Lift rescue


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Lift rescue

  1. 1. Subject: Department:Lift Rescue EngineeringStandardTo release the guests and return the lift to operation in the quickest possible time with the assistance of thelift company (MITSUBISHI). To maintain verbal contact with the passengers via the lift intercom toassure passengers of their release and to have the passengers met once released from the lift to ensure theirwell-being. To be prepared to apply any First Aid as may be required when the passengers are releasedfrom the lift.A. GSC Personnel On receiving the alarm through lift panel: 2. Speak through the intercom to the concerned lift to verify if there are any passengers trapped. “Good morning / afternoon / evening, this is Hotel GSC, may I help you?” Then listen very carefully for response. If no reply, repeat at least twice. 3.b If there are passengers trapped:- I. Speak through the intercom, “Sir / Madam, please don’t worry, I will call the lift company at once and please wait a moment.” II. Call MITSUBISHI Company elevator for assistance immediately. III. Speak through the intercom, “Sir / Madam, the lift company had been informed, the technician is on the way now. Is everybody alright?” IV. Inform the Duty Manager of the incident. V. Keep communicate with the trapped passenger(s) every two minutes until the arrival of the Duty Manager. If the Mitsubishi technician is not at the scene within a reasonable amount of time call then again or call the Fire Service Department for assistance.B. Duty Manager On receiving the lift alarm through in-house paging system or informed by Security Control Room:- 1. Check with Security Control Room of the situation and to confirm whether there are passenger(s) trapped. If there are passenger(s) trapped:-
  2. 2. The Duty Manager is to proceed to Security Control Room and use the intercom to talk to the passenger(s) trapped in the lift. “Good morning / afternoon / evening, this is the Hotel Duty Manager; please accept our apologies for the lift interruption. Is everybody alright?” Then wait for response. “We have called the lift technician and he is working on the problem now. How many people in the lift. Does anyone need any other assistance?” Pause and wait for response. “Please be assured that we have the situation under control and I will be here to maintain communicate with you.” It is important to maintain communication with passengers trapped inside the lift in order to calm and assure them. 2. On the arrival of lift technician, confirm with the technician of the location that the passenger to be released. 3. Duty Manager to proceed to the location to meet the passenger and extend apologies upon release from the lift. After assessing the individual needs, Duty Manager to authorize refreshment / amenities. 4. Duty Manager to re-confirm with Security that the lift is back in normal operation and log the incident in the Duty Manager Log book.C. Duty Engineer On receiving the lift alarm through in-house paging system or inform by Security Control Room:- 1. Proceed to Security Control Room to check the situation and wait for the arrival of lift technician. On the arrival of lift technician:- 1. Proceed to the lift machinery room together with the lift technician to provide assistance. 2. Inform Security Control Room the location of the passenger(s) to be released. 3. Check with the lift technician the reason of malfunction. 4. Log down all information in the Engineering Department log book.D. Security Supervisor On receiving the lift alarm through in-house paging system or by Command Control Room:
  3. 3. 1. Proceed to Security Control Room and assist to communicate with trapped passenger.2. After confirm the location of trapped passenger to be released. Proceed to the location together with Duty Manager to meet the passenger(s).3. Log down all information in the Security log book.