post Best in Class Shares Per Post = (40k) Best in Class Facebook Share Rate Best in Class Potential Earned Reach Per Post* 12.319 Source: Facebook *Determined based on multiplier of global average of 261 friends per Facebook user
  17. 17. #SmwDLBi Why invest in reaching 16% of your fans for a brief period of time? $
  18. 18. #SmwDLBi
  19. 19. #SmwDLBi Another challenge: The lifetime of content in newsfeeds Content Creation Content Distribution Content Engagement Content Death
  20. 20. #SmwDLBi How do we successfully extend the life of content?
  21. 21. 21#SmwDLBi Do: Define your brand relevance bridge Don’t: Drive a siloed communication approach
  22. 22. How can search become relevant?
  23. 23. #SmwDLBi Search vs. Social Discovery Feeds Facebook Twitter YouTube Search Google Bing Baidu Social Search Facebook Twitter YouTube
  24. 24. The old way of searching #SmwDLBi
  25. 25. News Brands Social Contact Inspiration Products I search for… Is the jeans fit any good? H&M Shirts Best street- wear looks Where is the Malmö store? What is the latest collection? #SmwDLBi
  26. 26. Search evolved with people Image search Product search Video search Standard search Local search Book search Blog search News search App search Patent search #SmwDLBi
  27. 27. Google is focusing on context! #SmwDLBi
  28. 28. 28 Google now #SmwDLBi
  29. 29. 29 Google+ Search knows the importance of social #SmwDLBi
  30. 30. 30 Google introduces #Search #SmwDLBi
  31. 31. 31 Todays most important search ranking factors #SmwDLBi +200 ranking factors •  Social signals – likes, shares etc. (website & page) •  Links from social •  Onsite social optimisation
  32. 32. 32#SmwDLBi Do: Maximise your search potential by connecting social opportunities Don’t: Do search in isolation
  33. 33. Social is battling for search dominance
  34. 34. Why Facebook is a great search engine
  35. 35. It’s all about data #SmwDLBi
  36. 36. EVERY MINUTE 680,000 content pieces shared on Facebook
  37. 37. 37 Wednesday 9 Newsfeed Timeline Graph search Facebook has a search pillar – Graph search #SmwDLBi
  38. 38. 38#SmwDLBi •  Photos of [X] •  My Friends •  Places near me •  People named [X] who live in [Y] •  Friends of [X] •  Photos by [X] •  Photos of my friends •  Photos liked by me •  Photos liked by [X] •  People named [X] Graph search examples…
  39. 39. 39#SmwDLBi
  40. 40. 40#SmwDLBi
  41. 41. 41 Searching social media is all the rage #SmwDLBi
  42. 42. 42#SmwDLBi
  43. 43. 43 Why rely on machines when you are socially connected? #SmwDLBi
  44. 44. 44#SmwDLBi
  45. 45. 45 Contextual social search #SmwDLBi
  46. 46. 46#SmwDLBi
  47. 47. The new way of searching… # #SmwDLBi
  48. 48. 48#SmwDLBi Do: Investigate the opportunities for search presence in social context Don’t: Focus on the channel – focus on the user intent
  49. 49. Blurred lines between social and search
  50. 50. #SmwDLBi It’s a combined package +
  51. 51. #SmwDLBi It goes across competencies - and requires new ones
  52. 52. From driven to content-driven Embrace digital (sales) channels Employees, your biggest asset Multi purpose content Align budgets effectively Continuously measure performance #SmwDLBi Businesses also need to adapt
  53. 53. 53#SmwDLBi Do: Structure & train your organisation to match the digital ecosystem Don’t: Feel left behind or ignore this development
  54. 54. Why content marketing goes beyond social platforms
  55. 55. Marketing today
  56. 56. #SmwDLBi The art of communicating with your customers Content marketing
  57. 57. Create content to support your brand (storytelling) #SmwDLBi
  58. 58. #SmwDLBi
  59. 59. Create content that goes the extra mile #SmwDLBi
  60. 60. #SmwDLBi
  61. 61. #SmwDLBi Products Apps/games Tons of web exclusive content
  62. 62. #SmwDLBi
  63. 63. 63#SmwDLBi Do: Creative and focused content that goes beyond a specific platform Don’t: Allow your content to disappear
  64. 64. How can we predict the future & provide insights to content planning in social media?
  65. 65. It starts with asking the right questions… #SmwDLBi
  66. 66. What do people search for? What are people talking about?   How are competitors performing?   How is the content performing? How is the website performing? What are the trends YOY?   #SmwDLBi
  67. 67. What people SEARCH for What people TALK about Combining Content opportunity Content opportunity #SmwDLBi
  68. 68. Commercial calendar planning Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Spring campaign Summer/Outdoor Preparing for the cold Christmas campaign #SmwDLBi
  69. 69. 69#SmwDLBi Do: Transform the data into actionable insights Don’t: Worry about capturing ”big data”
  70. 70. Summing up…
  71. 71. DATA INSIGHTS CONTEXT CONTENT Brand Relevance bridge I LOVE HATE THINK BELIEVE FEEL WISH #SmwDLBi Brand values & guidelines
  72. 72. Data Laying the foundation
  73. 73. Insights Making informed decisions
  74. 74. Context When & where are we relevant
  75. 75. Content How we present it to the world
  76. 76. What did we learn today Social without search is a wasted opportunity #SmwDLBi Use search data in your social content planning Great content is the key to both search and social success Training & structure is required across the organisation
  77. 77. Q&A #SmwDLBi Feedback please: speakerscore.com/1XC1 1.  Answer 4 quick questions 2.  Share a comment or picture, if you like