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Content Strategy: The Importance of Content Strategy in Marketing


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Matt Goolding from Zest Digital looks at the importance of a wider strategy in undertaking content marketing. A comprehensive content strategy is essential, and this presentation outlines how to develop and utilise the bigger picture in order to see the most positive effects.

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Content Strategy: The Importance of Content Strategy in Marketing

  1. 1. 01865 684999
  2. 2. CONTENT MARKETING & CONTENT STRATEGY: According to Lauren Pope‟s “Why Content Marketing Needs Content Strategy” at 2013‟s Content Marketing Show… “Content strategy is about the „how‟, the user, the big picture, the governance, and the planning.” “Content marketing is about the „what‟, the business, the tactics, and the individual campaigns.” 01865 684999
  3. 3. DEVELOPING A CONTENT STRATEGY: According to Lauren Pope, you need to look at: • Purpose – Why create a piece of content? • Principles – What commandments do you follow when creating it? • Platforms – What tools / distribution do you use? • Processes – The recipe you follow to create a great piece. • People – Who creates it? Are they talented in creating a certain type of content? • Performance – Measure the benchmarks for success. 01865 684999
  4. 4. THROWING SH*T AGAINST THE WALL… Hannah Smith‟s presentation at 2013‟s Content Marketing Show… Content is designed to: • Entertain • Educate • Persuade • Sell 01865 684999
  5. 5. THROWING SH*T AGAINST THE WALL… You need to PICK YOUR BATTLES. 01865 684999
  6. 6. Part of developing a strategy is to decide what your content is designed to achieve. 01865 684999
  7. 7. DON’T WASTE TIME Don’t go in blind. Planning effectively avoids wasting your time! 01865 684999
  8. 8. AUDIENCE! Identify your audience, and plan your content around what will appeal to them. 01865 684999
  9. 9. PERSONAS Segment your audience into different individuals… Meet Barry… • • • • • He is 52. He loves cycling. His kids are at University. He has expendable income. He has a full head of hair.
  10. 10. CONTEXT! You need to consider the context of your content: • When will your content be read? • Where will your content be read? • How will your content be read? You can find much of this information on Google Analytics if you look hard enough. 01865 684999
  11. 11. EDITORIAL CALENDAR An editorial calendar is essential to planning your content marketing effectively. • Plan according to season • Make creation more efficient • Leave space incase of amazing new ideas! 01865 684999
  12. 12. CREATING GREAT CONTENT There are a number of key stages to creating EVERY piece of content; 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Establish goals. Plan the creation. Research facts & data. Write, draw, or design. Distribute. Monitor & analyse. Learn & improve. 01865 684999
  13. 13. WHAT ARE WE DOING? We create comprehensive content strategies for all clients upon launch of their campaign. This includes; • Discovery Day • Audience Identification • Core Message Identification • Competitor Analysis • 12 Month Editorial Calendar 01865 684999
  14. 14. A SUMMARY: • Don‟t neglect planning & preparation. • Get into the heads of the audience. • Create your content with the bigger picture in mind. • Continuously evaluate performance and make changes accordingly. 01865 684999
  15. 15. FOR MORE INFORMATION: Contact Zest Digital today! Call: 01865 684999 Visit: 01865 684999